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Provincial and Territorial Politics in Canada and Beyond

J18 - Roundtable: Reflections on Provincial Elections in 2018

Date: Jun 6 | Time: 12:00pm to 01:30pm | Location: SWING 107

Chair/Président/Présidente : Joe Garcea (University of Saskatchewan)

Lori Williams (Mount Royal University)
Anna Esselment (University of Waterloo)
Russell Williams (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
Jim Bickerton (St. Francis Xavier University)

Session Abstract: The purpose of this roundtable is to reflect on key aspects of recent provincial elections during a period in which there has been more change than continuity. The principal attention is devoted to the elections in Alberta, Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces. However, participants are encouraged to comment on other provincial elections too. The roundtable will focus on the following three key questions regarding various provincial elections.

• What accounts for the results of recent provincial elections?
• To what extent are the results of the recent provincial elections similar or dissimilar than previous elections, and what accounts for this?
• What have been and what are likely to be the major policy changes at the provincial level and possibly even the national level given the results of recent provincial elections?