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Political Economy

G14(a) - Roundtable: Political Economy of Atlantic Canada

Date: Jun 5 | Time: 03:45pm to 05:15pm | Location: SWING 306

Joint Session / Séance conjointe : Canadian Sociological Association, Canadian Association for the Study of International Development

Chair/Président/Présidente : Ajay Parasram (Dalhousie University)

Political Economy of Atlantic Canada:

Andrew Biro (Acadia University)
Ajay Parasram (Dalhousie University)
Lesley Frank (Acadia University)
Tammy Findlay (Mount Saint Vincent University)
Wesley Petite (Carleton University)
Geoffrey Whitehall (Acadia University)
Tracy Glynn (University of New Brunswick)

Abstract: This roundtable discussion will focus on the contemporary political economy of the Atlantic Canadian region. What are the topographies of concentrations of political and economic power in the region? What are the possibilities for a more just socio-natural order in the region, and what can political economy and political economists contribute to realizing such an order?