Welcome to the 2019 CPSA Annual Conference Programme

This year's theme is All Sides of Things: Speaking Truth to People. At a time when those who enjoy positions of power and influence seem increasingly bent on distorting reality to suit their purpose and on presenting untruths as incontrovertible facts, the Programme Committee wishes to encourage participants to ponder the social responsibility political scientists have to speak plainly and to contribute to public debates armed with solid evidence (rather than ideological proclivities).

The theme refers as well to the notion of public participation and to making our research results accessible to the largest possible number of people.

Finally, All Sides of Things: Speaking Truth to People conveys as a corollary the twin ideas of diversity and inclusion, not only as objects of research, but also as a way of doing research (diversity of methodologies, approaches, theoretical and conceptual frameworks). In what way can we change or adapt our intellectual practices to reflect the variety of analytical visions that are available?