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Teaching and Professional Practice

M18(a) - Roundtable: Mentoring and Learning from the Next Generation of Social Sciences and Humanities Scholars

Date: Jun 6 | Time: 12:00pm to 01:30pm | Location: EOSM 135

Chair/Président/Présidente : James Fitzgerald (York University)

Jonathan Malloy (Carleton University)
Lisa Young (University of Calgary)
Loleen Berdahl (University of Saskatchewan)
Karen Bridget Murray (York University)
Annelies Cooper (York University)

Abstract: This panel examines key issues in teaching and learning in the social sciences and humanities. First, Loleen Berdahl, Jonathan Malloy and Lisa Young will discuss broad challenges and opportunities for mentoring graduate students and emerging scholars with respect to findings from a survey of Canadian political science faculty. The survey examined Ph.D. supervision practices and attitudes and will be presented on behalf of UBC’s Public Scholars Initiative. Second, Annelies Cooper and Karen Murray will discuss opportunities for teaching and learning collaborations between faculty and students (undergraduate and graduate) with regard to a pilot project to test a teaching and learning website for the Department of Politics at York University.