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CPSA Annual Conference 2007 Papers


Below you will find the list of presentations for the 2007 CPSA conference. The list is sorted in alphabetical order by the last name of the first author. If you are searching for a specific author, you can click on the alphabet below to proceed directly to the section where the author is listed. To view a pdf version of the paper, please click on the title. The authors retain full rights for reprinting and publishing of the articles. Please do not cite without permission from the authors.

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Ajzenstat, Janet
Lord Durham’s Report: New Edition, Second Thoughts

Alecxe, Amber
The New Face of Citizenship: Uncovering a Radical Notion of Freedom

Anderson, Cameron and Goodyear-Grant, Elizabeth
Youth Turnout: New Evidence from the Ontario Students' Assembly on Electoral Reform

Anderson, Laura
Gendered and Racialized Portrayals of the Governor General: Newspaper Coverage of Canada’s Head of State

Archer, Keith and Coletto, David
Groups who vote and groups who don’t: Political engagement in 6 countries

Aucoin, Peter
Public Governance and Accountability of Canadian Crown Corporations: Reformation or Transformation?

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Banfield, Andrew C.
Til Death Do Us Part: The Same-Sex Marriage Debate in Canada and Australia

Barker, Paul
Local Health Integration Networks: The Arrival of Regional Health Authorities in Ontario

Beier, J. Marshall
Disarming Politics: Arms, Agency, and the (Post)politics of Disarmament Advocacy

Bélanger, Éric and Perrella, Andrea
Facteurs d’appui à la souveraineté du Québec chez les jeunes : une comparaison entre francophones, anglophones et allophones

Ben-Ishai, Elizabeth
Towards a Revised Conception of Social Citizenship: An Autonomy-Focused Model

Bhattacharya, Chanchal
Authoritarianism and Conservatism

Bilodeau, Antoine and Nevitte, Neil
Transition to Democracy Among Immigrants in Canada: Democratic Support and Conception of Democracy

Bittner, Amanda
Competence or Charisma? The Effects of Measurement on Why Some Leaders' Traits Matter More Than Others

Blidook, Kelly
Do the Legislative Actions of MPs Matter?

Blythe, Dion Mark
Considerations of Social Justice: Primary Social Goods and Functional Capabilities

Bow, Brian
Pressure Politics: Rethinking "Retaliation" in Canada-US Relations?

Bratt, Duane
Mr. Harper Goes to War: Canada, Afghanistan, and the Return of “High Politics” in Canadian Foreign Policy

Brock, Kathy L.
Encouraging the Social Economy Through Public Policy: The Relationship Between the Ontario Government and Social Economy Organizations

Brock, Kathy L.
Open Federalism, Section 94, and Principled Federalism: Contradictions in Vision

Brooks, Jessica and Hoberg, George
One Ecosystem, Two Structures of Governance: Old Growth Forest Preservation in British Columbia and Alaska

Broschek, Jörg
Federalism and Political Change: Germany and Canada in Historical-Institutionalist Perspective

Burns, Ian
Pre-Budget Consultations in the Ontario Legislature: A Case Study of the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs

Burt, Sandra and Campbell, Sharon
Policy Frames, Networks, and Communities: Environmental Tobacco Smoke Legislation in Prince Edward Island

Burt, Sandra and Vogel, Ellen
Stakeholder Convergence on Nutrition Policy: A Cross Case Comparison of Case Studies in Canada, Costa Rica and Brazil

Busser, Mark Paul
Critical Versus Problem-solving Approaches to Security and the Responsibility to Protect

Byrne, Siobhan
Beyond the Ethnonational Divide: Identity Politics and Women in Northern Ireland and Israel/Palestine

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Cain, Patrick N.
Thomas Aquinas’ On Kingship: Political Philosophy, Theology, and Esoteric Writing

Cairns, James Irvine
Bringing Parliament to the People: A Mediated Politics Approach to the Speech from the Throne

Cameron, Duncan
Left and Right in 21st Century Canadian Politics: What is the Difference? Does it Matter?

Carbert, Louise
A Staples Analysis of Women’s Political Leadership

Carter, Angela V.
Cursed by Oil? Institutions and Environmental Impacts in Alberta's Tar Sands

Changfoot, Nadine
Community Arts and Social Change: Contingent Political Assemblages

Changfoot, Nadine
Equality and Difference Feminisms and Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex

Chapnick, Adam
Looking Back to Look Ahead: The Canadian Independence Debates in History

Che, Eliot
Analytics of Government, Theories of State: Governmentality and the Foucauldian Challenge to International Political Economy

Chowanietz, Christopher
Rallying Around the Flag? Political Parties' Reactions to Terrorist Acts

Chu, Wayne Wei-Yin
Of Blogs and Broadcasters: The Influence of Web Logs in Electoral Campaigns

Church, John and Smith, Neale
Health Reform in Alberta: The Introduction of Health Regions

Church, John and Smith, Neale
Health Reform and Wait Times in Alberta

Clark, Lisa
Business as Usual? Corporatization and the Changing Role of Social Reproduction in the Organic Agro-Food Sector

Clark, Sean Michel
When Prometheus Falls: Managing Relative US Hegemonic Decline

Clark, Timothy David
Culture, Institutional Change and Food Security: The Case of Three Mapuche Communities in Region 1X in Chile

Cochrane, Chris and Nevitte, Neil
The Political Consequences of Value Bundling: Moral and Economic Values in Canada

Collier, Cheryl N.
How Party Matters: A Comparative Assessment of the Openness of Left- and Right- Wing Governments to Women's Issues in Ontario and British Columbia 1980-2002

Collier, Cheryl N.
Is Canada Ready for a New Universal Social Program? Comparing the Cases of Universal Medicare in the 1960s and "Universal" Child Care in the New Millennium

Conteh, Charles
State-Market Partnership in Governing the Market: Singapore at the Crossroads

Cooke, Murray
Structural Changes and Political Challenges: The New Democratic Party in the 1990s

Cross, William and Young, Lisa
Attitudinal and Motivational and Media Usage Factors Influencing the Decision of Young Political Engaged t Join a Political Party: An Investigation of the Canadian Case

Crysler, John
Factions in Political Parties: Canadian and Comparative Perspectives

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de Clercy, Cristine
Declining Political Survival Rates Among Parliamentary Party Leaders, 1867-2006: A Federal and Provincial Trend

de Larrinaga, Miguel
Reading Canadian Foreign Policy: The “Weaponization of Space” and the Debate on Ballistic Missile Defense

Dick, Caroline
Culture, Identity, and the Courts: Group-Rights Scholarship and the Evolution of s. 35(1)

Diez, Jordi
The Rise and Fall of Mexico's Green Movement

Dougan, Laura
What Does it Really Mean to be Partisan? An Analysis of Government Advertising in Ontario

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Elling, Benjamin and Elling, Richard
Municipal Employment Equity in Three Canadian Provinces: "What, Me Worry?"

Erdos, David
The Birth of Canada's Charter: A Westminster Comparison

Evans, Bryan, Lum, Janet and Shields, John
Profiles of the Canadian Public Service Elite

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Fisher, Kirsten J.
International Criminal Law and the Challenges of Domain Restriction

Foley, Neil
You Don’t Know What You Got ‘til It’s Gone:” Discourse, Disconnection, Catharsis, and the Ontario Citizen’s Assembly on Electoral Reform

Forbes, Hugh Donald
Burke on the Brink of the Volcano: Explaining the Theory of an Anti-theoretical Theorist

Fossum, John Erik
On the Prospects for a Viable Constitutional Patriotism in Complex Multinational Entities: Canada and the European Union Compared

Franceschet, Susan
Democratization, Transnationalism, and Gender Politics in Argentina and Chile

Fujimura, Naofumi
Executive Leadership and Fiscal Discipline: Explaining Political Entrepreneurship in Cases of Japan

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Gänzle, Stefan
The Impact of 9-11 on Human Security in Canada’s Foreign Policy

Goldstein, Joshua
Natural Law and New Natural Law on Same-sex Marriage: The Problem of Moral Transformation

Gomez, Victor
From Protest to Party: The Transformation of Post-Communist Opposition Movements in East-Central Europe

Good, Kristin
Urban Regime-building as a Strategy of Intergovernmental Reform: Explaining Toronto's Role in Immigrant Settlement and Multiculturalism Policy

Goodman, Nicole Janine
An Attitudinal Explanation of Low Youth Voter Turnout in the 2004 Canadian Federal Election

Grant, John K. and Ohemeng, Frank L.K.
Focusing Events and the Illusion of Paradigm Shift: The Sponsorship Scandal and the Reconfiguration of Public Accountability in Canada

Gravelle, Timothy
Global Finance and Global Justice

Gravelle, Timothy
Public Opinion Towards Canadian Foreign Policy in the 21st Century

Green, Joyce
The Three Rs of Relationship, Respect and Responsibility: Contributions of Aboriginal Political Thought for Ecologism and Decolonization in Canada

Green, Joyce and Napoleon, Val
Seeking Measures of Justice: Aboriginal Women’s Rights Claims, Legal Orders, and Politics

Greene, Ian
The Harper Impact on the Federal Ethics Regime

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Harasymiw, Bohdan
Ukraine's’Orange Revolution' and Why It Fizzled

Harrison, Kathryn and McIntosh Sundstrom, Lisa
The Comparative Politics of Climate Change

Healy, Teresa
Health Care Privatization and the Workers' Compensation System in Canada

Henderson, Ailsa
The Regionalisation of Political Culture

Henry, Laura A. and Sundstrom, Lisa McIntosh
Russia and the Kyoto Protocol: Seeking an Alignment of Interests and Image

Hibbert, Neil
Social Justice and Equality: Class and Opportunity in the Welfare State

Hiebert, Janet
Compromise and the Notwithstanding Clause: Why the Dominant Narrative Distorts our Understanding

Hill, Carey Anne, Lynn, Trevor and MacFarlane, Jonathan
Dangling Participants: Is the Kelowna Accord Constitutionally Binding as a Federal-Provincial Agreement or Treaty?

Howlett, Michael
Policy Analytical Capacity as a Source of Policy Failure

Hueglin, Thomas O.
Descartes v. Vico: Some Observations about the Importance of the Method of Inquiry in the History of Political Thought

Hyson, Stewart
The Directional Path of Electoral Reform in New Brunswick

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Jeffrey, Brooke
The Impact of Federalism on Intraparty Cohesion in Governing Parties: The Liberal Party of Canada and the British Labour Party

Johns, Michael
Learning to be Quiet: A Blueprint for Conflict Prevention in the European Union

Johnston, Richard
Structural Bases of Canadian Party Preference: Evolution and Cross-National Comparison

Joshi-Koop, Sima
Science, Analysis or Rhetoric? Teaching Public Policy in the Post-Postivist Era

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Kading, Terry
Trade and Investment Dynamics in the Post-FTAA Environment: The Politics and Problems of Intra-Regional Co-operation

Kellogg, Paul
Primitive Accumulation and China's Industrial Revolution: Implications for North America

Kershaw, Paul
Cross-National Measurement of Social Care for Children: A Critique of Jonathan Bradshaw’s Family Benefit Package Methodology

Kershaw, Paul
Care, Identity and Inclusion in Multicultural Societies: A Response to Walter Benn Michaels’ The Trouble with Diversity

Khadga Bahadur, K.C.
Political Participation and Civic Literacy in Bajung: An Empirical Study with Correlation Analysis

Kido, Hideki
Changes of Zoku-Giin in the LDP: The Impact of Prime Minister Koizumi's Leadership

Kido, Hideki and Nakamura, Etsuhiro
Why Municipality Governments in Japan Refused Amalgamation?

Koop, Royce and Carty, R.K.
Integrating Multi-Level Party Politics from the Ground Up: The Local Organizations of Canada's Liberal Parties

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Lagerquist, Jason
The Representation and Presentation of ‘Visible Minority’ MPPs in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Lambert, Lisa and Jansen, Harold J.
Party-Building by a State-Dependent Party: The Case of the Green Party of Canada

Laponce, Jean
Research on Ethnies and Nations. Comparing is the way; But comparing what?

Lawson, James
Pressurized Timber: Occupational Health and Safety Prevention Initiatives in BC

Lennox, Patrick
Canada as a Specialized International Power

Lepage, Danny
L’aide à l’industrie aéronautique : polémique électorale ou réalité incontournable ?

Levi, Margaret
Political Violence, Policy Disasters, and Distrust of Government: The Impact on Contemporary Political Science

Lewis, J.P.
Why Civics? Adopting Policy Causal Stories for Citizenship Education in Ontario

Lindner, Ralf
Internet-based Communication: Ideological Orientations and Canadian Party and Interest Group Strategies

Lister, Andrew
The Diversity of Objections to Family-Structure-Based Public Policy

Loewen, Peter and Rubenson, Daniel
For Want of a Nail: Field Experiental Evidence on the Effectiveness of Direct Mail in a Political Campaign

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Maas, Willem
Fifteen Years of European Union Citizenship

MacDermid, Robert
Campaign Finance and Campaign Success in Municipal Elections in the Toronto Region

MacDonald, Fiona
"Political" Autonomy: What Does Mouffe Offer Contemporary Cultural Politics?

Macfarlane, Emmett
Rights Talk' and Reality in Canada: Does News Media Coverage Impoverish Political Discourse about the Charter?

MacFarlane, Jonathan
Thomas Hobbes on Section 7 of the Charter: How are the Fundamental Principles of Justice Fundamental?

MacKenzie, Megan
Reconstructing Women? Post-conflict Security and the Return to "Normal" in Sierra Leone

MacLellan, Duncan
The Fewer School Boards Act and the Toronto District School Board: Educational Restructuring 1997-2007

Marier, Patrick and Skinner, Suzanne
The Impact of Gender and Immigration on Pension Outcomes in Canada

Marland, Alex
What Idle Political Scientists Can Learn from Canadian Idol

Marland, Alex
From Advertising to Zone Houses: A look at Candidates' Campaign Spending in the 2006 Canadian Election

Marois, Thomas
The Lost Logic of State-Owned Banks: Mexico, Turkey, and Neoliberalism

Marshall, Janine L., Thomas, Melanee and Gigendil, Elisabeth
The Efficacy of Enigma: Explaining the Gender Gap in Internal Political Efficacy in Canada and the United States

Marwah, Inder Singh
Adjudicating the Basic Liberties: Procedural Solutions to Reasonable Problems

Matthews, J. Scott
Framing and Affective Sources of Political Judgment

McGrane, David
Socio-Economic Determinants of Voting Behaviour in Canadian Provincial Elections from 1984 to 2004

McMillan, Kevin
The "Conduct of Conduct": Great-Power Management in the Concert of Europe

Meadows, David James
Identity and the Effects of Ideational and Ideological Preferences on Monetary and Macroeconomic Policy: An Examination of the Former Eastern Bloc Countries

Mellon, Hugh
The McGuinty Government and Image Generation

Meltzer, Judy
Census Making, Race and Population in Mid-20th C. Peru

Merolla, Jennifer, Stephenson, Laura and Zechmeister, Elizabeth
Can Canadians Take a Hint? The (In)Effectiveness of Party Labels as Information Shortcuts in Canada

Meynell, Robert
Watching the Watch Dog: How "Canada's National Newspaper" Missed The War on Freedom

Milkias, Paulos
Anarchy in Somalia: Warlords, Islamic Courts and the Ethiopian Factor

Milner, Henry
The Political Knowledge and Political Participation of Young Canadians and Americans

Mioc, Consuela
« Nous », les « autres » et le dialogue interculturel / « Us », the « others » and intercultural dialog

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Nagy, Rosemary
Transitional Justice as Global Project: Critical Reflections

Newman, Jacquetta
Women in the 2005-2006 Canadian Election: Children, Women, Inclusion and the Reserve Force of Voters

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Oduro, Franklin
Transitional Justice in the Aftermath of Transition to Democracy: The Experience of Ghana's National Reconciliation Commission

Okada, Kentaro
The Transformation of Japanese Conservatism and Koizumi Revolution

Orchard, Philip
Refugess and the Evolution of International Cooperation

Ostberg, C.L. and Wetstein, Matthew E.
Examining Gender Difference in the Canadian and U.S. Supreme Courts in Economic Disputes

Owen, Andrew
All Pain, No Gain: The Assymetric Relationship Between Econimic Conditions and Incumbent Support in Canada and the United States

Owen, Andrew and Tucker, Joshua
It's a Multifaceted Economic Effect, Studip! Conventional vs. Transitional Economic Voting in Poland 1997-2005

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Pahlavi, Pierre
Les enjeux de la sécurité en Arctique

Pearse, Hilary
Majoritarian Parties in Multi-Party Parliaments

Perez (Gadot), Alma
Money Time - When Alternative Theory Meets Practice: How Non-Governmental Idealist Professionals Exercise Participatory Urban Planning

Perez, Nahshon
The Liberty to Culture, A Substantial Liberty Approach

Perl, Anthony
Why Failure is an Essential Option: Building Accountability Insurance Into Energy and Environmental Policy

Perrella, Andrea and Bélanger, Éric
Attitudes About Federalism among Quebec Youth

Policzer, Pablo
Engaging Al Qaeda? Armed Groups, Information and Coercion

Porter, Tony and Webb, Michael
The Role of the OECD in the Orchestration of Global Knowledge Networks

Poteete, Amy R.
How National Political Competition Affects Resource Management: The Case of Community Based Natural Resource Development

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Quinn, Joanna R.
Haiti's Failed Truth Commission: Lessons in Transitional Justice

Quinn, Joanna R.
A Gendered Perspective on Customary Mechanisms in Uganda in Pursuit of Transitional Justice

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Rabe, Barry
States on Steroids: The Evolution of Climate Policy in the American Intergovernmental Context

Ranger, Jean-Philippe
L’anthropologie politique d’Aristote et d’Epicure : opposition ou confluence?

Roy, Jason
Voter Heterogeneity: The Direct and Indirect Effect of Information

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Sampert, Shannon and Treiberg, Natasja
Red, White and Blue: American Foreign Policy in Country Music

Sawer, Marian and Laycock, David
Down with Elites and Up with Inequality: Market Populism in Australia and Canada

Sayers, Anthony M.
Electoral Volatility and Political Party Organization in Canada and Australia

Schatz, Donna
Theorizations on Exclusionary Citizenship: Gender, Race, and Multiculturalism in Canada

Schreurs, Miranda A. and Tiberghien, Yves
Multi-Level Reinforcement: Explaining European Union Leadership in Climate Change Mitigation

Sharma, Ajay
The Paradox of Amalgamation: An Analysis of Municipal Restructuring Practices in Ontario

Singh, Anita
Rhetoric in Canadian and American Foreign Policy Post-9/11 - A Case Study of Intervention in Kosovo and Afghanistan

Skogstad, Grace
Policy Failure, Policy Learning and Policy Development in a Context of Internationalization

Smith, Miriam
Historical Institutionalism and Comparative Federalism: Lesbian and Gay Rights Policies in Canada and the U.S.

Smythe, Elizabeth
Don’t You Know That Tears are Not Enough? Transnational Campaigns, Canadian Foreign Aid and the Politics of Shame

Soderlund, Walter
Political Decay and State Collapse: Understanding Developments in Haiti Surrounding the Overthrow of Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Starr, Lauren
Receptions at Queen's Park: More Than Just Free Food

Stephenson, Laura B.
Parties and Partisans: The Influence of Ideology and Brokerage on the Durability of Partisanship in Canada

Stewart, David and Stewart, Ian
Retreat From Democracy ? The Return of the Delegated Leadership Convention in Nova Scotia

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Tchantouridze, Lasha
Systemic Elements in Poliheuristic Theory of Decision Making

Tchir, Trevor
Arendt’s Notion Performative Self-Disclosure

Teyssier, Ronan and Houle, David
From an Agenda to the Other: Environmental Issue Dynamics in Quebec

Thomas, Paul
A Glimpse of the Future? What the Minority Governments of the 38th and 39th Parliaments Can Teach About Proposals for Electoral Reform

Thompson, Debra
The (Mono-)Racial Contract: Mixed-Race Implications

Thomson, Susan M.
The Unity-Generating Machine: State Power and Gacaca Trials in Post-genocide Rwanda

Tomsons, Sandra
Is There Room in Liberal Theory for Aboriginal Rights as Understood by Aboriginal Peoples?

Triadafilopoulos, Phil
Dismantling White Canada: Race, Rights and the Origins of the Points System

Trimble, Linda, Treiberg, Natasja and Girard, Sue
"Joan of Arc and the Xena Princesses": Newspaper Coverage of Female Prime Ministers in Canada and New Zealand

Tshibuabua, Madimba
Public Policy and Poverty in Africa Sub-Saharan

Tsoutsias, Eleni
Ombudsman Ontario and Mandate Modernization: What are the Chances?

Tungohan, Ethel
Gender and Multiculturalism: Analyzing the Relaltionship Between Multiculturalism, Liberalism and Women's Rights

Turnbull, Lori
Reconsidering the Federal Ethics Regime: Does Canada need an Ethics Commissioner?

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Ward, Ann
Mothering and the Sacrifice of Self: Women and Friendship in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics

Wasko, Kevin and O’Neill, Brenda
The Urban/Suburban/Rural Cleavage in Canadian Political Opinion

Way, Laura A
“Bringing the Region to the World and the World to the Region:” The Impact of Place on the Role of Universities in Non-Metropolitan Regions

Wesley, Jared J.
Canadian Provincial Party Systems - Toward A New Comparative Framework

Wesley, Jared J.
Choice or Consensus: The 2006 Federal Liberal and Alberta Conservative Leadership Campaigns

White, Stephen and Nevitte, Neil
Trade, Welfare States and Confidence in Domestic Political Institutions

Widdowson, Frances
Aboriginal Rights and Canadian Environmental Policy: Enhancing Sustainability or a Justification of Deregulation?

Williams, Mark S.
Racial Contract Theory and Canadian Foreign Policy

Wilner, Alexandre S.
The Little Black Box that Could: Third Level Variables and Canada’s Evolving Foreign Policy

Wilton, Shauna
Accommodating Difference or Ensuring Sameness? Integration Policy in Sweden

Winstanley, Katherine Louise
Construction Identities: Paramilitary Disarmamament and Ceasefire in Northern Ireland and the Basque Country

Wipf, Kevin George
The Prairie Divide: Contemporary Agricultural Policy-Making in Western Canada

Wolfe, Robert
Harvesting Public Policy? Private Influence on Agricultural Trade Policy in Canada

Wolinetz, Steven B.
Party System Institutionalization: Bringing the System Back IN

Woolstencroft, Peter
Electoral Reform and The Dynamics of Federal-Provincial Conflict in Canada

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Young, Lori and Bélanger, Éric
Bloc Québécois in the House: The Nature of Sovereignist Representation in the Canadian Parliament