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CPSA Annual Conference 2012 Papers


Below you will find the list of presentations for the 2012 CPSA conference. The list is sorted in alphabetical order by the last name of the first author. If you are searching for a specific author, you can click on the alphabet below to proceed directly to the section where the author is listed. To view a pdf version of the paper, please click on the title. The authors retain full rights for reprinting and publishing of the articles. Please do not cite without permission from the authors.

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Adams, Jodi Lea, MacDonald, Douglas and Houle, David
The Coal Industry and Electricity Policy

Adeakin, Ibikunle
Military Prerogatives, Authoritarianism and the Prospects for Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria

Agocs, Carol
Representative Bureaucracy? Employment Equity in the Public Service of Canada

Akriotis, Evan
Lights, Camera, Inaction: The Effect of Cameras on Legislative Debate

Albanese, Patrizia, Rauhala, Ann and Hache, Laura
Early Childhood Education and Care – Clearly not a ‘Woman’s/Mother’s Issue’: Assessing the Coverage of ECEC in Canadian Newspapers during the 2004 and 2006 Federal Elections

Allen, Nathan
Clientelism and the Personal Vote in Indonesia

Andrew, Edward
Locke on War and Taxes

Andrews, Nathan
The Big Bang Theories of International Relations (IR): Who Said What, When, How, and What’s Missing

Atkinson, Michael and Rogers, Dustin
Better Politicians: If We Pay, Will They Come?

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Bal, Simarjit S.
Beyond Boundaries: a holistic approach to comparative politics

Barnetson, Bob and Foster, Jason
Foreign Migrant Workers in Alberta

Barter, Shane Joshua
State Proxy or Security Dilemma? Understanding Anti-Rebel Militias in Civil War

Bastedo, Heather, Dougherty, Ilona, LeDuc, Lawrence, Rudny, Bernard and Sommers, Tyler
Youth, Democracy and Civic Engagement: The ‘Apathy is Boring’ Surveys

Bastedo, Heather, Turcotte, André, Chu, Wayne and Hilderman, Jane
The Outsiders: Agency and the Politically Less Engaged

Besco, Randy
Voting and Visible Minority Candidates in Canada: An Experimental Investigation (1)

Besco, Randy
Voting and Visible Minority Candidates in Canada: An Experimental Investigation (2)

Bherer, Laurence
Comparing Local Electoral Competition

Blidook, Kelly
The Changing Commons: The individual-collective balance of MPs in committees

Bodružić, Dragana
Privatizing Development: Corporate Social Responsibility in the Developing World

Bolton, Catherine, Kanji, Mebs and Salari, Soheyla
Cheating in Political Science: A Systematic Look at the Academic Misconduct Evidence from Concordia University

Boulianne, Shelley
Online and Engaged: An Experiment Related to Online News and Political Interest

Bramwell, Allison
Going Local to Integrate Growth and Inclusion? Cross-Sectoral Workforce Development Networks in Three Ontario Cities

Bratt, Duane
The Global Political Aftershocks of the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Accident

Brennan, Jordan
Differential Accumulation, Redistribution and the Rebounding Fortunes of the Canadian Establishment

Brown, David C.G.
The administrative dilemmas of government communications

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Castagner, Marc-Olivier
The (de)construction of identity in NATO’s narrative of legitimacy: The self, the other-as-self, the non-self

Chapman, Debra
The Mechanization of Voter Intent

Chater, Andrew
A New Tipping Point: The Government of Canada, Northern Residents and Climate Change

Clark, Timothy David
Putting the Horse Before the Cart: Neoliberalism and Post-Neoliberalism in Chile

Clarke, Amanda
“Open dialogue” and the Government of Canada’s use of social media: bureaucratic barriers to democratic engagement in the digital age

Clarkson, Stephen and Aidid, Abdi
Caught in the Middle: Canada in the Changing Configuration of Global Regions

Cochrane, Christopher
Left and Right: Empty Vessels, Essential Core, or Family Resemblance?

Collins, Emmet
Alternate Routes: Intergovernmental Relations in Canada and Australia

Cote, Adam
Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Enemies Closer: Minimizing the Threat to US Space Assets

Craigie, Allan
Of Ships and Planes: The National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy as a model for choosing Canada’s next generation fighter

Curry, Dion
The Structure-Agency Paradox of New Forms of Non-Binding Governance: Actor Networks, Multi-Level Governance and Canadian and EU Lessons

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Dalseg, Sheena Kennedy
Local Institutions and Citizenship Regimes in the Eastern Arctic

Dauda, Carol
National Battles and Global Dreams: R.E.A.L. Women and the Politics of Backlash

Depner, Wolfgang
Competing Conceptions of Democratic Legitimacy: Why Baden-­Württemberg Elected 'A Coalition of Losers'

DeRochie, Patrick
'Turncoats, Opportunists, and Political Whores': Floor Crossers in Ontario Political History

Doberstein, Carey
Metagovernance’ of urban governance networks in Canada: in pursuit of legitimacy and accountability

Dobrowolsky, Alexandra
Complicating and Contesting Narratives Around Diversity & Equality: Economic Immigration and Women

Dougan, Helen
Women Power to Girl Power: A Study of Female Autonomy in Canada

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Ellsworth, Belinda
It Happened One Night: The Use of Personal Anecdotes in the Ontario Legislative Assembly

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Fafard, Patrick
Ideas, Policy and the Politics of Public Health

Farney, Jim
Canadian Theories of Multiculturalism and Public Education: Investigating the Disjuncture

Ferreira do Vale, Helder
Theorizing Institutional Changes: Understanding Decentralization and Federalization in Brazil, Spain and South Africa

Findlay, Tammy
Feminist Institutionalism and Feminist Political Economy: A Dialogue on Gender, the State and Representation1

Fitzsimmons, Dan
The "Pause" and the Decision to Renew Canada's Commitment in Afghanistan

Fitzsimmons, Scott
Wheeled Warriors: Explaining Blackwater’s Unparalleled Record of Violence in Iraq

Fodor, Matt
From Socialism to Liberalism?: New Democratic Party Activists at the Half Century Mark

Fowler, Tim and Hagar, Doug
‘Liking’ Your Union: Unions and New Social Media During Election Campaigns

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Gammer, Nicholas
Integrating Civilian-Military Operations: The Comprehensive Approach and the ATF Experience, 2008-2009

Garnett, Holly Ann
Referendum Resource Officers in the 2007 Ontario Referendum on Electoral Reform

Gordon, Kelly, Saurette, Paul and Trevenen, Kathryn
From Jezebel to Snow White: The shifting representations of women in Canadian anti-abortion discourse

Goksel, Gulay Ugur
Role Playing and Games for Teaching Ancient Political Thought

Grant, John
Embedded Neoliberalism? Developments in Canada’s Political Imaginaries

Gray, Sean
Meanings of Silence in Democratic Theory and Practice

Grebennikov, Marat
The Prospects of Sub-Federal Authoritarianism in Russia after the 2012 Presidential Elections: North Caucasus in Comparative Perspective

Gutterman, Ellen
Easier Done Than Said: Transnational Bribery, Norm Resonance, and the Origins of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Gutterman, Ellen
The Legitimacy of Transnational NGOs: Lessons from the Experience of Transparency International in Germany and France

Greene, Ian
Insight into Insite: Social Science Research v. Gut-Feeling Ideology

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Hanna, Lauren
Policy? Who me? Examining the role of Ontario’s Legislative Officers in Public Policy Development

Hanvelt, Marc
The Two Faces of the Opposition of Interests in David Hume’s Political Philosophy

Harasymiw, Bohdan
President Medvedev’s Reform Of The Mvd: A Step Towards Democratic Policing In Russia?

Harasymiw, Bohdan
Snatching Defeat From the Jaws Of Victory: The All-Too-Brief Premiership of Ed Stelmach In Alberta

Harder, Lois
Foreign Affairs: Security and Birthright Citizenship Determination in Canada

Harding, Mark S. and Knopff, Rainer
“Charter Values” in Question: Ontario v. Fraser 2011

Harell, Allison, Soroka, Stuart and Ladner, Kiera
Public Opinion, Prejudice and the Racialization of Welfare in Canada

Healy, Teresa and Prentice, Susan
Embodying the Local and the Transnational: A Critical Review of Approaches to Gender and Social Infrastructure

Heinmiller, Tim and Sharpe, Cody
To Get to a Price on Carbon, You Must Cross Many Streams: Policy Outcomes in British Columbia & New Zealand

Hendrix, Burke A.
Decolonizing Political Theory in the United States: The Case of William Apess (1798-1839)

Hoberg, George, Rivers, Andrea and Salomons, Geoff
Comparative Pipeline Politics: Oil Sands Pipeline Controversies in Canada and the United States

Hoberg, George and Rowlands, Ian H.
Green Energy Politics in Canada: Comparing Electricity Policies in BC and Ontario

Holland, Kerri L.
Transitioning to a New Approach for Sustainability: The Case of Manitoba Agriculture

Holman, Christopher
Imagination and Political Creativity: Castoriadis and Citizens’ Democracy

Howell, Graham R.
Of The New Idol: Nietzsche’s Critique of Leviathan

Howlett, Michael, and Migone, Andrea Riccardo
The Permanence of Temporary Services: The Reliance of Canadian Federal Departments on Management & Policy Consultants

Hsu, Jennifer YJ
Domestic Experiences and the Shaping of a “China Model” of Development

Hsu, Jennifer YJ
Layers of the Urban State: Migrant Organisations and the Chinese State

Humpage, Louise
Intersections between indigenous politics and social citizenship: A case study of Māori in New Zealand

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Jackson, Kyle
Neocolonial Homonationalism: Homonational Canada and Homophobic Jamaica

Jansen, Harold J., Thomas, Melanee and Young, Lisa
Who Donates to Canada’s Political Parties?

Johnston, Richard
The Class Basis Of Canadian Elections

Jolicoeur, Pierre
Influence des relations Russie-OTAN

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Kading, Terry
The Politics of Social Planning in the Small City

Karabulut, Tolga
Republicanism, National Identity and Citizenship

Kellogg, Paul
Boiling Mud: Towards a comparative political economy of Venezuela and Alberta

Kelly, Patrick and Tossutti, Livianna S.
The Harder They Fall: How The Liberal Party of Canada Lost Its Electoral Dominance in Canada’s Immigrant Communities

Kim, Sylvia
The “Unsung Heroes” of the Ontario Legislature: The Role of House Leaders in a Minority Government

Koning, Edward A.
When and How Does Solidarity Become Selective? The Political Translation of Immigrants’ Welfare Use in the Netherlands, Canada, and Sweden

Krawchenko, Tamara
Regional Special Purpose Bodies and Regional Trade Regimes: Regime Theory and the ‘Myth of the North American City’ Debate

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Lam, Carla
Past the Impasse, The (New) Material Feminisms

Laperrière, Marie and Lépinard, Eléonore
Identity or Politics? Multiculturalism and the politics of inclusion in the Québécois women’s movement

Latta, Alex
Matter, Politics and the Sacred - Insurgent Ecologies of Citizenship

Laurence, Marion
Inclusive Neutrality and Justice as Evenhandedness: Rethinking Legitimacy and Impartiality in UN Peace Support Operations

Laurence, Michael
Re-­thinking Democracy After the Subject

Lee, Hyunji
Distributional Judgment in Individual Preferences over Trade Liberalization

Leo, Christopher
How to Regulate Urban Growth: The State of the Art in Canada

Levasseur, Karine
Registered Charities and the 2011 Manitoba Election: Unearthing Hidden Gems

Lorenzini, Jasmine
Active and Critical: The Political Inclusion of Unemployed Youth in Europe

Lucas, Jack
Creating Special Purpose Bodies: Berlin, Ontario in the Age of the ABC

Luchies, Timothy
The Promise of Prefiguration: Theorizing Anarchism and Anti-Oppression

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MacDonald, David B
Reconciliation after Genocide? Reinterpreting the UNGC Through Indian Residential Schools

Maconald, David B and Mitchell, Mark
Elected Officials and Aboriginal Politics in Canada: A Survey of Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Attitudes

Macdonald, Douglas and Houle, David
Distributive effects and political resistance to Canadian climate change policy

MacKinnon, Shauna
Neo-Liberalism and the Aboriginal Second-Chance Learner: Stifling Development and Reinforcing Exclusion

Mahmood, Amna
Regional Political Parties: Challenge to Political Stability in Pakistan

Mahon, Lindsay
Sight, Storytelling, and Method in Herodotus: Sex, Murder, and a Magic Dolphin

Malloy, Jonathan
“Bland Works”: The Traditions of Ontario Politics in the Run Up to the 2011 Election

Martens, Stephanie
Aboriginal imaginary, state of nature, and modern subjectivity: the example of Hobbes‘ Leviathan

Massicotte, Marie-Josée and Marques, Dan F.
Everyday Forms of Peasant Resistance and Solidarity Economy: Debates and Practices in Everyday Cultural Political Economy

Masuoka, Natalie and Junn, Jane
Studying Public Opinion in a Racially Diverse Polity: U.S. Political Attitudes on Immigration

Melançon, Jérôme
Multinationalism and Polyethnicity in the Canadian Philosophy of Multiculturalism

Mellon, Hugh
Census Management and Ethnic Diversity: Looking at Questions on Ethnic or Ancestral Origin

Mitchell, Matthew
The Political Economy of Migration and Conflict in Ghana’s Cocoa Regions: Enduring Peace or Deepening Cleavages?

Mitchell, Matthew
The Perils of Population Movements in International Relations: new directions for rethinking the migration-conflict nexus

Mitropolitski, Simeon
Bounded Generalizations Revisited: Is the Post-Communist Area a World in Reverse?

Moore, Aaron A.
Comparing the Politics of Urban Development in American and Canadian Cities: The Myth of the North-South Divide

Murakami, Go
Does candidates’ ethnic minority background matter for voters in elections?

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Narozhna, Tanya
The 'Other' in the Globalized Discourses of Female Suicide Bombings: Gender, Power, and Reproduction of Inequality

Nelles, Jen
Myths and Legends: Exploring Differences in Regional Governance and Collective Action in the North American City

Nelson, Marcel
Gramsci’s Integral State and the Relational Nature of World Order: Shifting Institutional Dynamics within the IMF

Newman, Dwight
Consultation and the International Legal Status of Indigenous Communities

Nguyen, Mai
The Importance of Consultation and Aboriginal Engagement in Policy-Making: Lessons from the Winnipeg Urban Aboriginal Strategy

Noakes, Stephen
The Death Penalty and Institutional Reform: The Case of China

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Olive, Andrea
Species at Risk Policy: A Saskatchewan Case Study

Owen, Andrew and Nuesser, Andrea
Beyond economic voting: Government performance in noneconomic policy domains and elections in the UK

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Pal, Michael
Time for a Second Electoral Boundary Revolution? Institutional Design and the Fair Representation Act

Pandy, Milena
Pluralism in Everything But Communication? The Place of Linguistic Diversity Within Deliberative Democracy

Parker, Scott David
All (Geo-) Politics are Local: The Consequences of the People’s Republic of China’s Military Doctrine of Local War for the East Asia Region

Pasolli, Kelly and Young, Lisa
Comparing Child Care Policy in the Canadian Provinces

Peña, Sylvia
From Government Ministry to Independent Officer of Parliament: The Disentanglement of the Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth

Penner, Devin
Beyond Triple-E and Abolition: A Radically Democratic Third Option for Senate Reform

Penner, Erin M.
Local Context and Individual Attitudes about Ethnic Diversity in Canada

Planinc, Emma
Community Narcissism in Urban Life: Ethnic, Urban Communities and Political Participation in Toronto

Phillips, Janet
Gender, The Private/Public Divide, and Care: Not What, but How

Preece, Daniel V.
The Inclusion of Economic Impact as an Essential Service: The Shifting Governmentality of Labour Relations in Canada

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Raphael, Daisy
‘May the Best Man Win’: Masculinity in Political Humour about the 2008 Canadian Federal Election

Rayside, David
Queering Ontario

Rayside, David
The Challenges in Expanding Workplace Equity Policy: The Case of Sexual Diversity

Rayside, David, Sabin, Jerald and Thomas, Paul
Faith and Party Politics in Alberta Or “Danielle, this is Alberta, not Alabama”

Reid, Scott and Collins, Jeff
Oil, Politics and Public Policy: A case study of Newfoundland and Labrador

Richez, Emmanuelle
The Impact of Constitutional Multiculturalism after Three Decades of Existence

Robinson, Fiona
Decolonizing International Political Theory: Emotional Imperialism and the Paradox of Value in Globalized Care

Rubio Vega, Veronica
The Landscape of Financial Arrangements and Cooperation in South America: CAF and IIRSA as Case Studies

Ruttan, Craig
Just try to keep them happy’: Whips and party cohesion in the Ontario Legislature

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Samuel, Chris
Suffering and Justice: Symbolic Violence, Oppression, Legitimacy

Sandbeck, Sune
Towards an Understanding of Carceral Feminism as Neoliberal Biopower

Schmitz, Gerald J.
Understanding the Curious Case of Canada’s Ambiguous Approach to International Democracy Assistance

Schwartz, Elizabeth
The Making of Climate Change Policy in Vancouver and Toronto: A comparative analysis

Sealey, Anthony
The Impact of Increasing Income Inequality on Public Support for Redistribution

Sharaput, Markus
Coordination, Concentration, and Institutional Innovation: Horizontal Frameworks and Executive Power in Canada

Sheppard, Jill
Examining Internet Use and Civic Voluntarism in Australian and Canada

Siaroff, Alan
The Comparative Situation of Presidents Around the World: Powers and Tenure

Smith, Peter (Jay)
Alberta and Canada’s Petro-Politics – the Transnational Dimension

Smythe, Elizabeth
Global Food and the Political Economy of Food Labeling: Case Studies

Soedirgo, Jessica
Interrogating the Relationship between Tradition and Peace: Tradition, Indigeneity and Violence in West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Son Hing, Leanne
Stigmatization, Neoliberalism, and Resilience

Stephenson, Laura B.
Vote Choice: Ontario 2011

St-Louis, Jean-Charles
État(-nation), citoyenneté et contingence. Éléments pour une problématisation de la territorialité et de la hiérarchisation des appartenances au monde

Stewart, David and Sayers, Anthony
Responding to Challenge: An Analysis of the 2011 Alberta Progressive Conservative Leadership Election

Stolle, Dietlind, Harell, Allison, Soroka, Stuart and Behnke, Jessica
Religious Symbols, Multiculturalism and Policy Attitudes

Stren, Richard
Can Toronto be Run Like a Business? Observations on the First Two Years of the Ford Mayoralty in Toronto

Sutcliffe, John B. and Lee, Martha F.
The North American Union: Conspiracy Discourse and State Sovereignty in the Post-9/11 Era

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Tabachnick, David
How to Get to Hérouxville: Some of the Reasons for Reasonable Accommodation Blowback

Taylor, Zack, Triadafilopoulos, Phil and Cochrane, Christopher
On the Backs of Immigrants? Conservative Politics and New Canadian Voters

Tchir, Trevor
Religious Pluralism and the Secular Canadian State

Thomas, Melanee
Clarifying the Shrinking Liberal Core: Visible Minorities, Immigrants, and Vote Choice in Canada

Thomas, Paul
Courts of last resort: The judicialization of Asian Canadian politics 1878 to 1913

Thorn, Adam
An Institutional Analysis of Land Use Conflicts in Ontario: The Significance of Risk and Institutional Trust

Tolley, Erin
Black and White or Shades of Grey? Racial Mediation in Canadian Politics

Tossutti, Livianna
Canadian Cities and the Social, Economic and Spatial Integration of Immigrants

Trimble, Linda, Sampert, Shannon, Wagner, Angelia, Raphael, Daisy and Gerrits, Bailey
In the Running Globe and Mail News Coverage of Female and Male Candidates for the Leadership of the New Democratic Party of Canada, 1975-2012

Tweedle, Jesse
The Determinants of Priming and Campaign Strategy Work in Progress

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Vissers, Sara and Stolle, Dietlind
Spill-over effects between Facebook and on/offline political participation? Evidence from a two-wave panel study

Vyce, Amanda and Coleman, William
The Rule of Law and Two Tier Justice: The Roots of Resistance to the Six Nations Reclamation in Caledonia, Ontario

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Walsh, Denise
Multiculturalism versus Women’s Rights Conflicts: Intersectionality and the State in South Africa

Waterman, Robert W.
Accountability and Non-­governmental Actors in Canadian Public Governance

Whiteside, Heather
Routinize, Institutionalize, Depoliticize: how global privatization policies are implemented locally in Canada

Widdowson, Frances
Diversity and Critical Thinking in Political Science

Widdowson, Frances, Voth, Ezra and Anderson, Miranda
Studying Indigenous Politics in Canada: Assessing Political Science's Understanding of Traditional Aboriginal Governance

Wiseman, Nelson
Is the NDP Manitoba’s Natural Governing Party?

Wittman, Hannah
Feeding the Nation while Mobilizing the Planet? La Vía Campesina, food sovereignty, and agrarian citizenship in Brazil

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Yeatman, Anna
Integrating Post-Hegelian and Psychoanalytic Perspectives: Jessica Benjamin’s Contribution to Civil Philosophy

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Zolkos, Magdalena
Democracy and Traumatic Memory in Discourses of Transitional Justice