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CPSA Annual Conference 2004 Papers


Below you will find the list of presentations for the 2004 CPSA conference. The list is sorted in alphabetical order by the last name of the first author. If you are searching for a specific author, you can click on the alphabet below to proceed directly to the section where the author is listed. To view a pdf version of the paper, please click on the title. The authors retain full rights for reprinting and publishing of the articles. Please do not cite without permission from the authors.

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Abedi, Amir and Schneider, Steffen
Adapt, or Die! Organizational Change in Office-Seeking Anti-Political Establishment Parties

Anderson, Cameron
Economic Voting and Multi-level Governance

Anderson, Chris
Restricting Rights, Losing Control: Canadian Policies Towards Asylum Seekers in the 1980s

Andrew, Caroline
Gendering Nation-States or Gendering City-States: Debates About the Nature of Citizenship

Ayres, Jeffrey
Civil Society Responses to Deepening Integration Across North America

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Baker, Dennis
Judicial Remedies in the Dialogue Era (1997-2003)

Barker, Paul
Assessment of the Health Council of Canada

Bassett, Carolyn
Three Things Thabo Mbeki Learned in Zambia

Bateman, Thomas
Corporate Social Responsibility and First Amendment Jurisprudence in the United States

Bayirbag, Mustafa Kemal
Political Parties and Local Politics

Bélanger, Éric and Gélineau, François
National and Provincial Economic Voting

Bélanger, Éric and Godbout, Jean-François
A Party Realignment Waiting to Happen? Strategic Coordination Problems Among Right-Wing Elites and Voters in Canada

Bernard, Prosper
Rise and Fall of the Third Option, Canadian Industrial Adjustment in the 1970s and 1980s

Bird, Karen
Political Representation in Local Governance in Canada & Denmark as a Function of Electoral Systems

Birler, Omur
The Leviathan and the Contours of Conservative Imagination: The Role of Hobbes in the Works of Schmitt, Strauss and Oakeshott

Bodnar, Cameron
Reconciling the Irreconciliable? A Theoretical Take on the Prospects for Interngovernmental Peace in Canada

Brunet-Jailly, Emmanuel
The International Activities of Canadian Cities-Are Canadian cities challenging the gate-keeper position of the federal executive in international affairs?

Brunet-Jailly, Emmanuel
Why and How Do Municipalities In Metropolitan Region Cooperate? Are Regional Institutions Necessary?

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Cameron, Duncan
Dissent and the CPSA Board

Cantin, Etienne
The Contentious Politics of Industrial Democracy: Social Power and the Origins of Modern Workplace Governance in Interwar America

Carbert, Louise
Liberal Tentacles in Alliance Country

Carroll, Barbara Wake and Carroll, Terrance
Civil Society, Democracy and Development

Cohn, Daniel
The Public-Private partnership Fetish: Moving Beyond the Rhetoric

Collier, Cheryl
Retrenchment in Ontario and BC: Do Provincial Governments Cut Child Care in Tough Economic Times

Cooke, Murray
Constitutional Confusion on the Left: The NDP's Position in Canada's Constitutional Debates

Cooper, Andrew F.
Two Faces of Coalitions of the Willing

Cutler, Fred
Provincial Government, Intergovernmental Policy: Provincial Electoral Choice in a Federal Context

Cyrenne, Chad
Should Political Liberals Uphold Universal Values?

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Daly, Tamara
Measuring Change in the State-Nonprofit Relationship

Dhamoon, Rita
Intersectional Identity: A Challenge to Liberal Multiculturalism

Dobuzinskis, Laurent
Back to the Future?

Docherty, David, Henderson, Ailsa, Kay, Barry and Brown, Steven
You're Leaving? Great! Exit Polling in the 2003 Election

Donais, Timothy
Peacekeeper's Little Brother: Canada and the Challenge of Post-Conflict Policing

Dufour, Pascale
Globalization and Social Protests: Where and How? The Case of Canada and France

Dufour, Pascale
Change in the Framing of the Fight Against Poverty in Quebec: The Role of the Collectif pour un Québec sans pauvreté

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Eagles, Munroe
The Impact of Third Parties on Canadian Elections

Earles, Kimberly
Policy Feedback in the Reregulation of the Swedish Welfare State

Ellington, Thomas C.
Opening Doors: The Role of Freedom-of-Information Laws in Protecting and Expanding Democracy

Erler, Helen
Shortened Time-Horizons and Economic Growth: The Impact of Legislative Term Limits on Economic Policy

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Ferguson, Peter
Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Incorporating Uncertainly into Rational Choice Accounts of Democratic Breakdown

Fournier, Bernard
Clustering the Participation of High School Students: New Data

Froese, Marc
Theorizing Institutional Influence: The WTO, Canadian Trade Policy and Domestic Sovereignty, 1994-2004

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Gaouette, Terry
The Eco-tourism and Cultural-tourism Movement

Gattinger, Monica
Bringing the Transgovernmental In: Public Administration in the Context of Globalization

Good, Kristin
Multiculturalism in the City: Explaining Municipal Responsiveness to Immigration in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and the Greater Vancouver Regional District

Goodyear-Grant, Elizabeth and Anderson, Cameron
Public Support for Direct Democracy in Canada: The 'Post-Charlottetown' Era and Beyond

Grace, Joan
The State of the Movement: Women's Political Activism in Manitoba

Graefe, Peter
Competetive Nationalism and the Patronat: Redefining the Class Bases of Quebec Nationalism

Greene, Joyce
Trailblazing: Charting Aboriginal Identities and Natioanlism

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Hankivsky, Olena
Gender Mainstreaming: An Examination of the Role and Transformative Potential of Feminist Theory

Harrison, Kathryn
Races to the Bottom? Provincial Interdependence in the Canadian Federation

Heatley, Joshua
Banks vs. Citizens in International Financial Markets

Heinmiller, B. Timothy and Woodrow, Brian
Globalization, Federalism and Intergovernmental Policy Harmonization: Insurance Regulation in the Canadian Financial Services Sector

Henderson, Ailsa
Satisfaction with Democracy: Evidence from Westminster Systems

Hennigar, Matthew
The Canadian Government's Litigation Strategy in Sexual Orientation Cases

Hicks, Jack
On the Application of Theories of 'Internal Colonialism' to Inuit Societies

Hiebert, Maureen S.
Constructing Victims: Reconceptualizing Identity and the Genocidal Process

Hill, Carey
Regulatory Federalism: A Comparative Study of Safe Drinking Water Policy Implementation in British Columbia, Canada and Washington, USA

Howe, Paul
Political Knowledge and Electoral Participation in the Netherlands: Comparisons with the Canadian Case

Howe, Paul, Everitt, Joanna and Desserud, Don
Social Capital and Economic Prosperity: The Role of Entrepreneurship

Howlett, Michael and Lindquist, Evert
Teaching Policy Analysis: Policy Styles and Their Implications for Training Policy Analysts

Huo, Jingjing
Party Dominance in 18 Countries: The Role of Party Dominance in the Transmission of Political Ideology

Hyson, Stewart
The Institutionalisation of the Ombudsman Idea: The Case of New Brunswick's Ombudsman

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Imbeau, Louis
The Determinants of Public Deficits in OECD Countries: Theoretical Constructions and Empirical Results

Ihrke, Douglas
Differences in Management Innovation Between Council-Manager and Mayor-Council Cities

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Jacobs, Alan
Democracy, Public Policy, and Timing: Toward a Theory of Intertemporal Policy Choice

James, Matt
The Permanent-Emergency Compensation State: A Plausible Tale of Political Dystopia for a 'Postsocialist' Age

Janara, Laura
The Democratic Imaginary: a conceptual framework and analysis of universal siblinghood

Johns, Michael K.
Predicting Conflict, Predicting Peace: Understanding Minority Group Decision-Making in Europe

Johnson, Nancy Kwan
Senegalese “into Frenchmen”? The French Technology of Nationalism in Senegal

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Kellogg, Paul
Kari Levitt and the Long Detour of Canadian Political Economy

Kershaw, Paul

Kershaw, Paul and Goelman, Hillel
The Hidden Fragility: Turnover Among Child Care Services in BC

Kim, Nakjung
Marx's Concept of Freedom as a Normative Foundation of Dialiectic in Capital

King, Loren
The Prescriptive Appeal of Rational Choice Theory

Kow, Simon
Necessitating Justice: Hobbes on Free Will and Punishment

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Ladner, Kiera
Up the Creek Without a Paddle: Fishing for a New Constitutional Order

Lam, Carla
Feminist Responses to the Disembodiment of New Reproductive Technologies and the Future of Feminism

Laponce, Jean
Minority Languages and Globalization

Larose, Chalmers
Targeting the Global Trading System: NGOs as Agents of Transnational Civil Society

Lawson, Jamie
Pressurized Timber: The Policy and Political Economy of Stress as an Occupational Health and Safety Issue for Woodsworkers in the Boreal Forest

Lecours, André and Huelsemeyer, Axel
The European Union and Sovereignist Politics in Québec: Who Forgot Their Glasses?

Lee, Jo-Anne and Bruce, Michael
To Build a Better City: Women and Culturally Hybrid Grassroots Resistance to Slum Clearance in Vancouver (The Leadership Role of Ethnic Minority Women)

LeSage Jr., Edward C. and Stefanick, Lorna
The Alberta Capital Region Case

Levesque, Richard
Pathologies of Rational Choice Theories, A Mistaken Diagnosis?

Lipson, Daniel
The New Politics of Affirmative Action

Lipson, Michael
A Garbage Can Model of UN Peacekeeping

Lochead, Karen
The Political Development of Native Title in Canada and Australia: The Comprehensive Claims Policy vs. The Native Title Act

Loewen, Peter and Fortin, Jessica
Prejudice and Asymmetrical Opinion Structures: Public Opinion Toward Immigration in Canada

Long, Doug
Philosophy, Ideology and Rhetoric: Discursive Strategies in Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations

Lusztig, Michael and James, Patrick
Institutionalizing NAFTA

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MacDonald, Fiona
Restructuring Rights: Exploring the Implications of Privatization for Minority Group Rights

Malloy, Jonathan
The Politics of Canadian Evangelical Christians

Martin, Chuck
Political Economy of Uranium Development in Northern Ontario

Matthews, J. Scott
The Political Foundations of Support for Same-Sex Marriage in Canada

Matthews, Scott and Erickson, Lynda
Class and Support for Welfare State Spending in Canada, 1993-2000

McBride, Stephen
Internationalizing the State: Assessing the Impact of Adjudication of Trade Disputes

McGrane, David
The Birth of a Nationalist Social Democracy: The Origins of Social Democracy in Quebec, 1900-1967

Mouafo, Dieudonné
Regional and Provincial Dynamics in Canada-US Relations

Mychajlyszyn, Natalie
From Adversaries to Partners: NATO and the States of the Former Soviet Union

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O'Connor, Denise
Contesting Expertise: The Case of Home Care Under the Harris Conservatives

O'Connor, Derry
Public Opinion, Public Choice and Critical Theory

Orchard, Phil
Weak States as a Cause of Ethnic Conflict

Orsini, Michael
From Compensation to Reparations: Viewing Tainted Blood Recipients as Victims of Cultural Injustice

Ostberg, Cynthia L. and Wetstein, Matthew
Equality Cases and the Attitudinal Model in the Supreme Court of Canada

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Paquin, Jonathan
The United States, Secessionist Movements and Stability

Pickup, Mark
Economic Performance and Electoral Accountability

Plaw, Avery
Prince Hal: Shakespeare's Critique of Machiavelli

Poirier, Christian
The Management of Ethnic Diversity and Comparative City Governance

Pond, David
Rewriting the Rules of the Game: The Common Sense Revolution and Administrative Justice

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Raney, Tracey
Political Identities in Canada: The Role of Political Institutions

Ray, Donald I. and Brown, Sherri
Traditional Authority and Social Marketing Against HIV/AIDs in Ghana

Ray, Donald I. and Eizlini, Gaelle
Realities of Ghanaian Chieftancy in Development

Roberts, Kari
United They Stood: Elite Consensus on NATO Expansion and Presidential Foreign Policy Making in Yeltsin's Russia

Robinson, Andrew M.
Multi-Level Governance, Federalism and International Human Rights Regimes: Assessing the Impact on Canadian Sovereignty

Rouillard, Christian
Modernisation de la gestion publique, réingénierie et redéfinition du modèle québécois : sur la pertinence d'une théorie critique de la gouvernance

Rounce, Andrea
Political Actors' Perceptions of Public Opinion: Assessing the Impact of Opinion on Decision-Making

Rubenson, Daniel
Community Heterogeneity and Political Participation in American Cities

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Sampert, Shannon
The Song Remains the Same: Sexual Assault Myths in Canada

Sawer, Marian
Populism and Public Choice: Constructing Women as a "Special Interest

Sawer, Marian
When Women Support Women: EMILY's List and the Substantive Representation of Women

Sayers, Anthony
Urbanstyle: The Local Politics of Cabinet

Scotto, Thomas J. and Kornberg, Allan
Duelling or Dual Partisans: Federal-Provincial Partisan Identifications in Ontario 1997-2000

Sharman, Campbell

Singh, Birinder Pal
Rise of the Sikh Militancy An appraisal of the economic factor

Skogstad, Grace
The Dynamics of Institutional Resilience and Transformation: The Case of the Canadian Wheat Board

Smith, Peter (Jay)
The World Social Forum: Globalization and Trans-national Social Movements

Speers, Kimberley
Performance Measurement in the Government of Alberta: Propaganda or Truth?

Spronk, Susan J.
Struggles Against Commodification: Dependency, Globalization and Lessons From Bolivia

Steele, Jackie
Liberal Versus Republican Notions of Liberty: Marital Surnaming and Equal Citizenship for Women in Canada and Quebec

Storms, Daniel
Possessive Individualism and the Domestic Liberal Roots of International Political Theory

Sutcliffe, John B.
Local Government in Scotland after Devolution: Lessons from Canada

Swaine, Lucas
Engaging Conscience: The Promise of Liberalism

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Tabachnick, David
The Politics and Philosophy of Therapeutic Cloning

Teghtsoonian, Kathy
Disparate Fates in Challenging Times: Women's Policy Agencies Under Governments of the Right in Aotearoa/New Zealand and British Columbia

Tellier, Geneviève
Economic Conditions and Canadian Provincial Government Popularity

Tossutti, Livianna
Youth Voluntarism and Political Engagement in Canada

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Verrelli, Nadia
Reviewing Theories of Judicial Review

Vickers, Jill
Gendering the Hyphen: Women's Agency and Gender Scripts in the Making and Re-Making of Nation States

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Whelan, Robert K.
Metropolitan Governance and Governments

Widdowson, Frances
Inventing Nationhood: The Political Economy of Aboriginal Self-Determination in the Context of Quebec Separatism

Williams, David
The Canada Health Act, Federal Funding, and the Future of Health Care in Canada

Wilton, Shauna
Constructing the Boundaries of the Nation: Canada and Sweden Compared

Wolinetz, Stephen
Classifying Party Systems: Where Have All the Typologies Gone?

Wylie, Lana
Latin American States and the International Criminal Court: Repercussions for Relations with Canada and the Untied States