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CPSA Annual Conference 2005 Papers


Below you will find the list of presentations for the 2005 CPSA conference. The list is sorted in alphabetical order by the last name of the first author. If you are searching for a specific author, you can click on the alphabet below to proceed directly to the section where the author is listed. To view a pdf version of the paper, please click on the title. The authors retain full rights for reprinting and publishing of the articles. Please do not cite without permission from the authors.

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Anderson, Cameron
Accountability, Knowledge and Economic Voting in Canada

Andrew, Blake
Partisanship, Political Interest, and Federal Elections on Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland

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Bakan, Abigail and Kobayashi, Audrey
Affirmative Action and Employment Equity: Policy and Ideology in Canadian Context

Bakan, Abigail
Affirmative Action and Employment Equity: Policy and Ideology in Canadian Context

Baker, Dennis
Rights versus Dollars, Round 2

Banting, Keith
Canada As Counter-Narrative

Barker, Paul
Federal Provincial Fiscal Relations and Health Care: Will Targeted Funds Work

Bashevkin, Sylvia
Assessing Urban Citizenship in the Context of Municipal Restructuring: The Case of Women in London and Toronto

Bayirbag, M.K. and Tok, Evren
The political economy of European citizenship

Bayirbag, Mustafa Kemal
Urban Coalitions and Re-scaling of the State

Bélanger, Éric
A Theory of Party Mergers

Bélanger, Éric and Meguid, Bonnie M.
Issue Salience, Issue Ownership and Issue-Based Vote Choice: Evidence from Canada

Bélanger, Paul and Eagles, Munroe
The Geography of Class and Religion in Canadian Elections

Bergeron, Martin P. and Ripsman, Norrin M.
Losing Our Voice? Canada’s Decline as a Consequence of Free-Riding

Bernier, Nicole
Promoting Health and Addressing the Determinants of Health

Bilodeau, Antoine, White, Stephen and Nevitte, Neill
Contemporary Immigration and the Future Of Regionalism In Canada

Bird, Malcolm
An Unintended Outcome: The Ontario Food Terminal Board as a Case Study in Postwar Ontario Agricultural Policy

Boychuk, Gerard
Territorial Politics and the Development of Health Care in Canada, 1960-1984

Bramwell, Allison and Wolfe, David A.
Universities and Regional Economic Development: The Entrepreneurial University of Waterloo

Brock, David M.
Sannijaqpuq: A Parallel Vision for Intergovernmental Relations?

Brock, David M.
Compliance Agreements as an Alternative Enforcement Mechanism in Canada’s Federal Election Law

Burton, Charles
The Role of China's Political Institutions in Chinese Economic Development

Butko, Thomas
Terrorism Redefined: Terrorism As “Counter-Hegemonic Political Violence

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Caouette, Dominique
Thinking and Nurturing Transnational Activism in Southeast Asia : Connecting Local Struggles With Global Advocacy

Carter, Angela
Settler Environmental Activism: A Transnational/National Paradox?

Chandler, Mielle
Reconceiving the Political: Levinas, Arendt and the Potential for Politics to Become Otherwise

Changfoot, Nadine
art(ists), politics, and community: art making as community building and politics

Chiasson, Guy et Andrew, Caroline
Démocratie et solidarité à Gatineau : chronique d’une valse-hésitation métropolitaine

Chinchilla, Fernando
Deterrence, Protective and Preventive International Interventions in Civil War Contexts

Clarke, Jeremy A.
From a “Democratic” to a “Federalist” Dialogue: Provincial Arguments and Supreme Court Responses in Charter Cases

Clarkson, Stephen and Torres-Ruiz, Antonio
An Elusive Problem: Distinguishing Government from Governance to Analyze North America

Clarkson, Stephen and Wood, Stepan
Governing Beyond Borders: Law for Canadians in an Era of Globalization

Cohn, Daniel
Out-of-Pocket Health Expenditures in Alberta and British Columbia: The Role of Sub-National Governments

Collet, Tanja and Najem, Tom
Word Choices in Post-9/11 Speeches and the Identity Construction of the Other

Collier, Cheryl
Do Strong Women's Movements Get Results? Measuring the Impact of the Child Care and Anti-Violence Movements in Ontario 1970-2000

Colucci, Frank
Justice Anthony Kennedy’s Comparative Constitutionalism

Contandriopoulos, Damien
A View from the Outside: A Contextualization of Group Politics in Canadian Provincial Healthcare Policymaking

Creutzberg, Tijs
Scalar Dimensions of Non-Market Governance in Knowledge Economies

Cutler, Fred
Responsibility and Voting in a Federal Context

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Dhamoon, Rita
Beyond Inclusion Politics: Reconstituting the Political Order

Dobrowolsky, Alexandra
Social Exclusion and Changes to Citizenship: Women and Children, Minorities and Migrants in Britain

Dobrzynska, Agnieszka and Blais, André
The RAS Model: A Simple Test

Dodds, Graham
Executive Orders and Historical Order: Implications of the Evolution of U.S. Executive Orders for Political Science and Politics

Dollery, Brian
The State Of Play In Australian Local Government

Donais, Timothy
Back to Square One: The Politics of Police Reform in Haiti

Driscoll, Jim
Reading the Supreme Court: Jurisprudence as Text and Conversation

Dufault, Evelyne
Demi-tours: une approche sociologique des revirements de politique étrangère. Le cas de la politique étrangère canadienne dans la négociation du Protocole de Cartagena

Dyck, Erin, Blidook, Kelly and Soroka, Stuart N.
The Nature of Legislative Representation in Canada, Part 1

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Eagles, Munroe, Jansen, Harold, Sayers, Anthony and Young, Lisa
Financing Federal Nomination Contests in Canada – An Overview of the 2004 Experience

Eidlin, Fred
Types and the Problem Of Reification

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Farrelly, Colin
Justice in Ideal Theory: A Refutation

Ferguson, Peter and de Clercy, Cristine
Regulatory Compliance in Poll Reporting in the 2004 Canadian Election?

Fossum, John Erik
Constitution Making and the Quest for Popular Sovereignty

Fournier, Patrick, Cutler, Fred, Soroka, Stuart and Lyle, Greg
Who Responds to Election Campaign? The Two-Mediator Model Revisited

Frederiksen, Erica
Restorative Justice: Rethinking Justice in a Postcolonial World

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Gabler, Melissa
The WTO, the EU and Trade and Environmental Policy Integration: A Social Learning Explanation

Garvey, Michelle
The Personal Vote in Parliamentary Systems: A Western Australian Case Study, 1911-2001

Gergley, Meagan
Project for the Implementation of Municipal Annual Reporting BC Municipalities’ Practices with Performance Management and Reporting Prior to the Community Charter

Gidengil, Elisabeth, Blais, André, Everitt, Joanna, Fournier, Patrick and Nevitte, Neil
Back to the Future? Making Sense of the 2004 Canadian Election Outside Quebec

Graefe, Peter
Roll-out Neoliberalism and the Social Economy

Grafstein, Robert
From Partisan Policy to Income to Consumption to Utiliy to Vote

Grant, John
Rethinking Althusser: Ideology, Dialectics and Critical Social Theory

Gillies, James
The Creation of the US Department of Homeland Security: Lessons Learned Two Years On

Gow, Iain
A Practical Basis for Public Service Ethics

Green, David and Harrison, Kathryn
Racing to the Middle: Minimum Wage Setting and Standards of Fairness

Green, Joyce
From Stonechild to Social Cohesion: Anti-Racist Challenges for Saskatchewan

Guzina, Dejan
Dilemmas of Nation-Building and Citizenship in Post-Dayton Bosnia

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Haddow, Rodney
Mapping Canadian Political Economy: Lessons from, and for, Comparative Scholarship

Halloran, Mary, Hillicker, John and Donaghy, Greg
The White Paper Impulse: Reviewing Foreign Policy under Trudeau and Clark

Handley, Antoinette
Business and the State: Economy Policymaking in Africa's Neoliberal Era

Harell, Allison and Evans, Jillian
Gendered Social Capital and Its Political Implications: The Canadian Case in Comparative Perspective

Heins, Volker
Human rights cultures in western democracies: digging up the differences

Henderson, Ailsa
Are three parties better than five?: A mapping of ideological space in Canadian politics, 1980-2000

Hennigar, Matthew
The Same-Sex Marriage Cases and Lessons for Attorney General Independence

Hepburn, Nicola
Backbench MPPs as Agents of Local Concerns

Hering, Martin
Divergence Within Regimes: The Impact of Party Preferences of Welfare State Change

Hicks, Jack and White, Graham
Building Nunavut Through Decentralization or Carpet-Bombing It Into Near-Total Dysfunction? A Case Study in Organizational Engineering

Hiebert, Janet
Parliamentary Bills of Rights: An Alternative Model Perhaps. But how significant are the differences?

Hiemstra, John
Faith-based School Choice in Alberta: The Advent of a Pluriform Model

Hilgers, Tina
The Nature of Clientelism in Mexico City

Hiroshi, Setooka
The Economic and Social Backgrounds of The Japanese Government's Cooperation with the United States

Hooghe, Marc
Social Capital and Diversity Social Cohesion and Regimes of Diversity

Howlett, Michael
Assessing Instrument Mixes: Methodological Issues in Contemporary Implementation Research

Howorun, Cristina
Is Influence Illusionary? The Effects of Ownership on Newspaper Coverage in Hollinger and CanWest Owned Newspapers

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Iida, Yumiko
Formalized Discourse and the Specter of Phantom Language: The Rise of Elitist Hegemony in Contemporary Japan

Imbeau, Louis
Do They Walk Like They Talk? Speeches From the Throne and Budget Deficits in Ontario and Quebec

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James, Patrick
Long Knives, Long Memories and “Peoples’ Packages”:The Federal Strategy for Constitutional Patriation and the Dynamics Of Identity Contention

Jansen, Harold and Young, Lisa
Solidarity Forever? The NDP, Organized Labour, and the Changing Face of Party Finance in Canada

Jenkins, Margaret
Being Liberal Abroad: An Exploration and Defense of Rawls's Argument for Toleration

Johns, Michael
To Influence or Ignore? The Impact of the Institutions of Europe on Ethnic Conflict

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Kellogg, Paul
A Reconsideration of the Political Economy of Canadian Trade Part I: Escape from the Staple Trap

Kennedy, Geoff
Historicizing Liberty and Empire: Machiavelli, Rome and Florentine 'Imperialism'

Kershaw, Paul
Permissive Federal Spending Power Post-SUFA: As Good As It Gets?

Knopff, Rainer and Banfield, Andrew
It's the Charter Stupid! Electoral Politics and the Supreme Court

Kow, Simon
The Idea of China in Modern Political Thought: Leibniz and Montesquieu

Kuokkanen, Rauna
The Responsibility of the Academy: A Call for Doing Homework

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Lawson, James
Power, Political Economy, and Supply Chains: Staples as Media of Power

Lachapelle, Érick
Business’ Role in North American Governance: Free Trade, ‘Smart Borders’ and other ‘Big Ideas’

Lebo, Matthew, McGlynn, Adam J. and Koger, Gregory
Strategic Party Government: An Explanation of Party Influence in Congress, 1789-2000

Lewis, J.P.
Another Representational Factor?: An Analysis of Academic Attention to Ideology in Federal Cabinet

Leuprecht, Christian
Comparing demographic policy, change, and ethnic relations in Mauritius and Fiji

Leuprecht, Christian
Demographic Change and Equalization in Canada

Liston, Mary
Delayed Declarations of Invalidity: Deferential Dialogue or Justice Deferred?

Loeppky, Rodney
Bioterrorizing US Policies

Loewen, Peter
How Do Local Candidates Spend Their Money? And Does it Matter?

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MacLean, Lee
Vain-glory and Amour Propre: Hobbes and Rousseau on Political Pride

MacLeod, Jeffrey J.
Examining the Public/Private Divide in Healthcare: Demystifying the Debate

MacMillan, Gretchen
Catholic Bishops, Public Policy and the 2004 Presidential Election

Mahdavi, Mojtaba
Max Weber in Iran: Does Islamic Protestantism Matter?

Manfredi, Christopher and Rush, Mark
Missing the Forest for the Trees? Campaign Spending Law and Incumbent Protection in Canada and the United States

Manfredi, Christopher and Maioni, Antonia
Litigating Innovation: Health Care Policy and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Marschall, Melissa and Stolle, Dietlind
Seeing or Living Diversity-Contact with Diverse Others and the Development of Generalized Trust

Martin, Charles
When Holding Hands is No Longer Enough: The Lust of Energy Re-Regulation in Ontario

Massicotte, Louis and Elias, Angelo
An M.M.P. System For Quebec: What Can Be Learnt From Simulations of Previous Elections

Matthews, J. Scott
The Campaign Dynamics in Economic Voting

Mau, Tim
Political Rhetoric or Genuine Leadership: An Assessment of the New Deal for Cities

Mayer, Jean-François and Marier, Patrik
Unions and Pension Reforms in Mexico: The Impact of Democratic Governance

McDonald, Adam
Institutional Change and The Political Process: The Past, Present, and Future Realities of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

McGrane, David
Social Democracy and Western Alienation in Saskatchewan Politics from 1900 to 2000

McKeen, Wendy
The Shifting Concept of Social Policy in Canada: How Progressive Advocates Fared in the Debate on the National Children’s Agenda

Merolla, Jennifer, Stephenson, Laura B. and Zechmeister, Elizabeth
Have Cue, Will Travel? Political Parties as Heuristics in Three Countries

Miljan, Lydia
Reporting of Public Opinion Polls: Results of Local Polling Published in the Windsor Star

Mintz, Kaila
The Lobbying Efforts of Non-profit Interest Groups at Queen’s Park: Using Non-Partisan Receptions as a Tool to Gain Access and Influence in Ontario

Momani, Bessma
Assessing the Utility of Canada's IMF Article IV Consultations

Montpetit, Éric
Interest Groups and Policy Networks: The Influence of Canadian Scholarship in the World

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Nelles, Jen
Civic Capital in the Waterloo Region

Nikolayenko, Olena
Social Capital in Post-Communist Societies: Running Deficits?

Nuruzzaman, Mohammed
Health Policy Reforms and the Poor in the Global South

Nuruzzaman, Mohammed
Beyond the Realist Theories: ‘Neo-conservative Realism’ and the American Invasion of Iraq

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Oguz, Sebnem
Reconsidering Globalization as the Internationalization of Capital: Implications for Understanding State Restructuring

Önder, Nilgün
Global Financial Governance: ‘Soft’ Law And Neoliberal Domination

Orchard, Phil
Refugees and the International Sovereign State System

Owen, Andrew
Messages, Messengers, and Mechanisms of Influence: Elite Communication Effects and the 1992 Canadian Constitutional Referendum

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Paltiel, Jeremy
Populism With Agoraphobia: Hu Jintao and the Risk Culture of Democratization in the PRC

Paquin, Jonathan
Understanding U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Emerging Secessionist States: A Close Look At The Balkan Regional Context

Paré, Isabelle et Montpetit, Éric
Comitologie, délibération et transferts de politiques : le cas de la politique européenne du génome humain

Paudyn, Bartholomew
Governing Monetary Relations Through Risk: Transforming the European Monetary Union's Future By Reengineering Its Present

Pearse, Hillary
Making the Most of a Two Vote Ballot: Voter Adaptation to a More Complex Electoral System

Phillips, Susan
Governance, Regulation and the Third Sector: Responsive Regulation and Regulatory Responses

Pickup, Mark
Political Context, Economic Conditions and Electoral Accountability in Canada, 1957-2000

Prasad, Binoy
Caste, Regionalism, and Political Violence: Maoist Violence in Nepal and Bihar

Purandaré, Nanda
Women, The Welfare State and Civic Engagement: Towards a Reconceptualization of Social Capital

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Quinn, Joanna
The Role of Informal Mechanisms in Transitional Justice

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Rabe, Barry
Moral Super-Power or Policy Laggard? Translating Kyoto Protocol Ratification into Federal and Provincial Climate Policy in Canada

Raney, Tracey
Canada's 'Civic' Nation: The Determinants of Canadian National Identifications

Resnick, Philip
History, Memory and National Identities in Multinational States

Riddell-Dixon, Elizabeth
Canada at the United Nations 1945 - 1989: Pervasive Themes and Evolving Trends

Roberge, Ian
Fighting the Joint-Decision Trap : Canadian Regulation in the Securities Industry

Robinson, Fiona
Care, Gender and Global Social Justice

Robinson, Andrew M.
Canada’s Contribution to Theorizing Rights and Ethnocultural Diversity

Rubenson, Daniel
Community Heterogeneity and Political Participation in American Cities

Rücket, Arne
(Re-)producing Global Hegemony? The Poverty Reduction Strategy in Nicaragua

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Saurette, Paul
Humiliation, Respect and Global Ethics

Sayers, Anthony and Koop, Royce
Patterns of Federal-Provincial Party Membership in Canada since 1993

Schaan, Mark A.
Policy as Planned? The Implementation of Welfare-to-Work Programs in Manitoba and Ontario

Schouls, Tim
Between Colonialism and Independence: British Columbia Treaty Politics in an Age of Pluralism

Schmitz, Gerald
Foreign Policy White Papers and the Role of Canada's Parliament

Sciarra, R.A.
Officers of the Legislature in the Province of Ontario: Who, When and Why

Sharman, Campbell
Elections and Electoral Rules in a Unicameral Universe: A Note on the Context of Canadian Electoral Law

Simard, Louis, Dupuis, Alain et Bernier, Luc
Mutation de la gouvernance du secteur de l'énergie : le cas d'Hydro-Québec

Skogstad, Grace
Policy Networks and Policy Communities: Conceptual Evolution and Governing Realities

Smith, Miriam
Explaining Human RightsProtections: Institutionalist Analysis in the Lesbian and Gay Rights Case

Smith, Peter (Jay)
The Changing Horizons of Politics in a Network Society – the Dalit Case

Smythe, Elizabeth
Using Ideas Strategically: Canada and the Negotiation Over Investment Rules at the WTO

Sokolon, Marlene K.
The Threat of Feelings: Emotions in Political Philosophy of J.S. Mill

Stanwick Holmes, Hannah
The Megacity in the New Millennium: An Evaluation of the Amalgamation of Metro Toronto Using the Tiebout Framework for Pareto Optimality

Stephenson, Laura B.
The Conservative Party and the 2004 Election

Stephenson, Laura B.
Challenging the Status Quo: Lessons on Parties, Elections and Voting from the Great White North

Stoett, Peter
Environmental Security in Post-Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sutcliffe, John B. and Kovacev, Mirko
Scottish Local Governments In The European Union: A Deepening Relationship Within A Multi-Level Governance Setting

Symonds, Jill
Engaging Citizens – How do BC municipalities engage citizens in their communities?

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Tabachnick, David
Heidegger’s Essentialist Responses to the Challenge of Technology

Tiemessen, Alana
From Genocide to Jihad: Islam and Ethnicity in Post-Genocide Rwanda

Trimble, Linda
Who Framed Belinda Stronach?

Trochev, Alexei
Distrusted Courts: The Impact of State (In)capacity on Judicial Power in Post-Communist Countries

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Ugland, Trygve and Veggeland, Frode
Policy Integration: Food Inspection Reforms in Canada and the European Union

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Verrelli, Nadia
Federalism: A Theory

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Watson, Scott
Societal Security: Applying the Concept to the Process of Kurdish Identity Construction

Wesley, Jared
Spanning the Spectrum: Political Attitudes in Manitoba

Wesley, Jared and Colborne, Michael
Framing Democracy: Media Politics and the 2004 Alberta Election

Widdowson, Frances
The Political Economy of Nunavut: Internal Colony or Rentier Territory?

Wilson, Gary N.
The Nunavik Commission and the Path to Self-Government in Arctic Quebec

Wolfe, Robert
Do officials learn from the public? Transparency and public participation in the Canadian trade policy process

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Xu, Feng
Building Community in Post-Socialist China: Towards Local Democratic Governance?

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Young, Lisa and Jansen, Harold
An Ecological Analysis of One Party Dominance in Alberta

Young, Shaun P.
The (Un)Reasonableness of Rawlsian Rationality