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Canadian Political Science Association
Association canadienne de science politique

CPSA Women’s Caucus


The Women’s Caucus of the Canadian Political Science Association (CPSA) is a network of members of the CPSA who seek to promote equal opportunities and the status of women within the ranks of Canadian Political Science. An informal network, the caucus meets once a year at the Annual Meeting the Canadian Political Science Association. It works to mentor women entering the field, to provide opportunities for networking among its members, to raise the visibility of women in the field, and to address and advocate on gender issues more generally.


Current Chair:
Jessica Merolli
, Sheridan College

Steering Committee:
Jane Arscott – Athabasca University
Meagan Auer – University of Alberta
Michelle Caplan – Western University
Alana Cattapan – University of Waterloo
Meagan Cloutier – University of Calgary
Emily Regan Wills – University of Ottawa
Jackie Steele – University of Nagoya
Sarah Wiebe – University of Hawaii – Manoa

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