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Canadian Political Science Association
Association canadienne de science politique

Individual Membership


General Information

Since its creation in 1912, the Canadian Political Science Association has promoted, developed, and facilitated the study of government and politics in Canada and internationally. The association provides services to those committed to educating Canadians and international scholars about government and politics and to conducting academic research on these topics. It connects students, researchers, practitioners, teachers, and public officials, both to one another as well as to domestic and international resources for the study of the discipline.

If you are a political scientist or a student in political science; a retired academic or researcher; a public official or researcher in federal, provincial, or local governments, international organizations, agencies, or NGOs; a teacher or researcher in a college or a Cégep; or a person in the private sector interested in the study of government and politics, you may apply for membership in the Association.

Please note that a membership follows the calendar year (January to December) and that renewal notices are forwarded in January for the current calendar year. If a new membership is submitted in the last quarter of the year, it will be processed for the following calendar year.

Members also have the option of subscribing to the automatic renewal service. This option requires the submission of a credit card number, the expiry date and the card verification code. Members subscribing to this service will have their membership renewed automatically each January. Members can also include a donation to the CPSA with their membership payment. Receipts will be provided.

Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable.

There are two categories of membership available:

  • Canadian Political Science Association only;
  • Joint membership in the Canadian Political Science Association and the Société québécoise de science politique.

Membership Fees:
Students and any other person earning under $50,000 annually (income level stated refers to gross annual income (before taxes)):

  • CPSA only - $50
  • Joint CPSA and SQSP - $60

All other members:

  • CPSA only - $165
  • Joint CPSA and SQSP - $185

Please click MyCPSA to join or renew your membership. If you have difficulties with the online form, please feel free to print the 2020 Membership Form - pdf version.


  • Conference: Access to participate in over three days of panels, papers and workshops that attracts between 600 and 900 political scientists, internationally renowned key note speakers, cutting edge research in the discipline and access to all of the Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences events and panels. Opportunity to network, build research connections, learn about the best of teaching, learning and mentoring techniques in political science. Access to funding available particularly for students to travel and participate in conference.

  • Canadian Journal of Political Science (CJPS) On-line Subscription: issued quarterly which provides members with the latest research findings of Canadian political scientists with respect to Canada, comparative politics, International relations and political theory.

  • Canadian Journal of Political Science (CJPS) Print Subscription: Four issues per year for an additional $25 shipping fee.

  • Prizes: submissions open to qualifiying members.

  • Cambridge University Press (CUP) 20% discount: off the CDN dollar price of all books published by CUP;

  • The professional recognition of being listed in the Directory of Political Scientists in Canada and having your research interests known;

  • Polcan listserv and e-Bulletin: Access for members to post to a wide political science audience and have access to all information available including conferences, funding, job and post doc opportunities.

  • CPSA Women's Caucus which supports a facebook page and annually holds an evening reception and a business meeting at the CPSA conference to provide support, mentoring and networking.

  • CPSA Graduate Students Caucus which supports a facebook page and annually holds a business meeting at the CPSA conference to provide support, mentoring and networking and, through the Facebook group, across the year.

  • Société québécoise de science politique joint membership option.

  • Reduced subscription option to Canadian Public Policy.


  • Key Professional Organization in Canada for Political Scientists that lobbies SSHRC, Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences, government as necessary to further the interests of all political scientists and political science departments in Canada.

  • Annual Conference provides opportunity for wider society to gain insights into all aspects of politics as well as collective benefits to students in political science to present their work and network for possible future job opportunities.

  • Flagship journal of Canadian politics providing academics and students but also governments, civil society organizations and citizens of Canada insights into the politics of this country. Central role in knowledge mobilization between political scientists and to the larger society.

  • Parliamentary Internship Programme (50 years old) which has provided undergraduate and MA students largely from the discipline of political science with the opportunity to learn the practise of politics - an unparalleled educational opportunity for anybody chosen to do this program. It has also provided MP’s and parliament with the benefits of the best and brightest young minds in Canada over the last 50 years of its existence. Excellent management has meant that the PIP remains an educational program which is sponsored through partnerships with the House of Commons and private companies to make it relatively lost cost to our members but with very high benefits to our students.

  • Ontario Legislasture Internship Programme (44 years old) has provided all Canadian students, but again disproportionately political science, with the opportunity to work in the largest provincial legislature in Canada and learn about Ontario as well as the role provinces play in the federation of Canada. Through a partnership with Queen’s Park this program also remains an educational program at its heart that provides a different set of unparalleled opportunities to work at the heart of a provincial democratic system.

Administrative queries:

Please e-mail any queries to