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Canadian Politics

A18(b) - Roundtable: The Challenge of Future Uncertainty and Climate Policy in Canada

Date: Jun 6 | Time: 12:00pm to 01:30pm | Location: SWING 121

Chair/Président/Présidente : Geoff Salomons (University of Alberta)

Geoff Salomons (University of Alberta)
Kathryn Harrison (University of British Columbia)
Jennifer Winter (University of Calgary)
Don Guy (Pollara Strategic Insights)
Brian Topp (Public Policy Forum)
Karen Tam Wu (Regional Director, BC, Pembina Institute)

Abstract: The topic of the panel is the challenge of future uncertainty and climate policy in Canada. On the policy side, we face uncertainty about how future conditions will undoubtedly be different than what we plan (e.g. Arctic ice is melting or solar power prices dropping faster than expected). On the political side, we also face uncertainty as a change in government fundamentally can alter course on a long-term policy framework (e.g. Doug Ford cancelling Cap & Trade). So there needs to be a balance between entrenching policy to allow it to remain 'sticky'. But also be flexible enough to respond to changing conditions. This panel will discuss these challenges for climate policy in Canada.