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CPSA Annual Conference 2011 Papers


Below you will find the list of presentations for the 2011 CPSA conference. The list is sorted in alphabetical order by the last name of the first author. If you are searching for a specific author, you can click on the alphabet below to proceed directly to the section where the author is listed. To view a pdf version of the paper, please click on the title. The authors retain full rights for reprinting and publishing of the articles. Please do not cite without permission from the authors.

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Akinola, Banji
Comparative Review of Research in Development Administration in Anglophone West Africa

Allen, Nathan
Like Ants Attracted to Sugar: Candidate Recruitment and Entry in Indonesia

Anderson, Cameron D. and Morgan, Josh
Economic Voting and Incumbent Mayoral Elections in Canada: 1997-2010

Anderson, Cameron D. and Stephenson, Laura
Identity, Economy and Integration: Evaluating the Sources of Public Opinion on Canada-US Integration

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Ballingall, Robert A.
Freedom and Shame in Plato’s Laws

Baskoy, Tuna
Global Financial Crisis and Public Service Institutions: A Comparison of Responses in Commonwealth Countries

Beange, Pauline
20 Years after the Lortie Commission and 45 Years after the Barbeau Committee: A Review of Canadian Scholarship on Party Finance

Benjamin, Craig
Rights for all: the imperative to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigneous Peoples

Bilodeau, Antoine
Migrating Gender Inequalities? Immigrant Women's Participation in Political Survey Research

Bittner, Amanda and Goodyear-Grant, Elizabeth
Women in Newfoundland and Labrador Politics

Bodruzic, Dragana
Vice or coping Mechanism? Bridging Political Science and Anthropological Approaches to the Study of Corruption

Timing Health Policy Development and Change: The Drug Gap

Bower, Adam
Arguing About the ICC: Non-Party Discourse and the Health of the International Criminal Court

Bower, Adam
Authority in the Breach? Assessing the Influence of the Anti-Personnel Landmine Ban Over Non-Party States

Bradshaw, Leah
Cosmopolitanism and Citizenship

Brock, Kathy
A Double Take: Quebec within the Canadian Federation Or Racing in the Rain Canadian Style

Brown, Andrea
Uganda’s Poverty Reduction strategy: rural bias and the politics of exclusion

Brown, David C.G.
Accountability in a Collectivized Environment

Burton, Charles
Please Let Us Know Next Time You Are in Ottawa / Beijing: Comparing the Relationship Between Academic Research and the Forging of Government Policy in China and Canada

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Cameron, Barbara
The Office and Powers of the Governor General: Political Intention and Legal Interpretation

Cameron, Cameron
The Grammar of a Just Society

Cavaghan, Rosalind
Gender Mainstreaming as a Knowledge Process: the Epistemic Dimension to Eradicating Gender Bias

Cernigoy, Melissa
The Legislative Connection with Aboriginal Peoples: Issues of Representation

Changfoot, Nadine
Theorizing Political Forgiveness: An Unexpected Response to Apology

Chapnick, Adam
The Action Memorandum: An Assignment with Infinite Possibilities

Chater, Andrew
Tardy Explorers: Academics and the “Problem” of Canadian Arctic Sovereignty

Chiose, Simona
Dual Migrations: Insecure Migrants, Temporary Workers The Political Uses of Border Control Policies

Chiose, Simona
The Flavours are the Same What Migration Policies Tell us About the Decreasing Variety in National Varieties of Capitalism

Chouinard, Stéphanie
La société civile acadienne comme communauté d’histoire

Clarkson, Stephen, Atri, Selim, Chan, Jonathan, Garcia, Zack, Kyu, Min, Sinclair, Rajiv, Wang, Steven and Yi, Cindy
Comparative Regionalism's Conceptual Challenge: Distinguishing among Its Components' Distinct Types of Governance

Cochrane, Christopher
The Structure and Dynamics of Muslim-Canadian Opinions about Same-Sex Marriage, Abortion, and Welfare

Cohn, Daniel
The Foreign is the Enemy: Using International Experience to Resist Change in Health Policy: A Research Note

Conteh, Charles
Public Management in Dynamic Environments:Regional Economic Development Policy and Governance in Canada

Conteh, Charles
The New Public Governance in Developing Countries - A Critical Assessment

Craft, Jonathan M.
Canadian Partisan Advisers and Policy-Making: Currency in the Policy Process or a New Public Governance Bargain?

Cruickshank, Neil
The Curious Case of Rospuda Valley: Comprehending Democracy and Legitimacy in the European Union

Curran, Dean
Liberal Capitalism as a Collective Action Problem

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Dauda, Carol
Re-globalizing Consent: International Protocols, Public Policy and the Regulation of Young People’s Sexuality in Canada

Descheneau, Philippe
Commodification and resistance in carbon markets and the CDM

Desimini, Natalie
Centralization of Power in Ontario Provincial Cabinets: Its Impact on Ministers

Di Gregorio, Michael
Sovereignty, Security, and the Affect of the Political

Dietsch, Peter
The State and Tax Competition – a Normative Perspective

Doberstein, Carey
Institutional Creation and Death: Urban Development Agreements in Canada

Dolgert, Stefan
Sacrificing Justice - Suffering Animals, the Oresteia, and the Masks of Consent

Dowsett, Julie E.
The Feminism/Femininity Tension: Mary Wollstonecraft’s “Feminist Misogyny”

Drake, Anna and McCulloch, Allison
Power-Sharing, Outsiders, and the All-Affected Principle

Dupeyron, Bruno
Borderwork and Cross-Border Health Policy in Europe

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Eagles, Munroe and Yin, Hongxing
What's the Border For? Perceptions of Vulnerability from Across the Border Among Canadians and Americans

Earles, Kimberley
Unintended Consequences: Gender and the European Union’s Pensions Policy

Eidelman, Gabriel
Two Plus Two Equals Five: Why Toronto’s Waterfront Defies the Federal-Provincial-Municipal Equation (and What it Means for the Study of Multilevel Governance)

Ettinger, Aaron
Neoliberalism and the Rise of the Private Military Industry

Evans, Bryan
The Politics of Public Sector Wages: Ontario’s Social Dialogue for Austerity

Evans, Bryan, Lum, Janet and Shields, John
The State of Policy Capacity in Canada: Assessments from Senior Public Servants

Everitt, Joanna
Women in New Brunswick Politics: A province at the back of the pack

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Fenwick, Tracy Beck
To Cooperate or Not: Local Policy Responses in São Paulo and Buenos Aires

Findlay, Tammy
Gender, Democracy and Multilevel Governance: Early Childhood Development Roundtables in British Columbia

Flanagan, Tom
Monogamy and Democracy

Fontaine, Louise
En matière d’immigration et de citoyenneté, comment peut-on penser le Canada avec ou sans le Québec?

Friesen, Elizabeth
Challenging Global Finance: Lessons from the Transnational Campaign for the Cancellation of Third World Debt

Frisbee, Stephanie and Studlar, Donley
Local Tobacco Control Coalitions in the United States and Canada: Contagion Across the Border?

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Gago, Alberto Daniel
Staple Exports, Accumulation Process and the Global Supply Chain

Gammer, Nicholas
The Afghanistan Task Force and Prime Ministerial Leadership

Garcea, Joseph and Munroe, Dustin
Reforms to Education Funding Frameworks in Canadian Provinces (1991-2011): A Comparative Analysis

Gaspard, Helaina
Retracing Our Steps: How Bilingualism was Institutionalized in the Canadian Federal Bureaucracy

Gaspard, Helaina
Social Policy Formulation in Minority Nations: A Question of Institutions or Congruence?

Gellatly, Mary, Grundy, John, Mirchandani, Kiran, Perry, Adam, Thomas, Mark, Vosko, Leah F.
‘Modernizing’ Employment Standards? Administrative Efficiency, Market Regulation, and the Production of the Illegitimate Claimant in Ontario, Canada

Gibson, Rachael
International Trade Fairs in the Global Political Economy: An Empirical Analysis of Inter-Firm Interaction across Capitalist Systems

Giles, Janine and Fairie, Paul
The Structure of Toronto City Council Roll-Call Votes

Goncalves, Marcela
Political Edges in a Racial Democracy: Indigenous peoples, expansion of economic frontiers and limited citizenship at Brazilian borders

Gordon, David and Macdonald, Douglas
Institutions and Federal Climate Change Governance: A Comparison of the Intergovernmental Coordination in Australia and Canada

Grace, Joan
Gendering Intergovernmental Relations in Federal Systems: Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Realities

Grant, John
Canada's Republican Invention? The Political Ideology of Citizens‟ Assemblies

Gravelle, Timothy B.
Mutual Perceptions of the Canadian and American Publics

Greaves, Wilfrid
Mind the Gap: Neoliberalism, Technology, and Human (In)Security in Atlantic Canada

Green, Joyce
Of Bullies and Cowards: Canada’s Avoidance of Indigenous Human Rights in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Greene, Ian
The Khadr Situation and the Erosion of Canadian Values

Guzina, Dejan
Transcending Divisions? Transitional Justice through the Lenses of Institutional Engineering in Bosnia and Macedonia

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Haince, Marie-Claude
“Upstream” Borders: An Ethnographic Approach to Control and Management of Immigration in Canada

Haji-Yousefi, Amir
Iran’s Foreign policy in Afghanistan: The Current Situation and Future Prospects

Hamilton, Paul and Lincoln, Michael
The Strength of Perceived Vulnerability: The Persistence of Cultural Insecurity in Quebec

Harder, Lois and Thomarat, Michelle
The Law and the Parent: the Numbers Game of Standing and Status

Harell, Allison, Soroka, Stuart and Andrew, Blake
Canadians’ Attitudes toward Immigration: Preliminary Results from an Online Experiment on the Impact of Economic and Cultural Cues

Hayden, Anders
The UK’s Decision to Stop Heathrow Airport Expansion: Sufficiency, Ecological Modernization, and Core Political Imperatives

Heinmiller, B. Timothy
Greens, Browns and Water Policy Reform in Southern Alberta

Held, Virginia
Morality, Care, and International Law

Hendrix, Burke
What Are the Outer Boundaries of American Indian Sovereignty?

Heritz, Joanne
Indigenous Peoples Escaping Multiculturalism

Hibbert, Neil
Particularizing Obligation

Holloway, Steven
Canada and the Financial Crisis: The Perils of a Trading State in Times of Trouble

Hoberg, George
The Political Economy of Clean Energy Trading in Western North America

Hoffman, Steven
Making International Law Matter: Promoting Universal Compliance through Effective Dispute Resolution

Holman, Christopher
Reconsidering Hannah Arendt's Reading of Marx: From the Critique of Totalitarianism to the Critique of the Dialectic

Honkanen, Michelle
Rethinking Reconciliation: Thoughts on the Canadian Government’s Initiatives to Reconcile the State-Indigenous Relationship

Hoogenboom, David
Examining the Visions of Transitional Justice

Hornsby, David J.
Multilevel Governance in Domestic Regulatory Conflict: Raw-Milk Cheese in Canada

Hudson, Alexander and Kitchen, Veronica
The Relative Success of Partition in Resolving - Longer Intrastate Wars

Hulme, Myles
Chinese Sovereignty and the Structuration of the International Community

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Irvine, J.A. Sandy
Canadian Refugee Policy: Understanding the role of international bureaucratic networks in domestic paradigm change

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Janzen, Christopher
The Changing Nature of Minority Politics In An Integrated Europe: The Cases of Estonia and Latvia

Jeffrey, Brooke
Strained Relations: The Conflict Between the Harper Conservatives and the Federal Bureaucracy

Jeffrey, Brooke
The Harper Minority and the Majority Myth: Implementing the Conservative Agenda

Jones, Charles
Cosmopolitan Regard, Motivation, and Multiple Jurisdictions

Johns, Michael
The European Union: Migrants, Minorities and the Changing Nature of Citizenship

Johnston, Richard
Religion and Identity: The Denominational Basis of Canadian Elections

Johnstone, Rachael
Regulating Reproduction: Examining Provincial Responses to the Decriminalization of Abortion Through a Legal Lens

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Kellogg, Paul
Quantitative Easing and the fetishized emergence of ‘world money’ in the 21st century

Kenyon, Kristi
Advocacy in Context: Human Rights and HIV in Settings of Confrontation and Consensus

Kiss, Simon
Where Did All The Nalgene Bottles Go? Media Agenda-Setting In The Regulation of Bisphenol A

Kitchen, Veronica
The Development of Integrated Security Units and Cross-Level Security Governance

Kiyani, Asad
A TWAIL Critique of the International Criminal Court: Contestations from the Global South

Koning, Edward
The Real and Perceived Economics of Immigration: Welfare Chauvinism and Immigrants’ Use of Government Transfers in Twelve Countries

Kostera, Thomas
European Dimensions of Health Politics in Austria: The Case of Cross-Border Health Care

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Lacombe, Sylvie
Représentations du souverainisme québécois dans le Globe and Mail : un repoussoir pour penser l’identité canadienne(-anglaise) ?

Lalancette, Mireille and Lemarier-Saulnier, Catherine
What is She Wearing? What is She Saying? Framing Gender and Women Politicians Representations1

Landriault, Mathieu
Human Security and the Canadian Arctic: Governmentality, Biopolitics and the turn of the 1970s

Lanoszka, Alexander
Beyond Benevolence and Coerciveness: Sharpening the Theoretical Differences between Various International Hierarchical Relations

Latulippe, Lyne
The Influence of Ideas on Domestic Policy Choices: The Case of Bilateral Tax Treaties

Laxer, Gordon
Obstacles to Powering Down to a Post-carbon Canada

LeBlanc Haley, Tobin
Gendering Psychiatric Boarding Homes: A Gender Analysis of the Policies Governing Psychiatric Boarding Homes in Urban Toronto in the Era of Transinstitutionalization

Lecce, Steven
Global Justice and the Iteration Proviso

Lee, Hyunji
The Source of Female Protectionism: The Consequence of the Knowledge Gap in Economics?

Léger, Rémi
Multicultural Dilemmas: To Prescribe Or Not To Prescribe?

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MacDonald, David B. and Hudson, Graham
The Genocide Question and Indian Residential Schools in Canada

MacLean, Lee
Desire, Decision and Faculty: Rousseau‟s General Will as a Form of Will

Mahon, Rianne
The Jobs Strategy: From Neo- to Inclusive Liberalism?

Maidwell, Thomas
Does Size Matter: Has the Reduction in its Size Lessened the Legislative Assembly of Ontario’s Ability to Hold the Executive to Account?

Malkin, Anton
Global Imbalances: a Domestic Political Economy Approach

Manicom, James
China’s Challenge to East Asia’s Maritime Order

Manicom, James
Domestic Politics and the Future of Cooperation in Arctic Maritime Boundary Disputes

Massie, Justin and Roussel, Stéphane
Preventing, Substituting, or Complementing the Use of Force? Development Assistance in Canadian Strategic Culture

McAndrews, John
Position Taking and Partisan Representation by Federal Political Parties in Canada, 2004-2008

Meadwell, Hudson
Faith and Heresy in Social Science: Commentary on “The Seven Deadly Sins”

Medeiros, Mike et Fournier, Patrick
Uni par la langue? Les opinions et les perceptions des Franco-Québécois et des Franco-Ontariens

Mellon, Hugh
Canadian Census Politics and its Federal-Provincial Dimension

Migone, Andrea
Addressing Emergent Charisma in Roman Military Leaders: Triumphal Practices in the Republican Period

Minnett Watchel, Chance A. and Hennigar, Matthew A.
Righteous Litigation: An Examination of Christian Conservative Interest Group Litigation before the Appellate Courts of Canada, 1982-2009

Mitropolitski, Simeon
Different Political Trajectories in Southeastern Europe Under Asymmetrical Relations with EU

Mitropolitski, Simeon
Weber’s Definition of the State as an Ethnographic Tool for Understanding the Contemporary Political Science State of the Discipline

Montigny, Eric
Le travail des députés québécois en circonscription

Moore, Aaron Alexander
Urban Planners and Planning Policy Outcome in Canada

Morar, Cristina
Entre la beauté et la honte: la nudité féminine dans la pensée d’Emmanuel Levinas

Morden, Michael and Pelletier, Alexandre P.
Multinational Studies and the Question of Unity: Bringing the Citizens In

Mowbray, Jennifer
Getting to 30%: The Effect of an International Norm on Canadian Municipalities

Moyson, Stéphane
A Contribution to the Analysis of the Causal Processes between Dynamic Systems Events and Policy Change with the Advocacy Coalition Framework: The Individual Conditions of Policy-Oriented Learning

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Narveson, Jan
Duties to, and Rights of, Future Generations: An Impossibility Theorem

Nater, John
The Wrath of Grapes: Don Cherry and the Militarization of Hockey

Nelles, Jen and Sutcliffe, John
Borderland Community and the Reform of the Windsor–Detroit Border

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Ooi, Su-Mai
Linkage & Leverage: Comparing External Democratizing Pressures in Taiwan & South Korea

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Peach, Ian
More than a Section 35 Right: Indigenous Self-Government as Inherent in Canada's Constitutional Structure

Peachey, Dean, Barkman, Janna, Ferland, Nicki and Whiteman, Bobbie
Reconciliation Rhetoric and Realities in the Canadian TRC

Peou, Sorpong
Human Security through Retributive Justice? The Cases of East Timor & Cambodia

Perry, David
Purchasing Power Is Defence Privatization a New Form of Military Mobilization?

Porter, Tony
Transnational Policy Paradigm Change and Conflict in the Harmonization of Vehicle Safety and Accounting Standards

Porter, Tony
Third time lucky or out after three strikes? The political significance of the Basel III transnational standards for bank regulation

Preiss, Katherine
Recognized Parties: The 8 Member Critical Mass Question in Ontario

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Qian, Jing
Corporatist Representation via People’s Congress: An Aspect on the State-society Relationship in Contemporary China

Quinn, Joanna
Whither the “Transition” of Transitional Justice?

Quirion, Martin et Giasson, Thierry
Le Parti québécois et le marketing de la confiance

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Rayment, Erica
Walking the Talk? The relationship between legislative practice and discourse on religious diversity in the Ontario Legislature

Raymond, Mark
Can Constructivism Improve Foreign Policy Practice in an Era of Global Governance?

Reeve, Iain W.
Under Pressure — Atypical Asymmetry in Canadian Immigration Policy

Reuchamps, Min
Thinking Canada (with or without Quebec) and Thinking Belgium (with or without Flanders): The Future of Federalism through the Eyes of their Citizens

Riddell-Dixon, Elizabeth
Meeting the Deadline: Canada's Arctic Submission to the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf

Roberge, Ian
Networks Matter: Explaining How States Have Responded to the Global Financial Crisis

Roberts, Kari
Détente 2.0? Explaining Russia’s “Reset” with the United States

Robinson, Andrew M.
How Well Is Higher Education Preparing Students for Particular Careers?: Report on the Findings of a Study of Employees of NGOs in Ontario that Advance Human Rights

Rocan, Claude
Global Drivers for Network Governance: The Case of Public Health

Rocan, Claude
The Voluntary Sector and Public Health Governance in Canada

Rubio Vega, Veronica
The G20 After the Financial Crisis: The End of Which Universalism?

Ruddy, Karen
Feminist Imaginaries, Accumulation by Dispossession and the "New Sexual Contract"

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Sabadoz, Cameron
The Greatly Exaggerated “Death of the Social”: Globalization, Neoliberal Governmentality, and the Spatial Translation of Economic Governance

Sabin, Jerald
Society-Centered Approaches to Political Science Research in the Northwest Territories

Salnykova, Anastasiya
Deliberative Capacity in Coloured Revolutions: Comparative Analysis of Ukraine and Georgia

Samuel, Chris
Throwing Bricks at a Brick Wall: The G20 and the antinomies of protest

Sarkany, Laszlo
The Independent Prosecutor and the Success of the Global Ratification Campaign

Schiff, Jacob
From Global Justice and Global Governance to Global Judgment and Global Action: Rereading Hannah Arendt for International Relations

Schrodt, Philip
Seven Deadly Sins of Contemporary Quantitative Political Analysis

Schulz, Karla
The Multicultural Contract

Sealey, Anthony
The Impact of Interests, Institutions, Identities and Values on Public Support for Redistributive Public Policies

Shaheen, Faisal
Development Dimensions of Informal Sector Engagement in Municipal Pakistan

Shahini, Johana
Measuring the Political Consequences of the Electoral Laws: Case study Albania

Sharaput, Markus
Strategic Economic Policy Implementation and the Canadian Federal System: Is Small Beautiful?

Sharaput, Markus
What Counts as Work? Gear, Grinding, and Gold Farming in MMORGs

Sharpe-Harrigan, Melissa
Membership in the Global City: The successes and failures of municipal multiculturalism in Toronto

Shesterinina, Anastasia
Deliberation in Post-Conflict Societies

Simpkins, Reese
Beyond Recognition and Intersectionality: Trans and the Politics of Becoming

Skogstad, Grace
Constructing a Transnational Policy Paradigm in the European Union: the Case of GMO Risk Regulation

Smith, Michael
Keeping Independent O fficers of Legislatures Independent: The Institutional Design of the Appointment Process under the Condition of Majority Government

Smythe, Elizabeth
Global Food Governance, Trade Rules and the Right to Know the Provenance of Food

Snow, Dave and Moffitt, Benjamin
Straddling the Divide: Conservatism and Populism in Harper’s Canada and Howard’s Australia

Soderlund, Walter
The South Sudan Referendum, Round #1: North American Press Framing of the Separation Option in Coverage of the 2010 Sudanese Election”

Spicer, Zac and Nater, John
Weapons of the (Politically) Weak? Speaker Selection as Strategic Dissent in the Ontario Legislature

Stockdale, Liam
Thinking Through Pre-emptive Security: Catastrophe, Imagination, Temporality, Affect

Stoney, Christopher and Krawchenko, Tamara
Transparency and Accountability in Infrastructure Stimulus Spending: A Comparison of Canadian, Australian and US Programs

Studer, Isabel
Comparing Domestic Constraints on Climate Policy in North America

Suarez, Carla
Crossing the Bridge: From Combatant to Community Member

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Taylor, Zack
Who Elected Rob Ford, and Why? An Ecological Analysis of the 2010 Toronto Election

Tenove, Chris
Can International Justice Be Democratized? Global Democracy and Inclusion at the International Criminal Court

Teyssier, Ronan
Are There Really “Two Political Worlds” in Canada? Evidence from Provincial and Federal Elections in Ontario

Teyssier, Ronan
Identifying Ridings’ Profiles. A Typology of Political Competition Configurations in Canadian Federal Elections

Thomas, Paul
Less “responsible”? Assessing the comparative turn in Canadian legislative studies

Thompson, Charles
Whipped Out of Shape: A Case Study in Partisanship and Whipping in the Committee System

Ticku, Alisha
Growing Pains: (Un)mapping Geographies of Citizenship, Labour and Migration in Dubai

Tolley, Erin
The Colour of Your Skin, or the Content of your Character? Race Framing in the 2008 Canadian Election

Tossutti, Livianna and Esses, Victoria
Local Perspectives on Immigration and Diversity in 15 Ontario Municipalities

Tregebov, Sasha
There will be no backbench: The democratizing impact of backbench participation in cabinet policy committees

Triadafilopoulos, Phil
Normative Contexts, Domestic Institutions and the Transformation of Immigration Policy Paradigms in Canada and the United States

Triadafilopoulos, Phil and Young, Shaun
Multiculturalism as a Deliberative Ethic

Trochimchuk, Stephen
Cultural Negotiations: Examining Multiculturalism and the Limits of Anti-Essentialism

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Ugland, Trygve
Reforming Norwegian Immigration Policies: Learning From Canada?

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Verville, Mélanie et Giasson, Thierry
Les partis politiques provinciaux québécois à l’heure du Web 2.0 et des médias sociaux

Vézina, Valérie
Island Nationalism in Newfoundland and Puerto Rico - The Role of Political Parties and Political Leaders

Vieille, Stephanie
Thinking About Justice Through a Maori Lens

Vine, Timothy
Power, Politics and Truth: A study of South Africa and Australia

Viriasova, Inna
The Schmittian Political: Deciding on the Unpolitical

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Walchuk, Brad
A Whole New Ballgame: The Rise of Canada’s Fifth Party System

Walker, Kathryn
Transnationalism: No Choice

Walker, Kathryn
Is Rooted Cosmopolitanism Bad for Women?

Waterman, Robert W.
Accountability and Non-­governmental Actors in Canadian Public Governance

Watkins, Mel
From the Global to the Local: Giving Deglobalization a Chance

Watson, Scott
Arctic Sovereignty in Canada: A Case of Successful or Failed Securitization?

Webb, Dan
Common Property and the Right to the City: Thinking the City as a Political Space

Wesley, Jared J. and Simpson, Wayne
Promise Meets Reality: Balanced Budget Legislation in Western Canada, 1991-2010

Wesley, Jared J. and Summerlee, Lydia
Voter Turnout in Manitoba: An Ecological Analysis

West, Jessica
Governing Contemporary Security Challenges: The Canadian Approach to Polyvalent Security in Outer Space

White, Linda A.
Institutional “Stickiness” and Ideational Resistance to Paradigm Change: Canada and Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Policy

Whiteside, Heather
Economic Crises and the Evolution of Dispossession and Repossession in Canada

Widdowson, Frances
Aboriginal Rights and Our Common Future: The Perils of Endorsing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Wiens, David
The Statist Implications of Cosmopolitan Commitments

Williams, Lisa-Marie
The Queen’s Park After-party: Post-Cabinet Life in the Legislature

Williams, Russell
Policy Capacity, Evidence-Based Policy-Making and Institutions: Canadian Regulatory Responses to the Finacial Crisis

Winter, Stephen
Climate Change, Complicity & Compensation

Wolfe, David A.
Regional Resilience and Place-based Development Policy: Implications for Canada

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Zaato, Joshua Jebuntie
Contractualism as a Reform and Governance Tool: A Critical Analysis of Urban Water Management Reforms in Ghana

Zakaria, Patty
Are Political Deficits in Lebanon Self-Imposed or Externally Inflicted?