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CPSA Annual Conference 2006 Papers


Below you will find the list of presentations for the 2006 CPSA conference. The list is sorted in alphabetical order by the last name of the first author. If you are searching for a specific author, you can click on the alphabet below to proceed directly to the section where the author is listed. To view a pdf version of the paper, please click on the title. The authors retain full rights for reprinting and publishing of the articles. Please do not cite without permission from the authors.

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Adams, Christopher
Manitoba's Political Party Systems: An Historical Overview

Aiken, Nevin
Truth, Restoration, and Reconciliation: Post-Conflict Peacebuilding and the Politics of Identity

Aitken, Rob
Geopolitical Order, Social Security and Visuality: The National Film Board’s Japanese Internment Project

Anderson, Cameron
Explaining Attributions of Responsibility for Economic Conditions in Canada

Anderson, Christopher
A Long-Standing Canadian Tradition: Citizenship Revocation and SEcond-Class Citizenship Under the Liberals, 1993-2006

Angolano, Joseph
Intersection or Collision Course? A Critical Look at Rational Choice Theory and Normative Political Theory

Archer, Keith and Wesley, Jared
And We Don’t Do Dishes Either!: Disengagement from Civic and Personal Duty

Atkinson, Michael and Seiferling, Mike
Corruption on Two Levels: National Comparisons Using Hierarchical Models

Austin, Sam and Young, Lisa
Regulation of Election Finance in Canada's Cities: A Comparative Analysis

Auvachez, Elise
From the White Paper on European Governance to the Draft Constitution: Rethinking European Citizenship

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Baban, Feyzi
European Identity in the Making? : Turkey in a Postnational Europe

Bachvarova, Mira and Moore, Margaret
Liberalism, Communitarianism and Multiculturalism

Bakan, Abigail
Marxism and Anti-Racism: A Contribution to the Dialogue

Banai, Huss
Between Societies: Communities and Constituencies in International Politics

Barboni, Thierry
La cartellisation des partis politiques, une solution pour rétablir un équilibre partisan rompu ? Le cas du PS français de 1977 à 1997

Bashevkin, Sylvia
Tales of Two Cities: Women and Metropolitan Restructuring in London and Toronto

Bassett, Carolyn
The Spectre of Debt in South Africa

Bastien, Frédéric
Stay Tuned! Infotainment and Viewers' Behaviour in Quebec

Bayrakal, Suna
The Shaping of Environmental Policy: The Influence of Technological Innovation on Policy-Making

Beier, Marshall
Containing Chaos: Allegory, Catharsis, Composition

Bergeron, Kristina Maud
Global Activism and Changing Identities : Examples from the Grand Council of the Crees, the Saami Council, and Médecins Sans Frontières-Canada

Bhattacharya, Chanchal
Virtual Campaigns, Concrete Elections: Why the Internet and Related Technologies are Reshaping Election Campaigns in Advanced Democracies

Bilodeau, Antoine
Residential Segregation and the Political Adaptation of Immigrants: Evidence from Canada and Australia

Bird, Malcolm
Revolutionary Change: The Liquor Control Board of Ontario 1985-2005

Bittner, Amanda
Decision-making in Canada: Information and the Social Bases of Opinion and Attitude Formation

Blais, Emilie
European Integration and Ethnic Minority Mobilization: The Case of Latvia, Hungary and Romania

Bocking, Stephen
Scientific Expertise and Environmental Politics: Cross-Border Contrasts

Boychuk, Gerald
Territorial Politics and Current Health Care Reforms in Canada

Boda, Michael
Independence is Not a Panacea: An Evaluation of Election Administration in the United Kingdom

Bradford, Neil
Placing Social Policy? Reflections on the New Deal for Cities and Communities

Brickner, Rachel
Union Democracy and the Struggle for Women’s Labor Rights: Reflections from Mexico

Brock, Kathy
Surviving as Canadians: Tracking New and Continuing Tensions in the Federation

Brown, Sherri
Global Public-Private Partnerships for Pharmaceuticals: Ethical and Procedural Features, Prospects and Challenges

Brown, Sherri and O'Reilly, Tracey
How HIV/AIDS is Threatening Social Stability and the Status of Women in the Great Lakes Region of Africa

Brown-John, Lloyd
Canada's National Parks Policy: From Bureaucrats to Collaborative Management

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Carson, Jonathan
The Need for Whistleblowing Legislation in Canada: A Critical Defence

Castorina, Emilia
Democracy vs. Capitalism. A New Politics From "Below" in Argentina?

Cinq-Mars, Katherine
The Political Economy of Hydro-(In)Justice

Chagar, Rageni
Protection or Obstruction? Women and Precarious Work in India

Changfoot, Nadine
Deconstructing and Resisting the Discourse of the New Creative Class: Reclaiming Creative Citizenship

Clarke, Jeremy
The Canadian Charter of Rights and a Margin of Appreciation for Federalism: Lessons from Europe

Clarkson, Stephen and Gibson, Rachel
Contesting Explanations for Liberal Hegemony in Federal Politics

Clinton, Joshua and Owen, Andrew
How Viewer Characteristics Moderate the Effectiveness of Political Advertising: Results from a Large-N Experiment

Cohn, Daniel
British Columbia's Capital Assets Framework: Guidelines or a Public-Private Partnerships Railroad Job?

Collier, Cheryl
Above Retrenchment? Anti-Violence Policy in Ontario and British Columbia in Neo-Liberal Times

Conteh, Charles
Reconciling Public Sector Efficiency with Equitable Governance: The Case of Botswana at the Crossroads

Cooke, Murray
The NDP: From Mass Party to Electoral-Professional Party

Corriveau, Louis
Le jeu du pouvoir et l'analyse des rapports de la loi et de la morale

Côté, Guy-Serge
La coopération environnementale internationale : les conditions gagnantes

Coulthard, Glenn
Recognition or Assimilation in the Struggle of Indigenous Peoples for Self Determination

Crête, Jean, Pelletier, Réjean and Couture, Jérôme
Political Trust in Canada: What Matters: Politics or Economics?

Curic, Ana
Camaraderie in the Ontario Legislature

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Dartnell, Michael
Representations, Images and the Global Landscape: Locating Culture in International Security

de Clercy, Cristine
Female Legislative Leadership and the CCF-NDP in Saskatchewan

de Costa, Ravi
State Identity and Aboriginal Title

Deonandan, Kalowatie
Corruption and Development in Latin America

Dick, Caroline
Kymlicka's Cultural Theory of Group-Differentiated Rights: Ramifications for the Rights Claims of Gays and Lesbians

Dimitrov, Radoslav
International Nonregimes: Collective Inaction in World Politics

Dostie-Goulet, Eugénie
Is Same-Sex Marriage Still an Issue?

Drache, Daniel
Asymmetrical Benefits of a Decade of North American Integration

Dufour, Frederick-Guillaume
Social Property Relations and the Social and Geopolitical Dynamics of Nationalism

Dufour, Pascale
The Building of a New Political Party in a Context of Disenchantment: The Example of Québec Solidaire–How and Why?

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Edge, Sara and McAllister, Mary-Louise
Sustaining Canadian Communities: Place, Space and Governance

Eisenberg, Avigail
Religious Arbitration and the Demise of Multiculturalism

Elson, Peter
Tracking the Implementation of Voluntary Sector-Government Policy Agreements: Is the Voluntary and Community Sector in the Frame?

Engelman, Stephen
Reflections on Mill's Art of Government

Ercan, Fuat and Tezcek, Ozlem
A Double Sided Analysis in the Knowledge Society: Classes and Elite Theories

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Fernando, Shanti
Ethics and Good Urban Governance in Toronto

Field, Ann-M.
Counter-Hegemonic Citizenship: LGBT Communities and the Politics of Hate Crimes in Canada

Fortier, Isabelle
Complaining as a Form of Political Participation? The Ombudsman and Other Complaining Channels in Québec’s Government

Fossum, John
Europe’s American Dream

Fossum, John and Haglund, David
Norway's Secession from Sweden 1905 - Is It Relevant to Canada - Quebec?

Frederiksen, Erica
Healing Fractured Communities: Restorative Justice as a Strategy for Inclusion

Froese, Marc
Fair Trade vs. Free Trade? Antidumping and Trade Dispute Settlement in the North American Context

Fridell, Gavin
International Solidarity in the Era of Neo-liberalism: From Boycotts to Fair Trade

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Gaenzle, Stefan
Whither Enlargement? The European Neighbourhood Policy

Ghosh, Eric
Resolving the Countermajoritarian Ddifficulty: A Proposal for a Citizens’ Court to Interpret a Bill of Rights

Gillies, James
Ideology, Ideologues and the U.S. Presidency

Goldstein, Joshua
Same-Sex Marriage and the Task of Political Philosophy

Goodman, Nicole
Political Recruitment in Ontario: An Examination of the Thirty-Eighth Parliament

Graefe, Peter
Neoliberal Federalism and Social Democratic Approaches to Social Assistance in the 1990s

Greene, Ian and Grainger, Brian
Ethics and Leadership: The Level of Political Leadership Required to Implement the Gomery and Bellamy Recommendations

Gravelle, Timothy
Finance and Ethics in the History of Political Economy

Gulian, Thomas
Managing Ethnic Diversity in Cities: Towards a Decentralization of Citzenship Regimes

Gunasekara, Chrys
Dilemmas of Local Governance in a Federal Polity: A Case Study of an Australian Region

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Hanvelt, Marc
Polite Oratory: Hume's Philosophy of Rhetoric

Harell, Allison
A Reconsideration of Tolerance: Racist Organizations and Civil Liberties Judgments

Hayes, Jillian
Environmental Policy Making Within the Great Lakes Basin

Henjak, Andrija
Could Age Become a Cleavage: Ageing Societies, Pension Reforms and Politics in Western Europe

Henstra, Dan
Evaluating and Explaining Local Emergency Management Policies in Ontario

Hering, Martin and Klassen, Thomas
Welfare Regimes and Retirement Ages: Reform Options and Policy Choices in Canada, Germany and Korea, 1995-2005

Hojati, Afshin and Dizboni, Ali G.
A Systemic Analysis of the Rise and Fall of the Iranian Reform Movement (1997-to the Present)

Honda, Eric
Going for the Gold?: A Second Look at Ethical Governance and “the historical-structural” Model in The Taiwan Miracle Twenty-Years Later

Howard, Cosmo
Get it Together: Frontline Implications of Contemporary Service Integration

Howlett, Michael
Analyzing Multi-Actor, Multi-Level, Multi-Round, Interorganizational Decision-Making Processes in Government: Preliminary Findings from Five Canadian Cases

Hyson, Stuart
Ombudsman Research Project

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Imbeau, Louis
Are Wildavsky's Budgetary Roles Still Relevant? A Content Analysis of Policy Speeches in Quebec, 1970-2003

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Janara, Laura
Optics, Time, Space and Realism in Machiavelli’s Thought

Jenson, Jane
Rolling Back: Quebec's Childcare System in Late Neo-liberalism

Johns, Michael
The Perception of Culture in Explaining Ethnic Conflict in Europe

Jubb, Nadine
Gender, Funding and Social Order: Contradictions Among the State, the Women's Movements and Donors Regarding the Nicaraguan Women's Police Stations

Jusko, Karen
"The Political Participation of the Poor and Redistributive Policy

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Katchanovski, Ivan
The Orange Evolution? The Political Realignment and Regional Divisions in Ukraine

Kellogg, Paul
The Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas: Its Implications for the Future of ‘Globalization’

Kershaw, Paul
Changing the Subject, Violence, Care and (In)Active Male Citizneship

Knopff, Rainer and Baker, Dennis
Strategic Judicial Decision Making and Prisoners' Voting Rights: From Sauvé I to Sauvé II

Koop, Royce and Jansen, Harold
Canadian Political Blogs: Online Soapboxes or Forums for Democratic Dialogue?

Koopman, Colin
Three Intellectual Histories of Modernity: Arendt, Blumenberg, and Dewey

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Ladner, Kiera
Take 35: Reconciling Indigenous and Canadian Constitutional Orders

Latta, Alex
Reading Environmental Justice as Citizenship: an Arendtian Perspective

Levine, Renan and Stephenson, Laura
Limits of Leadership

Lipson, Michael
Dilemmas of Global Governance: Organized Hypocrisy and International Organizations

Lister, Andrew
The Deliberative Ethics of the Slippery Slope

Lister, Ruth
Women and Public Policy, Postneoliberalism: A UK Perspective

Littvay, Levente and Donica, Andrew
Corruption: A Cause or an Effect?

Lo, Sonny
Ethical Governance and Anti-Corruption: A Comparative Study of Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao

Lobont, Cristian
Conception de la temporalité et nature des politiques publiques chez Jean-François Lyotard, Anthony Giddens et Ulrich Beck

Lochead, Karen
From Common Law Recognition to Judicial Confirmation: An Analysis of Native Title's Proof Criteria in Canada and Australia

Locke, Jackie
Time Limits on Debate in the Ontario Legislature

Loewen, Peter and Blais, André
Did Bill C-24 Increase Turnout? Evidence from the 2000 and 2004 Elections

Lopreite, Debora
Gender and Welfare Regime Change in Argentina: International Conventions and Feminist Networks in a New Social Agenda

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MacDermid, Robert
Money and Winning in the 2003 Municipal Elections in Toronto and Surrounding Municipalities

Macdonald, Doug, Mercier, Jean, Crête, Jean, Gonzales, Patrick and Le Gars, Aurélie
Why Do Governments Select Voluntarism As An Environmental Policy Instrument?

MacDonald, Fiona
Relational Group Autonomy: Ensuring Agency and Accountability in the Group Rights Paradigm

Macklin, Audrey
Law and the Encultured Subject

MacLellan, Duncan
Exploring Place-based Policy and Civic Engagement

Mahdavi, Mojtaba
Rethinking Agency and Structure in the Study of Democratic Transition: The Iranian Lessons

Managhan, Tina
Reversing the Gaze: Spectacle and the Antinuclear Movement

Marier, Patrik
Expertise and Pension Reform: The Role of Bureaucrats in Reforming Pensions in Quebec/Canada and the USA in a Comparative Perspective

Marois, Thomas
The Comparative Political Economy of Bank Privatization in Turkey

Marshall, Robert
Militarizing P3s: The State, New Public Management and Outsourcing War

Marsiaj, Juan
How Relevant Are Legislatures? Sexual Diversity Politics and Political Institutions in Brazil

Mastro, David and Christensen, Kyle
Power and Policy Making: The Case of Azerbaijan

Matthews, Scott
Campaign Learning and the Economy

McCormick, Peter
Where Does the Supreme Court Docket Come From?: Examining the Correlates of the Decision

McGrane, David
Explaining the Saskatchewan NDP's Shift to Third Way Social Democracy

McGrane, David
Gender and Saskatchewan Social Democracy from 1900-2000

McQueen, Alison
Bilateral Governance in the Continental Periphery: The Mexico-Canada Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program

Mellon, James
Urbanism, Nationalism and the Politics of Place: Commemoration and Collective Memory

Meynell, Robert
Restoration, not Renovation: A Fresh Start for Hartz-Horowitz

Michaud, Nelson
La politique étrangère canadienne : un long fleuve tranquille ?

Mihai, Mihaela
Political Apathy in Romania - Lessons to Be Learnt

Miller, Dale
Mill's Utopian Utilitarianism

Milner, Henry
Expressive Engagement, Political Knowledge and the Question of Youth Turnout. Canada in Comparative Perspective

Mitchell, Skye and Hering, Martin
Drifting Away? Path Dependence and Policy Drift in the Canadian Health Care System

Muhlenberg, Elisabeth
Measuring Democratic Capital: A Comparative Analysis of PISA Background Factors

Murray, Heather
Re-Thinking Intergovernmental Relations in Canada? An Analysis of City-Provincial Relations in Winnipeg and Vancouver

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Nossal, Kim Richard
A Question of Balance: The Cult of Research Intensity and the Professing of Political Science In Canada

Nuruzzaman, Mohammed
Neo-liberal Institutionalism and Cooperation in the Post-9/11 World

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O'Brien, Daniel
Post-Bureaucracy or Post-Public Good? New Public Management and the Policy Process Constraints in Ontario

Ogrodnick, Margaret
Violence and Politics in Beauvoir and Arendt

Ohemeng, Frank and Grant, John
When Markets Fail to Deliver: An Examination of Privatisation and Deprivatisation of Water Services Delivery in Hamilton

O'Neill, Brenda
Exploring the Religious and Feminist Values of Canadian Women

Orsini, Michael
Illness Identities and Biological Citizenship: Reading the Illness Narratives of Hepatitis C Patients

Özgün-Çakar, Yasemin
The Constitution and the Concept of “Development” in Turkish Political Life

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Pal, Leslie
Exporting Policy Models: The Role of International Governmental Organizations

Papic, Marko
Divesting Power: Comitology Procedure and the Conscious Surrender of Member State Competency

Parent, Geneviève
When Crime Pays: The Politics of Crime, Law, and Victim Compensation in Quebec

Patel, Nazeer
The Nation as Problem: Nationalism and Normative Argument

Paterson, Stephanie
Rethinking Wife Abuse: Violence, Resistance, and Public Policy in Canada

Patsias, Caroline et Patsias, Sylvie
L'altermondialisme : mobilisations locales et lutte globale. L'exemple du milieu communautaire québécois

Patten, Steve
Brokers, Feminists & Populists: Understanding Parties and Social Movements in the Representational Politics of Identity

Paudyn, Bartholomew
Disciplining the European Monetary Union Through Audit

Perrella, Andrea
Long-Term Economic Decline Among Occupational Groups: Political Efficacy And Support For Non-Mainstream Parties

Peverini, Marc
The Effect of the Ontario Legislature Internship Programme on the Political Beliefs and Aspirations of Interns

Plaw, Avery
Fighting Terror Ethically and Legally: The Case of Targeting Terrorists

Pond, David
Greenbelt Politics in Ontario

Prasad, Binoy
The First Post-Bifurcation Parliamentary Election (2004) in Bihar and Jharkhand: A Comparative Study

Prideaux, Simon
New Labour, Old Functionalism

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Quinn, Joanna
Customary Mechanisms and the International Criminal Court

Quinn, Joanna
Sophisticated Discourse: Why and How the Acholi of Northern Uganda are Talking About International Criminal Law

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Raymond, Leigh and Olive, Andrea
Protecting Biodiversity on Private Property: The Role of Landowner Beliefs and Norms

Rice, Roberta
Why Indigenous-Based Parties? New Party Formation and Electoral Success in Latin America

Riddell, Troy, Hausegger, Lori and Hennigar, Matthew
Federal Judicial Appointments 1988-2003

Roberge, Ian
For Better or Worse: The Politicization of Canadian Finance

Rocher, François
The End of Two Solitudes? The Presence (or Absence) of Quebec Scholarly Work in Canadian Politics

Roman, Joseph
The End of Glocalization? Or, Its Uses, Misuses, and Abuses

Rothmayr, Christine and Lespérance, Audrey
Courts and the Biotechnology Revolution: Policy-Making in North America and Europe

Rowlands, Ian
The Development of Renewable Electricity Policy in Ontario: Progress and Prospects

Ruckert, Arne
Towards a Post-Neoliberal Regime of Development? From the Washington to the Post-Washington Consensus

Russo, Renato (Rick)
Theories of Memory and a Modified Approach to Discourse Ethics

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Sampert, Shannon
All Things Gomery: The Use of the Scandal and Game Frame in the Coverage of the Initial Gomery Report in English Canada's National Newspapers

Sampert, Shannon
Asking for it? The Use of Blame in the Depiction of Sexual Assault Crime in Local English Canadian Newspapers

Sancton, Andrew
Policy-making for Municipal Demergers in Ontario and Quebec

Schmitz, Gerald
Accountable Governance and International Reviews: Canadian Foreign Policy as if Democracy Matters?

Schneider, Steffen and Abedi, Amir
Winning is Not Enough: A Reconceptualization of Single-Party Dominance in Established Democracies

Scotto, Thomas and LaFone, Frank
Strategically Targeted Strategic Voting: The Case of the 1999 Ontario Election

Shaw, Timothy
India as an 'Emerging Power': Implications for Development Studies?

Shlozberg, Reuven
The Trouble With Moral Habits: When Rational-Choice Judgment Meets Hannah Arendt

Short, Damien
The Paradox of ‘Native Title’ as a Remedy to Historic Injustice

Shugarman, David
Noam Chomsky and The New Military Humanism

Smardon, Bruce
Following the Leader: Innovation in the Canadian Economy

Smith, Charles
Canada’s Uneven Post-War Compromise: Keynesian Labour Policy in Ontario, 1949-1961

Smith, Loretta
Mending Fences: Increasing Aboriginal Representation in Canada

Smith, Miriam
Citizenship in a Neoliberal Era: Queer Politics in Canada and the U.S.

Smith, Patrick and Stewart, Kennedy
Taking the ‘Mal’ Out of Administration: Administrative Justice in British Columbia – The Ombudsoffice @ 29, Going on 30

Smith, Travis
On Pardon, Hobbes’s Sixth Law of Nature

Smith, Travis
Politics and Religion on the President’s Council on Bioethics

Soroka, Stuart, Blidook, Kelly and Penner, Erin
The Nature of Representation in Canada, Part II: Constituency Opinion and MPs’ Oral Questions

Spronk, Susan
Roots of Resistance to Urban Water Privatization in Bolivia: The 'New Working Class', the Crisis of Neoliberalism and Public Services

Stavro, Elaine
Politics of Hate: Race and Psychoanalysis

Stefanick, Lorna
Alberta's Ombudsman: Following Responsibility in an Era of Outsourcing

Stephenson, Laura
Exploring the Connection between Catholics and the Liberal Party in 2004

Sun, Liang
Power and Cooperation: Peasants, Elite, and the State in Four Chinese Cooperatives

Sutcliffe, John
Municipal Influence in a Multi-national Setting? The Windsor-Detroit Border Crossing

Swift, Anne
Intellectual Property Rights and Continental Governance in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Tellier, Geneviève
Political Determinants of Taxes: An Empirical Analysis for the Canadian Provinces

Teyssier, Ronan
Retour sur l'arbitrage religieux : un exemple des dynamiques de la mise sur l'agenda en Ontario et au Québec

Thomas, Brooke
Unequal Votes: The Malapportionment of Canadian Minorities

Thomas, Melanee and Young, Lisa
Young and Indifferent? The Political Disengagement of Canada's Young Women

Tiberghien, Yves and Papic, Marko
How Regional Politics Redefine Internal EU Governance: GMO Policy and Bottom-up Policy-making

Toemmel, Ingeborg, and Verdun, Amy
EU Policy-Making and EU Governance: A Theoretical Overview

Tomsons, Sandra and Tomsons, Corey
Canada's Governance of Aboriginal Peoples: Is It Ethical?

Torres, Gabriela
Insecurity, Violence and the Trade of Urban Neo-liberal Moralities: How Social Inequality and Political Violence Shape the Culture and Architecture of Guatemala City

Tossutti, Livianna and Wang, Mark
Family and Religious Networks: Stimulants or Barriers to Civic Participation and the Integration of Newcomers?

Triadafilopoulos, Phil and Faist, Thomas
Beyond Nationhood: Citizenship Politics in Germany Since Unification

Trick, David
Continuity, Retrenchment and Renewal in Public Policy: The Case of Government-University Relations in Ontario, 1985-2002

Trochev, Alexei
Between Authoritarianism and Territorial Disintegration: Judicial Vision of Russian Federalism

Trott, Stephen
Political Reform in China's Cities: Introducing Community Elections

Tung, Han-Pu
Fiscal Decentralization and the Choice of Foreign Exchange Regime

Turnbull, Lori
Reducing the Democratic Deficit: A Report on the Nova Scotia Ombudsman

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Ugland, Trygve and Veggeland, Frode
Policy Integration and International Representation: Promoting Canadian and European Union (EU) Food Safety Interests on the World Stage

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VanNijnatten, Debora and Boychuk, Gerald
Cross-Border Economic Integration and State-Province Policy Convergence

Veltmeyer, Henry
Social Movement and the State: The Social and Political Dynamics of the Indigenous Movement in Latin America

Vickers, Jill
What Makes Some Nation-States 'Women Friendly'?

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Warby, Meghan
How to Make Friends and Influence People: Lobbying at Queen's Park and Playing by the Rules

Warner, Rosalind
National Parks and the Challenge of Ethical Governance: Conservation or Preservation?

Watson, Scott
Fight them on the beaches: Defending the Humanitarian State

Wesley, Jared
Bleeding Hearts and Troubled Minds: Red Tories and Social Democrats in Manitoba

Wettlaufer, Brian
Ontario Politics Over the Last 20 Years: A Comparison of Tory, NDP and Liberal Rule

White, Stephen
Do Voters Learn Through Experience? Testing Duverger's 'Wasted Vote' Thesis

Widdowson, Frances
The Inherent Right to Unethical Governance

Widdowson, Frances and Howard, Albert
Aboriginal "Traditional Knowledge" and Canadian Public Policy: Ten Years of Listening to the Silence

Winter, Stephen
The Uncertain Obligations of History

Wittenbrinck, Joerg
Promises and Perils of Policy Integration: Gender Mainstreaming and Environmental Policy Integration in Canada and Germany

Wolinetz, Steven
Grumpy Politics: The Netherlands in Rejectionist Mode

Wootten, George
Avoiding Blame? The Strategic Politics of the Harris Conservatives in Ontario

Wylie, Lana
Prestige and Canadian Foreign Policy

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Young, Shaun P.
Exercising Political Power Reasonably

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Zhang, Baohui
Presidential vs. Parliamentary Democracies: The Implication for Hong Kong's Democratization

Zubcic, Stephanie
(Re)Constructing the Possibilities of Political Experience: Kant's Influence on Arendt's “Introduction into Politics”