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Special Events

R15(b) - Critical Issues and Opportunities for Intervention in the 2019 Federal Election

Date: Jun 6 | Time: 08:45am to 10:15am | Location: CIRS 1250

Discussant/Commentateur/Commentatrice : Helaina Gaspard (The Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy - IFSD)

Deepening the connections between academic researchers and practitioners can improve dialogue, debate, and outcomes. As shifting political dynamics impact elections around the world, what can the study of politics bring to the upcoming 2019 Canadian federal election? What issues will be at the centre of policy debates? Which issues should be there? How can political scientists and other social scientists meaningfully contribute to public dialogue and debate?

The CPSA is pleased to convene a panel discussion open to all Congress attendees on the critical issues and opportunities for intervention in the 2019 federal election with panelists covering three themes:

1) Disinformation/misinformation
2) Election studies
3) The role of the media/connecting with the public and decision-makers

Elizabeth DuBois (University of Ottawa)
Richard Johnston (University of British Columbia)
Alfred Hermida (University of British Columbia)

This event is open to members of the public / the community of Vancouver.

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