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CPSA Annual Conference 2010 Papers


Below you will find the list of presentations for the 2010 CPSA conference. The list is sorted in alphabetical order by the last name of the first author. If you are searching for a specific author, you can click on the alphabet below to proceed directly to the section where the author is listed. To view a pdf version of the paper, please click on the title. The authors retain full rights for reprinting and publishing of the articles. Please do not cite without permission from the authors.

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Abedi, Amir
Pivotal Parties in Germany Since 1961

Abelson, Julia, Gauvin, François-Pierre and Martin, Élisabeth
Practicing the Theory of Public Deliberation: Case studies from the Health Sector in Ontario and Quebec

Akman, Canan Aslan
Beyond the Ballot Box: Turkish Democracy Under Tension Between Idealism and Populism

Ali, Noaman G.
Interrogating the Concept of the Developmental State in Southern Africa: What’s Power Got to Do With It?

Anderson , Cameron D. and Stephenson, Laura B.
Party Identification in Canada: Origins, Effects And Consequences

Anderson, Cameron and Roy, Jason
Local Conditions with National Consequences: How the Local Economic Environment Influences National Economic Perceptions

Arat-Koc, Sedef
Annexing the Third World Nation-State? Attacks on Third World Sovereignty and the New Racism in International Politics

Arscott, Jane
More Explosive Than Any Terrorist’s Time Bomb:’1 The RCSW Then and Now

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Baird, Maegan
Horizontal Management: Understanding Changes in Policy Formation and Implementation through Ontario’s Member’s of Provincial Parliament

Ballingall, Robert
A Defence of Human Nature in Aristotelian Practical Science: The Unlikely Example of C.B. Macpherson

Banack, Clark
American Revivalism and the Roots of the Conservative-­Radical Tension in Alberta: Religion in the UFA and Social Credit Movements

Barber, Amee
From the Red Light District to the Red Carpet: The Gentrification of Amsterdam’s Red Light District and its Impact on the Democratic Citizenship Rights of Sex Workers

Barsky, Robert F.
“From the American Dream to Maximum Security Lockdown: The Muzzled Voices ‘Illegal’ Refugees in the ‘American South’”

Bayes, Jane H. and Gonzalez, Laura
Globalization, Transnationalism and Intersecting Geographies of Power: The Case of the Consejo Consultivo del Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior (CC-IME): A Preliminary Study in Progress

Bayirbağ, Mustafa Kemal
From Economic Crisis to Reform in Public Policy: Lessons from the education policy in Turkey

Bélanger, Éric and Stephenson, Laura B.
Canada Compared: Voting Behaviour

Belfry, Kaija
The Third Man - Investor Influence on Business Preferences for Climate Change Policy Instruments in Canada

Benz, Arthur
Reform, Adjustment and Historical Evolution - Understanding Dynamics of Federal Systems

Benz, Arthur
Decline or Resilience of Parliamentary Democracies in Multilevel Governments: Canada and Europe Compared

Bercuson, Jeffrey
Rawls on the Task (and Virtue) of Philosophy

Bickerton, James
Seeking New Autonomies: State Rescaling, Reterritorialization and Minority Identities in Atlantic Canada

Birch,Lisa and Pétry, François with Bellemare, Catherine, Fortin, Pierre-Olivier and Plante, François
Canadian Women and Public Opinion About Health Care Reform, 2001-2006

Bittner, Amanda, Terry, Jillian and Piercey, Susan
Who Cares? Canadian Attitudes About Women in Politics

Blidook, Kelly
Symbol vs. Substance: Political Career Paths in Canada

Bloomfield, Alan and Nossal, Kim Richard
A Conservative Foreign Policy? Canada and Australia Compared

Bodet, Marc André
Strongholds and Battlegrounds: Local Electoral Competition in Canada

Bonner, Michelle D.
The Politics of Police Image in Chile

Bodruzic, Dragana
Civil Society in a Post-Conflict Multiethnic Setting: A Case Study of Bosnia

Bolduc, Josée and Hanvelt, Marc
Articulating the Secular: The Transcendent in Charles Taylor’s Pluralism

Borst, Chris
Relative Non-Elite Power - Kenneth Bollen's Theory of Democracy and an Agenda for Democracy Measurement

Bradford, Neil
Economic Ideas and Development Strategy: The Case of London Ontario

Bratt, Duane
Comparing the Provinces: The Nuclear Sector in New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Alberta

Brennan, Jordan
Crisis of Capital, Crisis of Theory - Dominant Capital and Differential Accumulation in Canada

Brock, Kathy
From Oka to Caledonia: Assessing the Learning Curve in Intergovernmental Cooperation

Broschek, Jörg
Critical Junctures, Path Dependence and the Varieties of Federalism

Brown, David C.G.
The Unfulfilled Promise of Information Management in the Government of Canada

Buckland, Elliott
Subjectivity, Nature and Non-identity in the Works of Marcuse and the Frankfurt School


Cameron, Heather
Sanctioning Zimbabwe: Comparing the European Union and Canadian Approaches

Cherniss, Joshua
Neither Angel Nor Maggot: Adam Michnik on the Ethics of Resistance and Compromise

Clarkson, Stephen and Mildenberger, Matto
Canada's and Mexico's Role in Constructing (or Constraining) US Power: A Mid-Project Report

Cochrane, Christopher
The Asymmetrical Structure of Left/Right Disagreement: Left-Wing Coherence and Right-Wing Fragmentation in Comparative Perspective

Cochrane, Christopher and Perrella, Andrea
Regions, Regionalism, and Regional Differences in Canada: Mapping Economic Opinions

Cohn, Daniel
Chaoulli Five Years On: All Bark and No Bite? A Paper Presented at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Political

Colino, César
Varieties of Federalism and Propensities for Change: Theorizing the Effect of Long Term and Institutional Factors on System Change

Collier, Cheryl N.
The Disappearing Woman? Locating Gender Equality in Contemporary Child Care and Anti-Violence Policy Debates in Canada

Collins, Andrea
Sites of Resistance: Challenges to Gendering Education Policy

Conteh, Charles
Managing Economic Development in Post-Conflict Societies: The Cases of Sierra Leone & Liberia

Conteh, Charles
Regional Development Policy Implementation in Canada: A Tale of Three Federal Agencies

Conway, Janet M.
Is the Global Justice Movement Colonial? Initiating a Study of Indigenous Positionality at the World Social Forum

Craigie, Allan
Democratizing Regions: Regional Alienation and the Unexpected Consequences

Creutzberg, Tijs
The Role and Structure of Local Strategic Governance in a Multilevel Polity - A Case Study of Guelph

Criddle, Evan J. and Fox-Decent, Evan
Human Rights, Emergencies, and the Rule of Law

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Daku, Mark and Heymann, Jody
Canadian Labour Policies: How Do We Measure Up?

Dandashly, Assem and Verdun, Amy
The Slow Trip to the East: The Domestic Politics of Euro Adoption in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland

Dauda, Carol L.
What Should you be When you Grow Up? The Politics of Generation, Future Adulthood, and Moral Regulation of Sexuality in Liberal Democracies

de Clercy, Cristine and Ferguson, Peter
Leadership in Image-building Policy: Four Saskatchewan Cases

De Meulles, Leslie
Provincial Unity Amidst a Diminishing Press Gallery

del Pino, Eloísa, Ramos, Juan A. and Díaz, José M.
The Easiest Cut of All: Retrenchment of The Spanish Welfare State in Times of Crisis

DeMoor, Michael J.
Aristotle and Hegel on Private Property and the Common Good

Di Gregorio, Michael N.
The Ancient and the Moderns as a new Great Debate, Or Why I.R. Theorists - Should Start Reading Leo Strauss

Di Ianni, Paul
Ministerial Resignations in the Province of Ontario

Dietsch, Peter
Justice and International Tax Competition

Dinsmore, Greg
Collective Responsibility and the Responsibility to Protect

Doherty, Kathleen and Pevnick, Ryan
In Defense of Judicial Review: An Outcome-Based Argument for Judicial Review in Non-Ideal Theory

Dostie-Goulet, Eugénie
The Attitudinal Sources of Political Interest: Cynicism, Party Affinity and Civic Duty

Doucet, Cindy L.
Does the Transnational Nature of Capital Require a Transnational Response? A Case Study of Women Maquiladora Workers Organizing in Mexico‘s Northern Border Region

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Eagles, Munroe and Hagley, Annika
Constituency and Personal Determinants of MP Positions on Moral Issues - The Case of Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage in the 38th Parliament

Earles, Kimberly
Aims and Outcomes of Recent Changes to Swedish Family Policy: Contradictions Within a Social Democratic Welfare Model

Edge, Jessica
Environmental Sustainability and the Electronics Industry: Corporate Responsiveness to Activist Campaigns against Electronic Waste

Estlund, David
Human Nature and the Limits (If Any) of Political Philosophy

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Fabre, Elodie
Political Parties and Territorial Integration

Farney, James
Conservative Party Organization and the Democratic Deficit

Ferland, Benjamin and Labbé-St-Vincent, Simon
Voter Preferences, Electoral Systems and the Number of Political Parties – An Experimental Study

Field, Ann-Marie
Redefining Public Safety: Police-citizens Committees in Ottawa and Montreal

Findlay, Tammy
Gendering the Governance of Child Care: State, Community and Nancy Fraser’s Étatism

Fischer, Jörn and Stolz, Klaus
Patterns of Ministerial Careers Across Territorial Levels in Germany

Fizet, Christiana
Reopening the Discussion on the Use of 'The Lord's Prayer' in the Ontario Legislature

Flanagan, Tom
“Something Blue….”: Conservative Organization in an Era of Permanent Campaign

Flemig, Sarah Sophie
Attitude versus Doctrine – A Jurimetric Analysis of the German Federal Constitutional Court

Fletcher, Joseph F. and Hove, Jennifer
Emotional Determinants of Support for the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan: A View from the Bridge

Foley, Paul
The Global Political Economy of Public Support for Private Regulation: The Impacts of International Eco-certification and Labeling on Canadian Fisheries Management

Forbes, H. D.
Conservative Minds, Canadian and American: Comparing George Grant and Russell Kirk

Forest, Benjamin and Johnson, Juliet
The Politics of Public Space: What Can Political Science Contribute to the Study of Monuments?

Forget, Amélie
L’appropriation des études critiques de sécurité par la doctrine militaire canadienne : l’urgence de repenser l’éthique et la responsabilité du chercheur

Fortier, Isabelle
Légitimité de l’action publique : discours et institutions

Fournier, Bernard
Studying Political Reasoning Among Young French-speaking Belgians

Franceschet, Antonio and Policzer, Pablo
After Honduras: Constitutions and the International Promotion of Democracy

Frazer, Michael
Three Methods of Political Theory: Historicism, Ahistoricism and Transhistoricism

Frederiksen, Erica A.
Aboriginal Peoples and Restorative Justice in Canada: Confronting the Legacy of Colonialism

Friesen, Elizabeth
Boomerang Politics and International Finance: Transnational Civil Society Activism and the Contestation Over Debt Cancellation

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Gabler, Melissa
Federalism, Failures and the 2008 Listeriosis Outbreak in Canada

Garon, Francis
Immigration, integration et déliberation - enjeux et processus

Garon, Francis
Between Curiosity and Traditional Divides - Discourses in ROC’s Media Regarding Immigration and Integration Issues in Québec

Geysa, Benny, Heinemannb, Friedrich and Kalbc, Alexander
Voter Involvement, Fiscal Autonomy and Public Sector Efficiency: Evidence from German Municipalities

Germain, Alexandre
Le fédéralisme et la territorialité : l’État québécois, les Autochtones et le pluralisme territorial

Gibbs, Holly and Luczak, Alexandra
Gibbs, Holly and Luczak, Alexandra

Goodman, Nicole
Internet Voting in Canadian Municipalities: What Can We Learn?

Goodwin, Adam
Kropotkin and International Relations: Challenging Ontological Narratives

Goodyear-Grant, Elizabeth, Hiebert, Janet and Matthews, J. Scott
The Courts/Parliament Trade-off: The View from the Canadian Election Study

Gordon, David
Lament for a Network: A Comparative Case Study Analysis of the Impacts of the Partners for Climate Protection Network on Climate Change Policy in Two Canadian Cities

Gordon, David, Bidordinova, Asya, Hayden, Anders, Kern, Kristine, Macdonald, Douglas and Scheiner, Stefan
Federalism and Multi-level Governance not Federalism or Multi-level Governance: A Framework for Thinking About Climate Governance in Federated Systems

Gore, Christopher and Robinson, Pamela
A National, Longitudinal Analysis Of Canadian Municipal Response To Climate Change

Gowder, Paul
Para-Ideal Theory and the Strategic Justification of Democracy

Grace, Joan
Politics and Promise: A Feminist-Institutional Analysis of The Royal Commission on the Status of Women

Gray, Matthew
Assent Against the Odds: Accounting for the Success of a Private Member’s Bill

Grebennikov, Marat
The Puzzle of a Loyal Minority: Why Do Azeris Support the Iranian State?

Greene, Ian
The Tension Among Three Ethics Regimes: Government, House of Commons and Senate

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Hagen, Michael G. and Kolodny, Robin
Targeting Voters on Television

Haggart, Blayne
North American Digital Copyright, Regional Governance and the Persistence of Variation

Haji-Yousefi, Amir M.
Iran's Foreign Policy during Ahmadinejad: From Confrontation to Accommodation

Haji-Yousefi, Amir M.
Teaching International Relations in Iran: Challenges and Prospects

Hallock, Emily Rachel
Arendtian Memory and the Philosophical Foundations of Political Thinking

Hamlin, Alan and Stemplowska, Zofia
Theory, Ideal Theory and the Theory of Ideals

Hanvelt, Marc
Pluralism, Politeness, and the Public Sphere: Hume on the Liberty of the Press

Harell, Allison and Panagos, Dimitrios
Locating the Aboriginal Gender Gap: The Political Preferences and Participation of Aboriginal Women in Canada

Harty, Siobhan
Transforming Citizenship Policy: Ideational and Discursive Processes in Public Policy-Making

Helbig, Bettina
Constitutional Reforms and Federal Dynamics: Canada and Belgium in Comparison

Hendershot, Chris
“Shoot first, answer questions later ... maybe”

Henderson, Ailsa and White, Graham
Managing the Moraine: Political Economy and Political Culture Approaches to Assessing the Success of Nunavut

Hendrix, Burke
Where Should We Expect Social Change in Non-Ideal Theory?

Henstra, Daniel
From Co-operation to Coercion: The Design and Implementation of Intergovernmental Policy for Emergency Management in Ontario, 1990-2006

Hepburn, Eve
A Comparative Analysis of Island Region Autonomy

Heritz, Joanne
Urban Aboriginal Peoples in Canada: Beyond Statistics

Heuton, Robert A.
Fiscal Austerity and Urban Innovation: The Challenges Facing Canadian Cities

Hibbert, Neil
Global Justice and Institutional Scope

Hilton, Robert, Shepherd, Robert and Stoney, Christopher
The Lansdowne Live Community Development Project: Ottawa`s Bid to Commercialize Public Space

Hinz, Bronwyn
Australian Federalism and School Funding Arrangements: An Examination of Competing Models and Recurrent Critiques

Hoogenboom, David
Post-Conflict Progress: Embedding Transitional Justice within the Liberal Framework

Horak, Martin
Understanding Neighbourhood Revitalization in Toronto

Howard, Dana
The Scoundrel and the Visionary: Rawls on Reasonable Hope and the Possibility of a Just Future

Hudon, Pierre-André and Zaato, Joshua Jebuntie
Governance Lessons from Public-Private Partnerships: Examining Two Cases in the Greater Ottawa Region

Huscroft, Grant
Politics and the Reference Power

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Inwood, Gregory J.
Of Leaps of Faith and Policy Change: The Macdonald Royal Commission

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Jacobs, Beverley
Environmental Racism on Indigenous Lands and Territories

Jamal, Sarah and Sandor, Adam
Temporarily Permanent: Agamben and Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon

Jarvis, Douglas
The Family As The Embryonic Foundation of Political Rule in Western Philosophy: A Comparative Analysis of Aristotle‟s Politics and Hegel's Philosophy of Right

Jeffrey, Brooke
Stephen Harper’s Open Federalism and the Quebec Conundrum: Politicized Incompetence or Something More?

Jeffrey, Brooke
Accountability and Officers Of Parliament - The Case of the Parliamentary Budget Officer

Johns, Michael
The Question of Social Cohesion in the European Union: Blurring the Lines Between “Old” and “New” Minorities

Johnson, Heather
The Other Side of the Fence: Reconceptualizing the “Camp” and Migration Zones at the Border of Spain

Johnstone, Rachael
Framing Reproductive Rights: The Politics of Abortion Access and Citizenship in a Post-Morgentaler Era

Joly, Brent
Breaking Down the Fortress - A Fundamental Rethinking of Traditional Member Roles with the Objective of Developing a Formal and Sustained Parliamentary Dialogue on Canadian Foreign Policy

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Katchanovski, Ivan
Terrorists or National Heroes? Politics of the OUN and the UPA in Ukraine

Katchanovski, Ivan
Politics of Canadian Television Coverage of Post-Communist Countries: A Comparative Perspective

Kates, Michael
Justice in Nonideal Theory

Kedrowski, Karen M.
Women's Health Activism in Canada: The Cases of Breast Cancer and Breastfeeding

Kellogg, Paul
Hollowing Out? Canadian Capitalism in Comparative Context

Kershaw, Paul
The Just Commodification of Women, Equal Care Obligations for Men, and Autonomous Households: Gendering the Comparative Analysis of Welfare States in 20 OECD Countries

Kershaw, Paul and Anderson, Lynell
A Benefit/Cost Analysis of Smart Family Policy for Gender Equality: In Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada

Khraplyva, Yuliya
How Different Are They? Comparison of Standing and Select Committees

Koop, Royce
Devolution and Constituency Association Adaptation: Labour and the Conservatives in Scotland and Wales

Koop, Royce and Bittner, Amanda
Candidate Nomination, ‘Parachuted Candidates,’ and Legislative Roles in Canada

Krawchenko, Tamara and Stoney, Christopher
Regional Special Purpose Bodies for Transportation and Transit: Canada, the UK and USA

Kropp, Sabine and Dieringer, Jürgen
Strategies of MPs in European Policy-making: Heuristics, Opportunities, and Constraints in the German Bundestag and the Hungarian National Assembly (Országgyulés)

Kukucha, Christopher J.
Provincial Pitfalls: Canadian Provinces and the Canada-EU Trade Negotiations

Kulicki, Michael
Transcendental and Comparative Theories of Justice: A Critique of Sen

Kuokkanen, Rauna
Gendering Self-Determination: Human Rights and the Violence against Indigenous Women

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Labelle, Micheline
Racism and Antiracism in Quebec: les mots pour le dire

Lago, Ignacio and Montero, José Ramón
The Nationalisation of Party Systems Revisited: A New Measure Based on Parties’ Entry Decisions, Electoral Results, and District Magnitude

Lawford-Smith, Holly
Preventing Deterioration in International Cooperation For Global Justice

Lecours, André
The Management of Nationalism in Canada and Spain

Lee, Hyunji
Trust in Government and Protectionism: Korean Public Opinion in the Korea-Us Free Trade Agreement (Korus Fta)

Lee, Hyunji
The Compromise of Embedded Liberalism and Government Credibility

Levesque, Mario
“Build it...if you can!”: Discretion, Building Inspectors and Part 8 of Ontario’s 2006 Building Code

Levitov, Alex
Legitimacy beyond Consent: State Justification in Context

Levy, Aviva
At a Disadvantage? An Analysis of the Orientation for Newly Elected MPPs in Ontario’s By-Elections

Lewis, J.P.
“If We Could All be Peter Lougheed” - Provincial Premiers and Their Legacies, 1967-2007

Lewis, J.P.
The Global Recession and Policy Theory: What Policy Implementation Theory Can Tell Us About How the American and Canadian Governments Responded to the 2008 Global Economic Recession

Lister, Andrew
Justice and Reciprocity

Livingston, Alex
Docility in America: James, Tocqueville, and Individuality

Low, Margaret and Shaw, Karena
Indigenous Rights and Environmental Governance: Lessons from the Great Bear Rainforest

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MacKay, Joseph and Levin, Jamie
The Case for Hegel in International Relations Theory: Making War and Making States

MacLean, Lee
Rethinking the Categories of Feminist Theory: The Relevance of the Rise of the Market Economy

Malloy, Jonathan
The Private Faith and Public Lives of Evangelical MPs

Maltais, Aaron
Global Warming and International Cooperation Now: Failing International Climate Politics and the Non-ideal Duties of the Wealthy

Maltseva, Elena
Health Care Crisis and Grassroots Social Initiative in Post-Communist Russia

Manicom, James
The Salience of National Identity in the Arctic: Lessons from East Asia

Marwah, Inder S.
Can Women be Autonomous? Kant and Gender

McAllister, James
Redistributive Federalism - Redistributing Wealth and Income in the Canadian Federation

McAndrews, John R.
How Long Is The Sober Second Thought? A Study of Government Bill Duration in the Canadian Senate

McKean, Benjamin
The Duty of Orientation - Disposing Ourselves to Solidarity in the Theory and Practice of Global Justice

McLoughlin, P. J.
European Integration and the Northern Ireland Problem

Mekouar, Merouan
Moroccan Islamists: All the Taste, Half the Calories

Mellon, Hugh
Grading Public Engagement: What Questions Should We Be Asking?

Mellon, James G.
Bradleyan Idealism and the Political Theory of Michael Oakeshott

Merolli, Jessica L.
Beyond Words: English as a Second Language and Social Inclusion

Michelakos, Jason
Race, Witchcraft, and Inquisition in Colonial Peru

Migone, Andrea and Howlett, Michael
From Knowledge Deficit to Trust in Institutions: Participation in the Canadian Biotechnology Regime

Mihai, Mihaela
State Apologies: Exemplary Judgments between Past and Future

Miller, David
Testing the National Identity Argument

Mioc, Consuela
Le potentiel et les limites du dialogue interculturel véritable en Relations Internationales

Mitchell, Matthew I.
Rethinking the Migration-Conflict Nexus: Insights from Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana

Mitropolitski, Simeon
For an Inductive, Interpretative and Ethnographic (Re)turn in Political Science. The Case of the European Integration and Its Influence on the Post-communist Democratization.

Moraes, Susan Eghrari and Cidade, Lúcia Cony
Public Policies and Territorial Development in the State of Goias, Brazil: Is There a Place for Local Governance?

Morano, Natasha Hope
Framing Security Policy: Media Interference in the case of the “Toronto 18” Terrorists Arrests

Munroe, H.D.
The Centre Cannot Hold: Pierre Trudeau, the War Measures Act, and the Nature of Prime Ministerial Power

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Nguyen, Mai
Unleashing the Power of Consultations and Partnerships Through Aboriginal Participation

Nicholls, Esteban
An Andean form of Democracy: Elucidating Correa's “Citizens' Revolution”

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Ohemeng, Frank Kwaku and Grant, John Kenneth
Focusing Events as Instruments for Institutional Change: An Analysis of Water Sector Management in Post-Walkerton Ontario

Ozdinc, Hulya Kendir and Ozdinc, Fuat
Neoliberal Transformation Of Local Politics: Peculiarities Of The Turkish Case

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Parker, Jeffrey
Constructing a Theory of Intergovernmental Agreements: An Institutional Approach

Paterson, Stephanie and Marshall, Cherry
Telling Stories, Shaping Lives: Media Representations of Midwifery Debates in Ontario and Quebec During the 1970s, ‘80s, and ‘90s

Penner, Devin
Canada’s “Long Downturn”? A Critical Assessment of Robert Brenner’s Recent Writings on the World Economy

Penner, Erin M.
Political Values and Individual Attitudes toward Ethnic Diversity in Canada

Perry, David
Blackwater vs. bin Laden - PMSC involvement in American Counter-Terrorism

Puddister, Kate and Riddell, Troy
The RCMP’s Use of Mr. Big: An Independence and Accountability Media Case Study

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Quinn, Joanna R.
Power to the People? Abuses of power in traditional practices of acknowledgement in Uganda

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Raddatz, Rosalind
International Community Involvement in Peacebuilding and Democratization in Liberia & Sierra Leone: Dilemmas in Peace Agreements Following Civil Conflict

Rayside, David
Sex Ed in Ontario: Religious Mobilization and Socio-Cultural Anxiety

Reid, Scott
Politics and the Appointment of a University President: A Case Study of Memorial University

Richez, Emmanuelle
The Impact of Charter-based judicial review on social citizenship in Canada: The Case of Health Care Litigation

Rigaud, Benoît et Arsenault, Paul-Émile
Que nous dit la méthode comparative du modèle canadien d’administration publique? La gestion budgétaire dans les provinces, dans les territoires et au fédéral

Roberts, Kari
Jets, Flags, and Sovereignty - Demystifying Russia’s Arctic Intentions

Roberts, William Clare
Pessimism and Anti-State Politics - From Human Evil to Institutional Particularism

Rocan, Claude
The Post-Sars Reports and Network Governance: Two Faces of Collaboration in Public Health

Roncallo, Alejandra
The Tension Between Reason, Nature and Cosmologies in the Americas. A Polanyian Approach

Ronzoni, Miriam and Valentini, Laura
Taking Moral Intuitions Seriously, but not Dogmatically

Ross, Marc Howard
Collective Memory and How the Present Shapes the Past: A Philadelphia Story About George Washington and Slavery

Rounce, Andrea
Valuing Public Opinion: Saskatchewan Policy Actors Weigh In

Rugh, Jacob S. and Trounstine, Jessica
The Provision of Local Public Goods: Analyzing Municipal Bond Elections

Rush, Mark
Constitutional Dialogues and the Myth of Democratic Debilitation: Defusing the Countermajoritarian Tension?

Russell, Peter H.
Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples: An Exercise in Policy Education

Russo, Rick
Evaluating Patterns of Juridification in the Health Care Arena in the Netherlands, Italy and Canada

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Sabin, Jerald
State and Society in a Northern Capital: Yellowknife’s Social Economy in Hard Times

Sachs, Jeffrey
Alexis de Tocqueville and Rifa'a Rafi' al-Tahtawi on the Virtues of Colonialism - Responses to Empire in 19th Century French and Egyptian Thought

Saddiki, Said
Ceuta and Melilla Fences: a EU Multidimensional Border?

Sajed, Alina
Political Islam in Southeast Asia and North Africa: Toward a Critical Human Security Paradigm

Salnykova, Anastasiya
How Democratic was the Orange Revolution? Reassessment from the Deliberative Democracy Perspective

Saunders-Hastings, Emma
Valuing Philanthropy: The Charity Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism

Sayers, Anthony and Banfield, Andrew
The Dispersal of Power in Federal States: Canada and Australia

Schatz, Donna
Unsettling the Politics of Exclusion: Aboriginal Activism and the Vancouver Downtown East Side

Schilling, Markus and Chiang, Lichun
Western Small Business facing Institutional Barriers in China: A Perspective of Institutionalism

Schmitz, Gerald J.
Canadian Policy Towards Afghanistan Beyond 2011: Issues, Prospects, Options

Schneider, Steffen
Good, Bad, or Ugly? Narratives of Democratic Legitimacy in Western Public Spheres

Sezer, Devrim
Varieties of Cosmopolitanism and Politics of Hospitality

Sharaput, Markus
Institutional Capacity, Policy Learning, and Path Dependency in the Canadian State

Sharaput, Markus and Zerbe, Noah
Virtual Realities, Real Problems: The Evolving Politics of MMOGs

Sharma, Ajay
From Rhetoric to Action: Can Municipalities Fulfill their Pledge on Climate Change Action?

Shlozberg, Reuven
The Interrelatedness of Self And Others and Political Salience of Common Humanity – The Case From Hannah Arendt

Siaroff, Alan
Either the People Can Pick — and Actually Remove — Those in Power or They Cannot: For an Overall Dichotomy of Political Regimes Without Any Hybrids Between Democracies and Autocracies

Singh, Shane, Roy, Jason and Dumitrescu, Delia
The Impact of Complexity, Political Knowledge, and Party Mobilization on Voter Turnout

Skeaff, Christopher
Between Command and Condition Spinoza on the Rule of Law

Smythe, Elizabeth
Food Sovereignty, the Right to Know the Origins of Food and the Struggle Over Trade Rules

Spicer, Zac
Was There Learning in the System? Making Sense of the Ministry of State for Urban Affairs and the Ministry of State for Infrastructure and Communities

Staver, Anne
Family Reunification Policies and Diverse Family Life: A Fraught Relationship

Steflja, Izabela
Identity Crisis in Post-conflict Societies: ICTY’s Role in Defensive Nationalism Among the Serbs

Stevenson, Garth
Contrasting Images: “Multiculturalism” as conceptualized in Canada and the United States

Stockdale, Liam P.D.
Securitizing the Future? A Critical Interrogation of the Pre-emptive Turn in the Theory and Practice of Contemporary Security

Stoett, Peter J.
A Question of Indictment: Preventing Crimes Against Humanity or Promoting the ICC?

Stolz, Klaus
Professional Politicians in Scotland and Catalonia: Towards a Regional Political Class

Suchowlansky, Mauricio
Spectacular Tumulto: Michele di Lando in Machiavelli’s Florentine Histories

Sutcliffe, John B.
Critical Discourses on Integration in North America and Europe: The Roots of Criticism

Sutherland, Liz
The Divergent Cosmopolitanisms of Hannah Arendt

Sykes, Patricia Lee
Women as Executive Leaders: Canada in the Context of Anglo-Almerican Systems

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Tatalovich, Raymond and Frendeis, John
Fiscal Frugality: The Heart of Canadian Conservatism?

Tavaglione, Nicolas
Why Physicians Ought to Lie for their Patients

Taylor, Zack
Institutions and Regionalisms: Constructing Metropolitan Space in Toronto

Tellier, Geneviève
La participation citoyenne aux consultations prébudgétaires : une analyse des consultations fédérale et provinciales canadiennes

Thomas, Melanee
The Limits of Modernization: Gender, Generation, and Subjective Political Engagement in Canada, 19652008

Thomas, Paul E.J.
Are All Networks Created Equal? A Study of Participation Patterns Within the Transnational Advocacy Network Seeking to Increase Access to Treatments For HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries

Thomas, Paul E.J. and Lewis, J.P.
A Tale of Two Leaders (and a Recession): Leadership Performance and Public Perception During the Recent Global Economic Crisis

Thorlakson, Lori
Party Organizational Strategy in Multi-level Systems

Trentadue, Jonathon
Scrutiny, Responsibility and the Enhanced Role of the Integrity Commissioner of Ontario

Tutunzis, Natalie
Provincial-International Relations: Exploring the Involvement of the Ontario Legislature in International Affairs - 1

Tutunzis, Natalie
Provincial-International Relations: Exploring the Involvement of the Ontario Legislature in International Affairs - 2

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Valentini, Laura
Justice and Democracy

Vallée, Julien
Adding Economic Ideas to the Transnational ‘Rights’ Discourse: A Study of the Maquila Solidarity Network

Van Veeren, Elspeth
Guantánamo Matters: Tourist Practices and the Materialities of U.S. Military Detention in the Global War on Terror

Velji, Muhammad
Fashionable Religiosity: Consumer Culture, Secularization and Changes in Religious Practice

Vézina, Valérie
Danny Williams: A Machiavellian Strategist? Re-examining The Prince in Applied Strategic Leadership

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Wagner, Angelia
On Their Best Behaviour? Newspaper Journalists’ Coverage of Women Council Candidates During the 2007 Alberta Municipal Election

Ward, Ann
Moral Strength and Moral Weakness in Aristotle

Ward, Lee
Benedict Spinoza and the Problem of Theocracy

Way, Laura
Dissent In Ralph Klein’s Kingdom? Exploring Oil Sands Discourses Found in Alberta Newspapers’ Editorials

Weinberg, Justin
A Little Reality is a Dangerous Thing

Wesley, Jared J.
Slack in the System: Turnout in Canadian Provincial Elections, 1965-2009

Wesley, Jared J.
Selecting Selinger: The 2009 Leadership Race and the Future of NDP Conventions in Manitoba

Whitfield, Greg
The Priority of Liberty: Political not Kantian

Whitfield, Greg
The Priority of Liberty: Political not Kantian

Widdowson, Frances and Howard, Albert
Justifying the Indefensible? “Chosenness”, Difference and Political Conflict

Wiens, David
Testing Design Hypotheses: Using Formal Models to Test Institutional Design Proposals

Williams, Paul
1990 – 2010: What Have We Learned in Twenty Years?

Wilner, Alex
From Rehabilitation to Recruitment: Canadian Prison Radicalization and Islamist Terrorism

Winstanley, Katharine L.
Sport, (Middle)Power and Prestige: The Olympics and Canadian Identity

Wiseman, Nelson
The American Imprint on Alberta Politics

Wlezien, Christopher and Soroka, Stuart
Federalism and Public Responsiveness to Policy

Wolfe, Robert
Did the Protectionist Dog Bark? Transparency, Accountability, and the WTO During the Global Crisis

Wolfgram, Mark A.
The Memory-Market Dictum: Gauging the Inherent Bias in Different Data Sources Common in Collective Memory Studies

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Yoshinaka, Antoine, McElroy, Gail and Bowler, Shaun
The Different Career Tracks of Men and Women in the European Parliament

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Zorbas, Jason
A Red Tory in Foreign Affairs: Analyzing John G. Diefenbaker’s Foreign Policies from an Ideological Perspective