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CPSA Annual Conference 2013 Papers


Below you will find the list of presentations for the 2013 CPSA conference. The list is sorted in alphabetical order by the last name of the first author. If you are searching for a specific author, you can click on the alphabet below to proceed directly to the section where the author is listed. To view a pdf version of the paper, please click on the title. The authors retain full rights for reprinting and publishing of the articles. Please do not cite without permission from the authors.

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Abray-Nyman, Tim
Confounding classic models of voter behaviour: The challenge of automatic cognition

Addinall, Robert and Dizboni, Al
Comprehensive Approach and the Case of F35 in Canada: Tentative Observations

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Bado, A. Brice
L’État postcolonial face aux entités infra-­‐étatiques : Entre coopération et résistance, compromis et compromission Le cas du Burkina Faso

Ballingall, Robert A.
Political Authority and the Enigma of Godlikeness in Plato’s Laws

Barnetson, Bob
Worker Safety in Alberta: Trading Health for Profit

Bastedo, Heather
Youth Primaries Focus Group Project: A Discussion of the Impact of Retail Politics on Youth Voter Turnout in Canada

Bays, Connor
The Same But Different: The 2013 Liberal Intra-­‐Party Transition in Ontario

Beiner, Ronald
Civil Religion and Anticlericalism in Harrington

Besco, Randy
Rainbow Coalitions or Inter-Minority Conflict? Racial Affinity and Diverse Minority Voters

Bittner, Amanda and Goodyear-Grant, Elizabeth
Understanding the Impact of “Gender” in Election Studies

Boland, Anthony
From Seed to Tree: Analyzing Perspectives on 20 Years of Institutional Evolution of the Office of the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

Bolduc, Josée
Putting the Apolitical into Question: A Critique of Fullness in the Work of Charles Taylor

Borden, Joshua
Two Sword Lengths Apart: Decorum Within the Ontario Legislative Assembly

Bourque, Mélanie and Quesnel-Vallée, Amélie
L’évolution des barrières individuelles et de l’encadrement de l’assurance privée : les cas du Royaume-Uni, du Québec, de l’Ontario, de la France et de l’Allemagne>

Bowden, James W.J.
Reining in the Crown’s Power on Dissolution: The Fixed-Term Parliaments Act of the United Kingdom versus The Fixed-Election Laws in Canada

Bowie, Ryan
Theorizing a Resurgent Rights Praxis in Environmental Management by Indigenous Communities in Canada

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Carbonneau, Jean-Rémi and Desrochers, Mélissa
Réflexion sur le rôle et la polarisation des médias dans le cadre du conflit étudiant québécois 2012

Cardinal, Linda and Gaspard, Helaina
The Harper Language Regime and Official Language Minorities in Canada

Carmichael, Adam
Race and Assimilation: Doukhobor Education as Colonial History

Caruana, Nicholas J.
What Have Citizens' Assemblies Done for me Laterly? Evaluating Whether Deliberative Democracy is Value-Added

Cassatella, Andrea
Beyond Indivisible Unconditionality: Sovereignty in the Thought of Jacques Derrida

Chamberlain, Tyler
Blaise Pascal as a Political Thinker: The Politics of the Knowledge of the Heart

Clarke, Amanda and Francoli, Mary
What’s in a name? A comparison of ‘open government’ definitions across seven Open Government Partnership members

Clément, Dominique
Human Rights Policy and Social Movements: How Activists Create, Implement and Enforce State Law

Cohn, Daniel
Local Blackout in Effect? Newspaper Coverage of Municipal Elections in Three Major Canadian Urban Areas and the Impact on Civic Literacy

Craigie, Allan
Regionalism, nationalism and defence procurement in Canada

Cutler, Claire
Indigenous Identity, International Law, and the and the ‘New Constitutionalism’

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Daley, Kate
Beyond Other Animals: Haraway’s When Species Meet and Privilege within Feminism(s)

Daley, Kate
I think/I feel: Contextualising sadness, anger, fear, and love in political science education

Dandashly, Assem
The EU and the Southern Neighbors in the Wake of the Arab Spring The Democracy-Security Dilemma

Dlabac, Oliver
Assessing Democratic Urban Governance: Towards a Comparative Framework

Demerse, Jacklyn D.
The Neglect of the Rural: Understanding the Concepts of ‘Urban’ and ‘Rural’ by Assessing the Impact and Policy Implications of the Rural Transition

Doberstein, Carey
Decision-making in a governance network: an empirical and counterfactual analysis

Doberstein, Carey and Millar, Heather
Balancing a house of cards: Throughput legitimacy in Canadian governance networks

Dolgert, Stefan

Dossa, Shiraz
Liberals and tyranny: Kant, Mill and Montesquieu - Reflections

Dufour, Pascale and Savoie, Louis-Philippe
Quand les mouvements sociaux changent le politique. Le cas du mouvement étudiant de 2012 au Québec

Dumitrescu, Delia, Gidengil, Elisabeth and Stolle, Dietlind
Gender and Electoral Communication: How Differences in Non-verbal and Verbal Behavior Affect Evaluations of Male and Female Politicians

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Elder, Elizabeth M.
And Now a Word from Our Sponsors: Why Private Sponsors Support the Ontario Legislative Internship Programme

Elson, Peter
Third Wave, Third Sector: Comparative provincial governance of third sector relations

Ernesaks, Andrea
From Part-Time Worker to Full-Time Professional: Examining the Professionalization of the Political Trade in the Ontario Legislature

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Findlay, Tammy
Fiscal Federalism and Social Struggle: Social Policy Activism in Canada

Findlay, Tammy
Provincial Child Care: Gender Regimes and Social Citizenship in Canada

Fitzsimmons, Scott and Sahgha, Karina
Killing in High Definition: Combat Stress among Operators of Remotely Piloted Aircraft

Foucart, Renaud, Gassner, Marjorie and van Haute, Emilie
A simple tool to understand patterns of electoral volatility

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Gaede, James
The Political-Economic Potential of CCS in Canada

Gaede, James
Politics as Distinction

Galais, Carol and Blais, André
A Call of dDty in Hard Times. Duty to Vote and the Spanish Economic Crisis

Gattinger, Monica
A National Energy Strategy for Canada: Golden Age or Golden Cage of Energy Federalism?

Gattinger, Monica
A National Energy Strategy for Canada: Golden Age or Golden Cage of Energy Federalism? - Table

Gauvin, Jean-Philippe, Chhim, Chris and Medeiros, Mike
Did They Mind the Gap? The Distance between the BQ and Quebec Voters Over Time

Gerrits, Bailey and Trimble, Linda
Political Battlefield: Aggressive Metaphors, Gender and Power in News Coverage of Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Contests

Gheller, Frantz
The Transition to Capitalism in Canada

Giasson, Thierry, Le Bars, Gilds, Bstien, Frédérick and Verville, Mélanie
L’usage du web social par les partis politiques au Québec. Le cas de #Qc2012

Giest, Sarah
Place-based policy in climate change: Flexible and path-dependent elements

Giles, Janine
The Effect of Federal Election Campaigns on the Gender Gap in Political Knowledge

Giles, Janine and Fairie, Paul
The Development Industry and City Council Roll Call Votes in Calgary

Glezos, Simon
Brown's Paradox: Speed, Mobility, Migration and Ressentiment in Global Politics

Glezos, Simon
Embodied Virtuality: Speed, Perception and New Media

Graefe, Peter and Laforest, Rachel
Federalism and Governance

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Hanson, Gillian
Fixing the (Democratic) Deficits: The Reintroduction of Bicameralism in Ontario

Hanvelt, Marc
Democratic Interests

Harell, Allison, Soroka, Stuart and Iyengar, Shanto
Race, Gender and Support for the Welfare State: A Comparative Experimental Approach

Hayden, Anders
Ecological Modernization in a “Have-Not,” Coal-Powered, Energy-Insecure Province: Nova Scotia’s Promotion of Green Energy and Carbon Reduction

Helbling, Marc, Reeskens, Tim and Wright, Matthew
The Mobilization of Identities

Hepburn, Nicola
The Impact of Policy Networks on Ontario’s Research and Innovation Infrastructure: Explaining the Development of the Ontario Network of Excellence

Heritz, Joanne
Urban Aboriginal Representation in Municipal Government in Canada

Herman, Dan
The political economy of North American innovation and industrial policy: the role of State and Provincial government

Hibbert, Neil
Are Human Rights the Rights of Social Justice?

Hicks, Bruce M.
Coalition Government Formation: Lessons for Canada

Hiemstra, John
The Northern Gateway Pipeline Panel and the Public Interest: The shaping influence of Canada’s ‘plausibility structure’ and ‘symbolic universe’

Hilderman, Jane and Thomas, Paul
Climbing the ladder of dissent: Backbench influence in the Canadian House of Commons

Hoberg, George
The Political Economy of Pipelines: The Battle over Oil Sands Access to Tidewater

Hogue, Simon and Castagner, Marc-Olivier
“Save the Arctic” Anthropotechnic Greenpeace and their Exercises in Defense of Mother Nature

Holloway, Steven
Economic Sovereignty as a National Interest and the Harper Foreign Investment Review

Hooley, Dan
Political Standing for Animals

Howlett, Michael and Migone, Andrea
The Search For Substance: Externalization, Politicization and the Work of Canadian Policy Consultants 2006-2012

Hueglin, Thomas O.
Two (or Three) Tales of Subsidiarity

Huovinen, Annamari and Weselius, Hanna
The Portrait of Ms Prime Minister. Beauty and Professionalism on the Cover of a News Magazine

Hurl, Ryan
Courts, Commerce and Competitive Federalism in Canada and the United States

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Ie, Kenny William
The Personal is Political: Evaluating the Effects of Personality Traits on Ideology and Vote Choice in Canada

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Janara, Laura
Mice, Monkeys, Smoke and Mirrors: Tracing the Legitimation of Animal Use in Canadian Universities

Jeram, Sanjay
Sub-state Nationalism and Immigrant Integration in Spain: Divergent Paths in the Basque Country and Catalonia

Johnston, Richard
The Electorate with a Janus-Face: Federal-Provincial Discrepancies in Canadian Electoral History

Johnstone, Rachael
De-politicization Through Medicalization: The Regulation of Abortion After Morgentaler

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Katz, Leanna
Minority Engagement in Ontario’s Political Parties: In and Out of Commissions

Kellogg, Paul
Prairie Capitalism Revisited: Capital Accumulation and Class Formation in the New West

Kido, Hedeki
Political Party as an Agent for Sub-national Governments: Comparative Study of Japan and Canada

Kingston, Rebecca
The Political Theory of Plutarch’s Moralia?

Klepetar, Dillon T.
Do third party candidates influence incumbent agendas?

Koning, Edward A.
Selecting, Disentitling, or Investing? Exploring Party and Voter Responses to Immigrant Welfare Dependence in 11 West European Welfare States

Kornelsen, Derek
Postcolonial Citizenship: Reconsidering Indigenous Political Belonging and Authority in Settler Societies

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Lacroix, Isabelle and Dostie-Goulet, Eugénie
Decisional participation and citizens’ influence

Laforest, Rachel and Phillips, Susan
Input and Output legitimacy in Governance Regimes

Lalancette, Mireille
Not quite a biopic: Les web-­‐mises en scène des candidats aux élections québécoises de 2012

Lam, Carla
Material Resolutions – The “New” Material Feminisms and The Politics of Sex/Gender, Time and Place

Laurence, Marion
Shifting Conceptions of Legitimacy in United Nations Peace Operations: The Case of Timor-Leste

Leckey, Robert
Accessing Judgment on Rights

Leo, Chritsopher
Winnipeg: Aspirational Planning, Chaotic Development

Levick, Laura
Recasting Electoral Reform: Identifying and Overcoming Problems of Selection Bias

Lucas, Jack
Explaining Structural Changes to Local ABCs in Three Provincial-Municipal Domains, 1800-2010

Lyon, Vaughan
Treading Water: The Democracy Industry and Neglected Citizens

Lyons, Joseph
Conservation Authority Board Composition and Policy Implementation

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MacArthur, Julie L.
Tilting at windmills? The changing ownership of renewable power generation in Canada

Magnusson, Rachel
From Freedom to Equality: Thinking Politically about Education

Mahéo, Valérie-Anne
Rising Turnout Inequalities in Canada: A story about absolute or relative education?

Marland, Alex
What is a political brand?: Justin Trudeau and the theory of political branding

McEwen, Annie
Politics or Progress for Canadian Children: Has a Policy Focus on Child Poverty Improved Child Development?

Melchiorre, Jonathan Luke and Moreno, Maria Fernanda
Fool’s Gold? Insights from the case of Gran Colombia Gold’s Mining Operations in Marmato, Colombia

Millar, Heather
The Micro-foundations of Evidence-Based and Participatory Policy Decision Making in GMO Food Policy in North America and the European Union

Mitropolitski, Simeon
How much eclectic and opportunistic is modern political science?

Mitropolitski, Simeon
Ethnic and civic nationalism: a dynamic picture of political identities

Mhamed, Rahim
A Policy in Search of a Spokeswoman? Lessons from the Failure of Universal Child Care in Canada

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Nakamura, Etsuhiro
Governance Reform in Japanese Local Governments

Nossal, Kim Richard and Sarson, Leah
About Face: Explaining Changes in Canada’s China Policy, 2006-­‐‑2012

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O'Neill, Brenda
The Political and Civic Participation of Canadian Women

Ostberg, C.L. and Wetstein, Matthew E.
Postmaterialist Values in the Supreme Court of Canada: Empirical Analysis of Environmental Cases, 1973-2010

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Paterson, Stephanie, Marier, Patrik and Chu, Felix
The ‘State’ of Gender Analysis in Canada: An Interprovincial Comparison

Penner, Erin
Personality, Political Values, and Attitudes about Ethnic Minorities in Canada

Phillips, Janet M.
One Flew Over the Policymaker’s Desk: Mental Health Policy Reform in Canada

Piché, Geneviève
Life & Death in the Government of Irregular Maritime Migration

Puddister, Kate
Unraveling Reference Questions: Theoretical and Political Implications in a Canadian Context

Pruysers, Scott
Party Linkages in Federal States: An Examination of Elections and Parties in Ontario and Canada

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Raynauld, Vincent and Turcotte, André
The Tea Party, Social Media and the Emergence of Online Politicking 3.0

Reeskens, Tim and Zhu, Ling
Economic Attitudes in the Age of Migration

Roebuck, Natalie K.E. and Beange, Pauline
The 2011 Canadian Federal Election: Have Canadian Political Parties Finally Made the Jump to Social Media?

Ryan, Peter Malachy
The Platform as an Agenda-Setting Document: Constructing Ideal Voters and Rhetorical Communities in Canada and the U.S.

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Salnykova, Anastasiya
Finding the Oppressors and the Oppressed: Self-determination and Tyranny in Ukrainian and Russian Cultures’ Discourses in Ukraine

Salomons, Geoff
Representing Issue Based Publics: Mechanisms for Public Participation Processes

Samuel, Chris
Redistributing Habitus? Bourdieu, Practical Sense and Democratic Deliberation

Sealey, Anthony
Explaining Regional Variation in Canadian Popular Support for Redistribution

Shimizu, Naoki
Effects of Municipal Mergers in Japan

Sidat, Hibah
The Representation and Political Incorporation of Visible Minority Members of Provincial Parliament

Sigalet, G.T.
Rights for Hedgehogs?

Smith, Peter (Jay) and Smythe, Elizabeth
Faith, Global Justice and Forums of Resistance to Neo-Liberalism: From the World Social Forum to Occupy!

Smythe, Elizabeth
What's the Beef with Food standards? Industrial Meat and the Politics of International Trade

Soderlund, Walter C.
The Responsibility to Prevent: From Identification to Implementation

Spicer, Zachary
Regional Organization and the Creation of Inter-Local Agreements: Exploring the Dynamics of Inter-Municipal Cooperation Between Separated Cities and Counties

Stefanick, Lorna
Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance: Is Alberta Cursed?

Steinberg, Jesse
The ‘Consensual’ Politics of Transit Infrastructure Policy in Kitchener, Ontario

Stephenson, Eleanor and Shaw, Karena
A Dilemma of Abundance: Governance Challenges of Reconciling Shale Gas Development and Climate Change Mitigation

Stolle, Dietlind, Harell, Allison, Pedersen, Eva Falk and Dufour, Pascale
Maple Spring Up Close: The Role of Self-Interest and Socio-Economic Resources for Youth Protest

Soroka, Stuart, Johnston, Richard, Banting, Keith, Kevins, Anthony and Kymlicka, Will
Migration and Welfare State Spending

Sullivan, Michael
A Dependence Based Framework for Reforming Family Immigration Benefits

Summerville, Tracy and Wilson, Gary
Pipelines or Pipedreams? Municipal Reactions to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline in British Columbia

Sutcliffe, John B.
Big Business and Local Government: Matty Moroun and the Reform of the Detroit River Border Crossing

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Takamatsu, Junya
Delivering Public Services in the Era of Decentralization and Deregulation: A Comparative Case Study of Urban Transport Policy in Japan

Tan, Netina
Ethnic Quota and Unintended Effects on Women’s Political Representation in Singapore

Tan, Netina
Multiracialism and Politics of Regulating Ethnic Relations in Singapore

Tarasuk, Lauren
Weathering the Snowstorm: Representing Northern Ontario

Tatalovich, Raymond
Party, Ideology, and Deficits: Provincial Fiscal Policy and the Cameron Thesis, 1966-2009

Tellier, Geneviève
Le nouveau chien de garde financier du gouvernement canadien : quel bilan tirer du travail accompli par le directeur parlementaire du budget, après un premier mandat ?

Teyssier, Ronan and Côté, Pauline
Religious Salience and Electoral Behaviour at the Voter Level.A Systematic Review of the Literature

Thomas, Paul and Sabin, Jerald
Faith Organizing, Party Politics, and the exceptionalism of abortion in the Harper Era

Tomiak, Julie
Challenging the Neoliberal Settler City: The Urban Aboriginal Strategy, the Politics of Displacement, and Indigenous Resistance

Tomm, Jonathan
Deliberation in Anarchy: Deliberative Trust-Building Outside the State

Tomsons, Sandra
North-­‐South Research and Social Justice: A New Paradigm for Research Ethics

Torlakson, Lori
Explaining Canadian Exceptionalism: Attitudinal foundations of multi‐level political competition

Tozzo, Brandon
How the West Won: The Economics Forces Behind the Political Ascent of the Conservative Party

Trussler, Mark and Soroka, Stuart
Consumer Demand for Cynical and Negative News Frames

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Ugarte, Magdalena
Complex Policy Subsystems and Horizontal Management: The Case of the Northern Strategic Plan for Labrador

Urban, Michael Crawford
The curious tale of the dog that did not bark Explaining Canada’s non-acquisition of an independent nuclear arsenal, 1945-1957

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Vadi, Valentina
Culture clash? Indigenous Heritage in International Economic Disputes

Verli, Dorina
The politics of distinction or oppression? Rousseau against Montesquieu on the relation between honour and liberty

Vissers, Sara and Stolle, Dietlind
How do I change politics? Evaluating the effectiveness of political participation modes

Voth, Daniel
Breaking Bad: Indigenous Unity Within Colonialism and the Breakup of the Indian and Métis Conference

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Ward, Ann
Pride and the Ethics of Aristotle

Ward, Lee
Natural Rights and Civil Religion in “Jefferson’s Bible”

Waterman, Robert W.
Accountability and the Migration of Authority in Provincial Health Care

Westlake, Daniel J.
Does Multiculturalism Isolate People? Diversity, social capital, and attitudes towards government in Canada

West, Jessica
Bowling with Terrorist: Resilience, Social Capital and Hybrid Security in the Effort to Prevent Terrorism

Whiteside, Heather
Public-private partnerships: re-conceptualizing the ‘public interest’

Widdowson, Frances
Decolonizing Political Theory”: Exploring the Implications of Advocacy for Political Science

Woons, Marc
Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism, and Social Justice in Multinational Contexts

Wright, Joanne
The Politics of Choice Feminism: Making Sense of the PIP Breast Implant Scandal

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Young, Robert
Multilevel Governance and Public Policy in Canadian Municipalities: Reflections on Research Results

Young, Robert
Multilevel Governance and Public Policy in Canadian Municipalities: Reflections on Research Results-Figure 1

Young, Robert
Multilevel Governance and Public Policy in Canadian Municipalities: Reflections on Research Results-Figure 2

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