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Women, Gender, and Politics

N04 - Roundtable: Stitch n’ Bitch: Social Media and the Political Scientist

Date: Jun 4 | Time: 12:00pm to 01:30pm | Location: SWING 308

Joint Session / Séance conjointe : Teaching and Professional Practice

Chair/Président/Présidente : Tamara Small (University of Guelph)

Amanda Bittner (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
Sheryl Lightfoot (University of British Columbia)
Emmett Macfarlane (University of Waterloo)
Audrey Brennan (Université Laval / Université libre de Bruxelles)
Katherine Sullivan (Université de Montréal)

Abstract: This stitch n' bitch roundtable features political scientists active on social media to stimulate audience discussion on the following topics: • is there a value in professional social media engagement? • How to combine professional and personal uses? • time management • dealing with trolling • gender and racial issues • classroom use • echo chambers The stich n’ bitch format encourages all knitters, crocheters, and other fibre crafters to bring along their latest project to help foster an enjoyable and informal atmosphere. The stich n’ bitch has been used by women since WWII to meet, talk, and share advice. In conventional formats, stitch and bitch groups are also used as expressions of resistance to major political, social, and technological change and as a way to bring work and interests typically understood as feminine and private into the public sphere. In academic life, we could also see it as a way of bringing a fun hobby and stress reliever into the demands of work life.