Submission Process – Participation Rules and Information

Please read through this section carefully before submitting a proposal.

Submission Process
  1. Details on “Who Can Submit,” “Submissions from Student Members,” “Number of Proposals,” “Submission to a Specific Section,” “Official Languages,” and “Types of Proposals,” can be found in the Call for Proposals.
  2. Only web submissions will be considered. Proposals will not normally be considered for inclusion in the CPSA conference unless they meet all of the requirements.
  3.  You will receive a notification acknowledging receipt  of the submitted proposal. If, after submitting your proposal, you have not had confirmation that your proposal has been received, please check with the CPSA Secretariat.
  4. Criteria for Acceptance
    • The content of the proposal must demonstrate a clear question, analytical rigor, originality and a scholarly contribution.  Proposals that do not will be rejected.
    • The Programme Committee section heads will group and assign presentations to particular sessions, taking into account the type of session desired by the presenters and the overall programme balance.  If the Programme Committee receives more quality proposals than it can accommodate in the programme slots, or proposals do not fit in the established programme, they may be considered for the poster session or rejected.
    • If a proposal details a study that would clearly be better presented as a poster, it will be considered for the poster session.
  5. Acceptance or Rejection of Proposals – Attendance Confirmation: Section heads will acknowledge acceptance or rejection of proposals in December 2017. If you have not received an acceptance or rejection notification by Tuesday, January 2, 2018, please check with the  CPSA Secretariat. Upon receiving confirmation that your submission has been approved, you will be required to acknowledge the approved submission confirming your attendance at the conference. Please note that single-paper presenters who receive an acknowledgement for a poster presentation must acknowledge or reject the offer as such.
  6. General inquiries or difficulties with the submission process should be addressed to the  CPSA Secretariat.

Participation Rules and Information
  1. Presenters must be prepared to attend the conference and to make their presentations in person.
  2. CPSA Membership Fees - For accepted presentations by single authors or multiple authors, each author must be a member in good standing of the CPSA by Saturday, March 31, 2018, whether s/he is attending the conference or not, or see their name removed from the programme. Membership exemptions will be provided by the CPSA Secretariat to invited guests of the Programme Committee and to foreigners who can provide confirmation of membership in their national association. The CPSA Secretariat will contact all non-members regarding their membership status prior to the above deadline. Chairpersons, discussants and roundtable participants are not required to be members but are warmly invited to join.
  3. The 2018 membership fees will be as follows:

    Students and any other person earning under $50,000 annually (income level stated refers to gross annual income (before taxes)):
    CPSA only - $50
    Joint CPSA and SQSP - $60

    All other members:
    CPSA only - $165
    Joint CPSA and SQSP - $185

  4. Congress and CPSA Conference Registration Fees - The CPSA conference will be held during the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities (Congress). Each person attending the CPSA conference must register for both the Congress and the CPSA conference. Anyone who does not causes a loss of revenue for the CPSA conference and is responsible for any increase in registration fees. By not paying, participants only serve to withhold much needed support for the conference and penalize their paying colleagues with higher fees. 

    Paper, poster and graduate student three-minute thesis competition
    presenters attending the conference must register by the early registration deadline of Saturday, March 31, 2018, or see their name removed from the programme. Information on the 2018 registration fees and accommodation will be available at a later date.

    Below are the 2017 registration rates. Delegates should expect the 2018 registration rates to be similar and maybe slightly higher:

    1) Congress Registration Fee:
    $70 + 13% HST = $79.10 - students, retired and unwaged attendees registering by March 31;
    $180 + 13% HST = $203.40 - regular attendees registering by March 31;
    $90 + 13% HST = $101.70 - students, retired and unwaged attendees registering as of April 1;
    $215 + 13% HST = $242.95 - regular attendees registering as of April 1;

    2) CPSA (association #48) Conference Registration Fee:
    $40 - students, retired and unwaged members;
    $105 - regular members;
    $165 - non-members.

  5. The CPSA will provide travel grants to assist members to come to the annual meeting from distant places. These funds are intended to especially facilitate participation by junior members. Please read the Travel Grant Policies before submitting your proposal to see if you are eligible.
  6. Presenters may be considered as possible chairpersons or discussants for other sessions.
  7. Papers for the Conference – Deadline: Wednesday, May 23, 2018

    Papers should be SINGLE SPACED, not exceeding the CJPS manuscript submission word count of 8,000 and should not have been previously published.

    They must be completed by Wednesday, May 23, 2018 and e-mailed to the relevant section head and the other participants in the session. E-mail addresses will be available in the on-line programme (simply click on the names in your session description to access their e-mail addresses). If you would like your paper uploaded to your session description in the on-line programme, please also forward an electronic copy (pdf format) to the CPSA Secretariat. Authors are reminded to include a note on their on-line paper indicating that their paper not be cited without permission from the author. Failure to comply with the Wednesday, May 23, 2018 deadline can result in the chairperson excluding the presentation from the session. Further, the discussant will be under no obligation to comment on the paper if s/he is not given a reasonable amount of time to read it. Such an action would be a loss to all attending the session.
  8. RETURNING USERS can use the same login information created for the 2017 submission system and login HERE.
    If you forgot your password, please follow the instructions found HERE.

    NEW PARTICIPANTS must REGISTER to this site to submit a proposal.