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CPSA Annual Conference 2003 Papers


Below you will find the list of presentations for the 2003 CPSA conference. The list is sorted in alphabetical order by the last name of the first author. If you are searching for a specific author, you can click on the alphabet below to proceed directly to the section where the author is listed. To view a pdf version of the paper, please click on the title. The authors retain full rights for reprinting and publishing of the articles. Please do not cite without permission from the authors.

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Ajzenstat, Janet
Liberty, Loyalty, and Identity in the Canadian Founding

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Behringer, Ronald Martin
Middle Power Leadership on Human Security

Bilodeau, Antoine
The Origins of Political Trust: Testing Institutional and Cultural Theories Within the Immigrant Population in Canada

Bodnar, Cameron
Reconsidering Asymmetrical Federalism

Bonner, Michelle
Negotiating Democracy: Government Response to Argentine Human Rights Organizations

Bouchard, Geneviève and Carroll, Barbara Wake
Why do Public Policy Differ? A Framework for Distinguishing Between Policy Areas

Boyer, Patrick
Expanding Horizons for Public Policy Review: Reconsidering the Role of Citizens, the Case of the Underground Royal Commission

Brownsey, Keith
New Directions in the Study of Oil and Gas Policy in Canada

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Carson, Jonathan and Smith, Charles W.
Dialogue, Monologue or Something Else: The Charter and Democracy

Clark, Rebecca
Female Literacy Rates, Information Technology and Democracy

Clarke, Greg
The Will of Parliament and the Role of Values in Traditional Statutory Interpretation

Cohen, Jillian Clare and Illingworth, Patricia
Pharmaceutical Patents and International Commitments: The Inherent Tensions and Implications for Public Health

Culver, Keith and Howe, Brian
Calling All Citizens: The Challenges of Public Consultation

Cutler, Frederick and Matthews, J. Scott
Guesswork? Municipal and Electoral Behaviour in Vancouver

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Doerr, Audrey
Perspectives on Policy and Science: Building Bridges for Sustainable Development

Dubique, Acéphie Venise
Les élections dans la transition démocratique en Haïti

Dumoulin, Michaël and Saint-Martin, Denis
Ministerial Staff and the Groupaction Affair: An Unreformed Part of the Public Service Employment Act

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Eagles, Munroe and Carty, Kenneth R.
Small Worlds and Local Heroes in Canadian Federal Politics: Local Deviations from General Patterns of Party Support in the 2000 Election

Erickson, Lynda and Matthews, J. Scott
The Mass Politics of Social Citizenship

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Fournier, Patrick
Persuasion and the 2003 Quebec Provincial Election

Franceschet, Susan and Macdonald, Laura
Women and Citizenship in Latin America: Lessons from Mexico and Chile

Frost, Catherine
Difference Without Dichotomy: Using Nationalist Writings to Challenge Ideas About Nationalism

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Gaon, Stella
Difference Differend, Différance: Post-Structural Investigations of Social Identity

Garcea, Joseph
Canadian Citizenship Policy: The Continuing Search of the Holy Grail

Gensey, Guy
Protecting the Public Good: Canada's Standing Policy on Foreign Financial Institutions

Grace, Joan
Has the NDP Government in Manitoba Been "Good" for Women?

Graefe, Peter
Broadening the Options: The Social Economy and Québec Post-Industrial Trajectory

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Harasymiw, Bohdan
Putting Organized Crime in its Place...Within Political Science

Hiemstra, John
Domesticating Catholic schools (1885-1905): The Assimilation Intent of Alberta's Separate School Policy

Hyson, Stewart
VLT Gambling Policy in New Brunswick: Morality Politics and the Legitimisation of Vice

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James, Matt
Redress, Recognition, and Redistribution: The Changing Moral Contours of Contemporary Canadian Citizenship

Johnston, Richard, Soroka, Stuart and Banting, Keith
Multiculturalism and the Welfare State

Johnston, Richard and Cutler, Fred
Divided Government in a Federation: The Case of Canada

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Kellogg, Paul
After Left Nationalism: The Future of Canadian Political Economy

King, Loren A.
Making Cities Safe for Democracy

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Levesque, Richard
Explaining the Existence of Policy Networks by Means of a Public Choice Approach

Loizides, Neophytos G.
Why Nationalism Succeeds or Fails: A Boolean Test of Major Hypotheses in Greece and Turkey (1983-2003)

Lynch, Peter
Marriage versus Divorce: Political Parties and the Costs and Benefits of Secession and Union in Scotland

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Macdonald, Douglas
The Business Campaign to Prevent Kyoto Ratification

MacLean, George A.
Economic Multilateralism and the Canadian Interest

Marland, Alex
Political Marketing in Modern Canadian Federal Elections

Mellon, James G.
Islamism, Kemalism and the Future of Turkey

Meynell, Robert
CB Macpherson and a Canadian Intellectual Tradition: The Accidental Hegelians

Michaud, Nelson
Les défits de la continentalisation : la réponse d'une entité fédérale canadienne

Miljan, Lydia and Howorun, Cristina
Media Ownership and the Coverage of Scandals

Montpetit, Éric, Scala, Francesca and Fortier, Isabelle
Deliberative values and Policy Influence: An Analysis of Women's Organisations and Canada's Policy for Assisted Reproductive Technology

Mooers, Colin
Missing Bodies: Commodification, Identity, and the Public Sphere

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Narozhna, Tanya
Foreign Aid for Post-Euphoric Eastern Europe: The Problem of Models

Noël, Alain
Democratic Deliberation in a Multinational Federation

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Orloff, Ann Sheila
Systems of Social Provision and Regulation

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Pahlavi, Pierre Cyril
La cyber-diplomatie : nouvelle stratégie d'influence

Pammett, Jon and LeDuc, Lawrence
Elections and Participation: The Meanings of Turnout Decline

Pickel, Andreas and Donais, Timothy
The International Engineering of a Multiethnic State in Bosnia: Why is It Bound to Fail, and yet Likely to Survive?

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Rayner, Jeremy and Howlett, Michael
Studying Canadian Aquaculture Policy: Issues, Gaps and Directions

Rioux, Jean-Sébastien
An Empirical Analysis of Third Party Intervention in International Crisis, 1918-2000

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Saurette, Paul
Taylor's Ontology of Common Sense

Schneider, Steffen and Klassen, Thomas R.
Decentralization and the Status Quo in Ontario and Bavaria: Variations in Active Labour Market Policy Reform in Subnational Jurisdictions in Canada and Germany

Smith, Miriam
Social Movements and Political Participation: Studies in Queer Organizing at the Federal and Local Levels

Soderlund, Walter C.
U.S. Network Television News Coverage of the May 2002 Visit of Jimmy Carter to Cuba

Stephenson, Éric
La députation francophone à l'Assemblée législative de l'Ontario: Est-elle nécessairement porte-paroles des intérêts franco-ontariens? Le cas de l'autonomie administrative de TFO.

Stilborn, Jack
Canadian Intergovernmental Relations and the Kyoto Protocol: What Happened?

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Tam, Eric
Desert and Theories of Political Morality

Tatalovich, Raymond
Morality Policy and Political Unaccountability; Capital Punishment, Abortion, and Gay Rights in Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Germany

Terlouw, Kees
Semi-peripheral Development: From world-systems to Regions

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Vickers, Jill
In Search of the Citizen-Mother: Using Locke to Unravel a Modern Mystery

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Widdowson, Frances
Separate But Unequal: The Political Economy of Aboriginal Dependency

Wittenbrinck, Joerg
Which Hammer Breaks the Glass Ceiling? Women in Highest Positions of Decision-Making in the European Commission

Wolfe, Robert
Transparency, Developing Countries, and the Fate of the WTO

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Yoshinaka, Antoine
Congressional Party Switchers and Committee Assignments: Who Gets What, When, How?

Yoshinaka, Antoine and Grose, Christian R.
Politics and Purity of the Ballot Box: An Explanation of Felon and Ex-Felon Disenfranchisement Laws in the U.S. 1960-2000